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17 Sep. 1964
I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha
Recently married Darren Stephens receives a shock when he discovers that his bride, Samantha, is a witch.
24 Sep. 1964
Be It Ever So Mortgaged
Darrin and Samantha find their dream house and immediately arouse the suspicions of snooping neighbor Gladys Kravitz.
1 Oct. 1964
It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog
After Darrin's client makes a pass at Samantha, she turns him into a dog and then loses him.
8 Oct. 1964
Mother, Meet What's His Name
Darrin meets his magical mother-in-law Endora for the first time.
15 Oct. 1964
Help, Help, Don't Save Me
Darrin refuses to use Samantha's ideas for an advertising campaign when he thinks they are the product of witchcraft.
22 Oct. 1964
Little Pitchers Have Big Fears
Samantha helps a shy young boy try out for the baseball team despite his overprotective mother.
29 Oct. 1964
The Witches Are Out
Samantha doesn't want Darrin's client to use an ugly old witch in his ad campaign.
5 Nov. 1964
Witch or Wife
When Larry and Louise Tate stumble upon Samantha and Endora having lunch in Paris, she can't return since they think that Darrin sent her over for a mortal vacation.
12 Nov. 1964
The Girl Reporter
A young female reporter takes after Darrin while her jealous boyfriend takes an interest in Samantha.
19 Nov. 1964
Just One Happy Family
Samantha's father Maurice comes for a visit and Endora warns her that he will be furious when he finds out that her husband Darrin is a mortal.
26 Nov. 1964
It Takes One to Know One
Endora employs a beautiful witch to become Darrin's latest model who tries to seduce him and Larry Tate.
3 Dec. 1964
And Something Makes Three
When a nervous Louise Tate has Samantha go with her to the doctor, Larry overhears them and thinks that Darrin is going to be a father.
10 Dec. 1964
Love Is Blind
Darrin is worried about his friend Kermit falling for Samantha's friend Gertrude since he is not sure if she's a witch.
17 Dec. 1964
Samantha Meets the Folks
Samantha meets Darrin's parents for the first time while Aunt Clara is also visiting.
24 Dec. 1964
A Vision of Sugar Plums
When an orphan visits the Stevens' for Christmas who doesn't believe in Santa Claus, Samantha takes him to the North Pole to visit the man himself.
7 Jan. 1965
It's Magic
Samantha assists a down-on-his-luck magician.
14 Jan. 1965
A Is for Aardvark
When Darrin is in bed with a sprained ankle, Samantha makes the house cooperate with him giving him a taste of the power of witchcraft.
21 Jan. 1965
The Cat's Meow
While visiting Chicago with a beautiful client, Darrin thinks he is being watched by a cat and a pelican that may be his wife or mother-in-law.
28 Jan. 1965
A Nice Little Dinner Party
Darrin's mother believes that Endora has designs on her husband.
4 Feb. 1965
Your Witch Is Showing
Darrin suspects that his new assistant is a warlock out to get him.
11 Feb. 1965
Ling Ling
Samantha turns a cat into an alluring woman who becomes a model for Darrin's advertising campaign.
25 Feb. 1965
Eye of the Beholder
Endora makes Darrin wonder about Samantha's age when he finds a picture that looks like her dated 1682.
4 Mar. 1965
Red Light, Green Light
Samantha goes up against city hall to get a traffic light for Morning Glory Circle.
11 Mar. 1965
Which Witch Is Which?
When disguised as Samantha for a dress fitting, Endora meets an intriguing author and decides to try out the mortal lifestyle. Nosy Gladys Kravitz sees them together.
18 Mar. 1965
Pleasure O'Riley
A model named Pleasure O'Reilly moves in next door who is hiding from her former boyfriend.
25 Mar. 1965
Driving Is the Only Way to Fly
Samantha learns how to drive helping out a very nervous driving instructor.
1 Apr. 1965
There's No Witch Like an Old Witch
To cheer up Aunt Clara over her dwindling powers, Samantha gets her to try her hand at babysitting.
8 Apr. 1965
Open the Door, Witchcraft
Trouble brews between Samantha and Darrin over an automatic garage door opener.
15 Apr. 1965
Abner Kadabra
When Gladys sees Samantha using witchcraft, she convinces Gladys that she is the one with the powers.
22 Apr. 1965
George the Warlock
When Endora tries to get the warlock George to tempt Samantha, he falls for their next door neighbor.
29 Apr. 1965
That Was My Wife
When Samantha and Darrin spend the night at a hotel and Samantha wears a dark wig, Larry spots them and thinks Darrin is having an affair.
6 May 1965
Illegal Separation
Abner Kravitz moves in after he has a fight with Gladys.
13 May 1965
A Change of Face
Darrin becomes very insecure when Samantha and Endora start playing with the features on his face.
20 May 1965
Remember the Main
Samantha is deeply involved with a local election and with Endora's help, manages to expose a corrupt politician.
27 May 1965
Eat at Mario's
Samantha and Endora's attempts to save their favorite Italian restaurant could cost Darrin his job.
3 Jun. 1965
Cousin Edgar
Samantha's Cousin Edgar is an elf who plays tricks on Darrin to try and break up their mixed marriage.

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