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Another World Gone Again from Soap Net this time
shimanc3 May 2007
Someone could make a great deal of money if they were to transfer the Another World series on DVD. There are very loyal fans out here. I started watching Another World when it fist started and it is the only soap that I have ever followed devotedly. !Please!, !Please!, someone release the whole series. I feel crestfallen yet again with the unannounced, whoops it is no longer being carried by Soap Net, gone again!!! I never understood why this soap that won many awards along the way was cancelled. It is typical of a network to try and fix something that is not broken! AND, did I not recently hear that the soap that replaced ANother World is gone Kaput. Why not bring Another World back, starting with some old story lines to catch new viewers up to speed. If not, the concept of DVDs would have me at the store standing in line to buy the entire series!! A fan to the end...shimanc
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The Dom Perignon of Daytime Drama
mark.waltz15 July 2003
When "Another World" was created by Irna Phillips in 1964, daytime TV was considered the lowest of mediums for actors to appear in. This well-written soap started off slowly but eventually grew into one of the biggest trend-setters of the late 60's and 70's. It featured a veteran cast of stage and prime time TV actors, as well as some with film experience as well. Actors who normally turned down roles on soaps were soon courted and cast by the producers based upon the extreme quality in writing and the show became one of the top rated shows of the early 70's. Originally surrounding the saga of the middle-class Matthews family, it was obviously a rehash of the same themes of Irna Phillip's "As the World Turns" and their core Hughes family. The couple of Mary and Jim Matthews were often compared to Nancy and Chris Hughes, and Aunt Liz was definitely a variation of the Claire Lowell character. Even vixen Rachel had routes on "ATWT", compared to the trouble-making Lisa Miller who married that shows young intern Bob Hughes, while Rachel would marry Russ Matthews. By the time the show entered the early 70's, the writers changed directions, and Rachel slowly became the show's leading character, reformed by the love of a good man, Mac Cory. (The change in actresses playing Rachel obviously had a lot to do with this----the original Rachel, Robin Strasser, went on to play another notorious villianess, Dorian Lord, on "One Life to Live", while stage actress Victoria Wyndham took over the part and softened up Rachel's scheming.)

While most of the major characters in the Matthews family would be recast multiple times over the next 18 years, it would be Rachel and Mac Cory who took the show to its greatest fame of the mid 70's. By this time, core supercouple Steve and Alice were separated by his apparent death, and Alice was recast because of apparent backstage squabbles. Mary Matthews met an untimely death, and Rachel's oft-married mother Ada became the show's truth-telling matriarch. As played by Constance Ford, Ada was one of the show's most beloved characters, and until her death in 1992, Ford remained the show's longest running cast member. All you have to do is see her as the evil mama in "A Summer Place" and various other films of the early 60's to see how versatile an actress she was. While Liz Matthews was recast many times, it was Irene Dailey's performance which got this character her most memorable scenes and won Tony Award Winning Dailey an Emmy. Liz was the last of the Matthews on the show, last seen at the show's 30th anniversary in 1994. Another acclaimed performance was Beverlee McKinsey's Iris, who played the spoiled daughter of Rachel's husband, Mac (played by stage vet Douglas Wattson). I never saw McKinsey as Iris, although I did witness her incredible talent as the original Alexandra Spaulding on "Guiding Light".

I did not start watching "Another World" until 1993 when two glamorous actresses, Linda Dano, and Anna Stuart, joined the show as two female characters who were focuses of many story lines for the show's remaining run. As flamboyant Felicia Gallant, Linda Dano was an instant scene stealer; Her on-camera pool fight with a young Faith Ford (Julia Shearer, Liz Matthew's granddaughter) was one memorable sequence, as was her on-screen friendship with Steve Schnetzer (Cass) and the lovable Brent Collins (Wallingford). Collins was the very first little person on a soap with a contract and gave a performance so touching that the memory of his on-screen warmth brings on tears of sentiment. Anna Stuart, as the originally snooty Donna Love, added a complexity to what would have otherwise been a stereotypical snob. By showing her pain from childhood memories, Stuart made Donna one of the most memorable vixen/heroines on the show, as well as daytime. (As of July 15, 2003, both Dano and Stuart are working on ABC soaps and are still the epitome of glamour and beauty).

During her heyday on "Another World", Cecile DePoulignac (Susan Keith, Nancy Frangione) was one of the most memorable vixens on daytime; Sadly, the show's later writers turned her into a caricturature of what she had been, ruining many of the great moments she had earlier. The deaths of Hugh Marlowe (the finale Jim Matthews), Douglas Watson, Brent Collins, and Constance Ford saddened even the newest viewers, but such memorable character performers as Kate Wilkinson (as the wise mother of Donna's true love Michael Hudson), Barbara Berjer (as the delightful Scottish woman who raised Donna's daughter Vicky), and Sloane Shelton (as the woman who helped Rachel over her mother's death) helped viewers deal with the loss. Such nasty villains as Carl Hutchins (the delightful Charles Keating), Reginald Love (John Considine), and Grant Harrison (Mark Pinter) were perfectly used to cause problems for all of the major characters, but Victoria Wyndham's over-the-top Justine Harrison (Rachel's evil look-alike) turned some viewers off even with her Grimm Fairy Tale type storyline.

Now off the air with original episodes since 1999, "AW" has returned on SoapNet as of July 1 2003, starting with 1987 episodes. Viewers will get to see a few years of Douglas Watson and Brent Collins and a few more of Constance Ford, but there are also many memorable performances coming up. Viewers of "General Hospital" will recognize Denise Alexander and Chris Robinson (Lesley and Rick Webber) reunited as Mary McKinnon and Jason Frame; Soon, "GH's" future Stavkros Cassadine (Robert Kelker-Kelly) will be on as the original Sam Fowler, while "Guiding Light's" Ricki Paul Goldin will be on as Dean Frame. Anna Stuart's Donna will return in a year and a half. By this time, the new Iris (Carmen Duncan) will be on, and Irene Dailey's Liz will have returned from a year and a half hiatus. "Another World" via SoapNet is taking old viewers down memory lane, while new viewers will get to see what they missed all along.
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no summary. this is a comment only.
mutterl1 January 2005
I recently found soap-net on my TV and was so excited to see that they are airing old episodes of Another World. I tape each show and watch them over and over, especially the "Snow Flake Ball" episodes. What beauty and glamor they showed! I've been watching Another World since the very beginning as a small girl because it was on when i got home from school and the maid was watching as she ironed shirts. I also learned how to iron as well! I always loved the show because it had an element of mystery about it. Now that I'm older, it's so refreshing to see a show that stays with the real problems and emotions of it's characters rather than the silly, off the wall, fantasy driven plots of the shows now. The shows today seem to be competing to see which is the most surreal, racy, and ridiculous. Take me away to Another World anytime.
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Two Years latter, the loss still stings. No more NBC!
apfortony23 August 2001
I'm not the typical soap opera watcher, if there is such a thing. I'm a male between the ages of 18 and 49 which is precisely the demographic NBC was seeking when they canceled Another World on April 12, 1999. Even though I'm not a woman, I suspect that age was more important to the suits. The network brass stated that the 35-year-old serial no longer fit their profile. Why? because it had too much class? Thanks to my beloved Grandmother, I started watching Another World back in the fall of 1968. The show was 30 minutes long and in black and white. (It may have been in color but our TV was B&W.) I was just a kid. Most of the time I didn't quite know what characters were talking about. However I knew the faces and I knew who everybody was. So I stopped arguing for cartoons and watched Another World every day. Back then it started at 3:00 and I was home from school in time to see it. Whoever thinks the soaps are trash obviously never watched AW. The acting was excellent, something that never changed from 1968 to 1999. I've seen just about all of the other soaps since 1968. I have to say that none of them ever equaled Another World's caliber. The stories were very much like real life except with much more bad luck. The characters from Rachel Davis and Walter Curtin in the 60's and 70's to Lila, Cameron, Cindy and Paulina in the 90's, were always striving to get to their own "another world". A place, in their minds, that they thought they ought to be. Their perception of the world around them was colored by their preconcievd emotions and aspirations. The best example of this, in my opinion, was the Walter/Lenore storyline which played out over four years and included a murder trial, the birth of a baby,and the value of material possessions versus truth and respect between a husband and wife. There was so much history in the show. NBC just threw it away like an old shoe. In an era where hundreds of channels are available, NBC canceled the one show which would have kept me watching NBC no matter how many choices I had. But no more. In September I will be put in charge of a "people-meter" to measure and inform the neilsen ratings people on what I watch. I'm told that I'll represent 250,000 viewers. I don't know how that can be considered accurate, but that's how the ratings people do it. Bad News for NBC and Passions. They have both just lost 250,000 viewers in the "good" demographic.
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Life will still never be the same without "Another World."
Bash29 January 2003
"Another World" was the very first soap opera I have discovered in my lifetime. I remember when I was turning on the TV and surfing through basic channels one childhood afternoon, and there was the "Another World" opening theme with a beautiful, California-style theme playing, same with the closing theme. Then a few years later, I decided to start watching it, all the way until the airing surprisingly ended in June 1999. Shortly after that, I was so saddened, thinking "Why did this heart-warming soap opera end?" And "Why didn't it continue airing just like the other soap operas?" It used to air every weekday afternoons at 2:00pm right after "Days of Our Lives." Now, this other new lame soap known as "Passions" has taken over. Why? I still don't understand that. Whenever I think of "Another World," I also think of the really good old, addictive days and times of my life, when I had lots and lots of fun. Nowadays, things have unfortunately changed, ever since "Passions" was aired. How sad? Without "Another World," it is still not the same for me or part of my life. I now watch the other soap known as "Days of Our Lives," pretending that "Another World" would still air today. It will always be missed, until it returns someday. Maybe...
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"Another World" continues on-line as "Another World Today!"
anotherworldtoday23 November 2009
On May 4, 2009, in honor of "Another World's" 45th Anniversary, TeleNext Media launched an officially-sanctioned continuation to the beloved soap, "Another World Today" (

Presented in a multimedia combination of text and video clips, AWT picks up Bay City's story ten years after it went off the air, featuring favorite characters like Rachel, Felicia, Cass, Donna, Grant, Marley, Jamie, Amanda, Matt and more.

New episodes come out once a week on Mondays and, at the end, viewers vote on where they would like the story to go next! Experience it all from the beginning, or jump right into the latest installment at:
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AW is missed!
Monika-510 January 2000
This was such a great soap opera, with wonderful, talented actors breathing life into complex, terrific characters. I miss the marriages of Joe and Paulina, Jake and Vicky, and the romances of Amanda and Cameron, Cass and Lila, and many more. What would AW have been without Rachel Cory Hutchins, as played by the wonderful Victoria Wyndham? I wish that AW had brought back Iris, as played by Beverlee McKinsey in its final episodes, as they'd done with Charles Keating's Carl. I miss this soap, as I'm sure a lot of other people do. Daytime TV just isn't the same without it!
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Another World shall return...
primus2129 June 1999
Another World. 35 years, 8891 episodes, so many stories yet to be told. That sums up the Another World experience. Another World was and continues to be a story of triumph of the human spirit. The main thing that sets Another World apart from other daytime dramas is the fact that the caliber of actors used were the finest stage actors of our day. Another World became the breeding ground of many of the greatest talents known: Morgan Freeman, Christina Pickles, Ray Liotta, Anne Heche to name a few.

Indeed, Another World set the standard by which all remaining daytime dramas attempted to achieve. We shall miss you, old friends, if for but a short while. All endings are nothing but new beginnings and that will be the same for the story of Bay City, Illinois. Somehow, some way, Bay City will return to daytime!
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horror777722 July 2003
My nana started watching AW when she saw an ad for it while walking through Manhattan in the 1960s. She immediately became hooked. I started watching it in 1999 but then it was cancelled. Soon after, my nana and I began watching AW's replacement "Passions." That show was so disturbingly bad and the fact that that show replaced AW is truly a shocker. AW was a story with character and class. A story that men, women, young, and old could watch and relate to. Linda Dano was especially excellent. AW will sorely be missed and, sadly, Passions has neither the character nor the class that AW has. But then again, no soap did. I now watch OLTL and GH on ABC and they both are enjoyable though don't compare to AW. AW fans can take solace in Soap Net and when Passions is finally cancelled we eventually can take solace in the fact that we have killed the enemy.
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Best Days over
robtday22 June 2006
This show was the best back when Rachel was scheming to get Mac Cory. Boy o boy, when Mac's daughter Iris found out the show was absolutely great. Rachel was so good at scheming though and she could manage to take any girl's man -- even getting Steve Frame away from poor, goody two Alice, I think her name was (nurse). There wasn't anything that good on TV until All My Children and the whole Palmer Courtlandt/Phoebe Wallingford thing. Of course who can forget General Hospital with the whole Greg/Jenny/Tad/Jesse/Angie/Liza thing? Ah for the good ole days. I must be getting old because I remember when some soaps were 15 minutes long!
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I miss this show.....Douglas Watson was such a class act.
jasonn991 February 2004
I really miss Another World. Of course - for me it was never the same after Mac Cory (Played by a great actor - Douglas Watson) passed away on the show (Mr. Watson passed in real life). Thank god they didn't just replace his character with another actor. He brought so much class to the show. It was a wonderful show - Passions is so terrible compared to it. I've missed it on the Soap Opera network - maybe I'll try to catch it. I still remember the episode when Rachel told Mac how she used to walk by this mansion when she was a small girl and wanted to live there. Mac bought it for her and turned it into the Cory Mansion - the scene for so many of the later shows. Great characters came and went. Remember the Cass / Celia / Kathleen story line? Awesome. Felicia came on - she was wonderful. Ada was always there backing up her once scheming daughter (Rachel). It was fun.
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Gone Ten Years!
Dr.William Russo1 September 2009
The best villains on daytime came out of this show. Though I watched it from the beginning, the early years did not grip me as much as when the series took off in the mid-70s with Mac and Iris. The show lost some luster when Beverlee McKinsey left for her own limelight. But, the series really ended with the death of Douglass Watson and limped along for a few years, but even in death he had an influence on story lines, and his photo was always part of the show the next decade. The return every few years of Carl Hutchins proved amusing, as he and Cecile were always hilarious in their nefarious plans to undermine Bay City. I look for the actors to see if they are busy, but see them less and less each year. Cass Wintrop is on commercials for pain relievers, looking much the same. Every once in a while, I suffer a pang and wonder what the characters would be like today... Gone ten years this summer of 2009. What a shame.
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Stunning soap opera
felicia blake6 March 2017
I watched an episode of this in 1989 and was hooked from the off!!! I have recently started re-watching episodes of this on TY and I am so grateful to whoever uploads these as I am so enjoying them.

Brilliant storytelling, well-thought out characters and the acting is second-to-none. I was gutted when this was cancelled in 1999 as I feel it still had legs.

I am very familiar with the years from 1989 till about 1993-94 as that's when I watched it in the UK but am always striving to collect episodes from different periods of the show.

My favourite characters were Jake, Pauline (both versions), Rachel, Frankie and Vicky (Anne Heche incarnation).

I highly recommend this show (above all the other American soaps of that time).

For me, it's definitely the best one going!!! Still
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Another Worled RULED!!
Yolanda E22 April 2009
I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I would also get in a line to purchase the entire series. I remember it was the 1st and only soap that I followed religiously. I would tape a whole weeks worth and then watch all the episodes Saturday morning. That was my time. I was shocked when they decided to cancel it. I even remember my mother and I keeping it a secret from my dad because he didn't want me watching soaps (LOL!). It was the only soap that my mom really followed as well. Man do I ever miss it!!! I even joined the AW club and everything. I still have the photos I ordered from the club. Recently my sister was over and we were going through the pictures and remembering what each of the characters were like and wondering where they ended up. Every so often I find myself trying to locate DVD's of the entire series, but I never seem able to find it. I wonder where everyone is now.
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I Miss This Show
Michael McGeehan7 August 2007
What a great thing the internet is! I've been watching the classic scenes of Rachel and Mac on YouTube and now I've been catching Another World from 1980 on Aol Video. Remarkable to see these scenes again.

Victoria Wyndham is, by far, the best actress to ever grace daytime TV. Herscenes with Beverlee McKinsee, Doug Watson and Constance Ford were a force to be reckoned with. The story lines and character creation was nothing short of brilliant. It's a shame that it went down hill in the mid 80s and never recaptured its magic. (Unfortnate that SoapNet was only able to start airing episodes from 1987 and not before.) I would love to be able to watch the show from it's creation until the mid 80s, but I'm sure that will never happen as I understand many of the episodes are lost forever. But Rachel, Mac, Ada and others will live in my heart forever.
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I Lov Another World
Laulesa6914 October 2006
When another World was originally showing on TV I never watched it because I was so busy with the other soaps. Then when it came on the Soapnet channel I started watching it and haven't' missed an episode. I wish now that I would have been able to see it from the start. I hope the Soap Opera net continues on with the remaining years and doesn't take it off Another World is more down to earth and you really get to know the characters. Some of the Actors and actress's on the show got there start on Another world like Anne Heche and even Brad Pitt. I never liked Ann Heche until I seen her as Vicky/Marley Hudson. She is an excellent Actress. My only disappointment so far is that Robert-Kelker Kelly left.
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Daytime's Greatest Drama
igrahamb30 July 2006
Another World was the greatest single daytime drama during its heyday (the 1970s), written by the great Harding LeMay -- like Ryan's Hope, it was one of daytime's few attempts to show real people living real lives. It also hired some of daytime's greatest actors, such as Beverlee McKinsey, Douglass Watson, Constance Ford, Irene Dailey and many others.

Unfortunately during the 1980s it took a downturn as it did what every other soap did -- try to emulate General Hospital. What worked on GH didn't work on AW. However, it still managed to maintain a consistent level of quality that was above and beyond most of the other soaps. Even in the 1990s, when it employed some ridiculous story lines, to be sure, it still managed to hold the viewer's attention with characters like Jake, Paulina, Vicky, Grant, and the superb acting of Charles Keating as Carl and his relationship with Rachel.

Unfortunately NBC cancelled the show in order to pursue more youth-oriented programs such as Sunset Beach and Passions, which is television's worst show. It was a huge mistake (AW could have stayed on the air with Passions at 3:00), but luckily AW still enjoys a significant cult following and thanks to SoapNet, you can still catch reruns (if you're lucky enough to get it).
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Original cast members?
janelafey21 May 2006
I watched this show in its early days, shortly after Pat Matthews had had an abortion and had been accused of killing her child's father. Susan Trustman was the original Pat (beautiful girl) and Michael M. Ryan was John Randolph, the lawyer who defended Pat. I really liked their love story in the beginning. Pat's sister, Alice (Jacqueline Courtney) had a turbulent love story with Steven Frame (George Reinholt)but it was the wicked Rachel Davis (Robin Strasser) who interfered big time. Big stars came on Another World: Charles Durning, Ted Shackelford, and Susan Sullivan, to name a few. I quit watching the show back in the 80s because I was working, and the story lines fizzled, and actors like Susan Trustman left the show. I usually have a problem staying interested in a character when there's an actor change. But it was a good show, and I'm sorry it was canceled.
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Another World
anzaccc4 February 2006
As a young child I started watching another world first when it was a half hour. I got attached to the cast. Each I would rush home to watch and see what was going to happen to my family on the show. I was a lonely child and this filled my heart with many emotions but gave me an understanding on how to deal with life.So I grew up into a well adjusted adult I was very devastated when they decided to take away my family. Cancelling another world has forever changed how I feel about TV. I used to watch the other day time days, All my children and young and restless but not as faithful as another world! It was the best Soap Opera in the world. When they took off Another World I quit watching TV. I watch my 2 shows a week. CSI and Fear Factor. I have 7 kids who do not get to watch TV much either. Pulling another world off and not caring about the fans who didn't want it gone made me not care about TV either.

I wish they would make boxed sets of the show so we can watch reruns. I would buy them all I am sure millions of others would to. Even of Texas.......I miss ANOTHER WORLD
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AW was one of the best daytime dramas EVER!!!!
tpcktt24 January 2003
Except for the last three years of its run (1996-99), I was a faithful watcher of this long-running serial. I remember the glory days of Aunt Liz, Mac and Rachel, Steve and Alice, Iris, Ada, Cass, the Loves and the McKinnons. The Steve/Rachel/Alice storyline put AW on the map in the late 1960s-early 1970s. Three decades later, fans are still recalling how Rachel (first Robin Strasser, later Victoria Wyndham) did everything in her power to break up Steve Frame and Alice Matthews.
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What a Place to Live!
jjkaul11 October 2001
I watched this wonderful family soap from it's inception, I actually felt these charactors were my extended family, as I'm sure a lot of you faithful"s did.

I was so angry with NBC for cancelling "MY SHOW"

One of my most memorable season's was 1974-1975. Favorite storyline, Mac, Rachel, Janice and Mitch in St. Croix.

I also loved the Heaven storyline with Vicky and Ryan, I cried for hrs.

The Corys, Matthews, Randolphs, McKinnons, Hudsons, Loves, and all the other families gave me so many hours of pleasurable daytime tv, I will remember and think of all the actors and actresses with fond memories. I am so glad I taped some of the shows.
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A classic daytime drama, gone too soon
swissjohn293 November 2000
I started watching AW in the mid-70s, during a time most call the "golden years" of the show. Over the years since, I have not been able to watch every day, but AW was always there when I could tune in. The characters were multi-faceted, the storylines and writing had substance, and most of all, the actors were true professionals. I have seen the recent changes in attitude on the part of production companies and networks as very disturbing for daytime as a whole, and when T(numskull)PTB decided that the "continuing story" of Another World could no longer entertain it's fans, it was truly a sad landmark event for me and anyone watching as well as those who have truly given of themselves every day for 35 years and 8,891 episodes.

So I must close by expressing my thanks and cheers to all involved with taking us all away to Another World..."I give you, life!"

"the ones we love will ALWAYS be with us, if we let them..."

"...the only dream that mattered had come true, In this life, I was loved by you..."
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35 years of wonderful memories
KrissyTC2 November 1999
When Another World was taken off the air on June 25, 1999, I was so sad. Sad that a show that had provided me with so much entertainment, both laughter and tears, for almost 7 years, was dying. The cast was the best in daytime, no doubt about it. Names like Vicky Wyndham, Douglass Watson, Constance Ford, Tom Eplin, Stephen Schnetzer, Jensen Buchanan, Judi Luciano, Matt Crane, Alice Barrett Mitchell, Linda Dano and so many more will forever make me smile. Another World never fell victim to the crazy stories (except in the last 3 or 4 years when NBC tried to kill the show time and time again with a slew of new execs who didn't care about the history and integrity of the show, or the fans). AW was always about PEOPLE, not plot. It was about human relationships: true love shared between couples--Mac and Rachel, Carl and Rachel, Cass and Frankie, Jake and Paulina, Joe and Paulina, Ryan and Vicky, JAKE AND was about friendships--Cass and Felicia, Rachel and Felicia, Matt and Morgan, Jake and Paulina, Jake and Vicky, Vicky and was about humor--Grant and Cindy, Lila and Cass, Jake and was about family--the Corys, the Frames, the Winthrops, the Hudsons, the McKinnons...

I miss the show every day...there is nothing else like it on television.
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Daytime Televisions best
apfortony5 May 2002
Another World was and is without a doubt THE best daytime drama that ever graced the small screen. It seems that even it's detractors (of whom there seem to be few) couldn't even turn it off after 15 years of so-called going downhill. The show improved tremendously when Victoria Wyndham and the Late Douglass Watson took over the spotlight from the wooden Jackie Courtney and George Reinholt. As the World Turns has taken Another World's former executive producer and it's former studio in Brooklyn. But I've seen World Turns and have not been impressed. However I did find it an excellent cure for insomnia. Passions is a joke, plain and simple. It's on the air for one reason, NBC owns it!
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My First Soap Opera, too
moonchildiva3 February 2004
I used to rush home in 8th grade to catch this soap, immersed in the Pat killed Tom Baxter storyline. Later I really loved the Sharlene & Grant storyline, and Rachel & Steve, too. Another World is now being shown on Soap Net, it's great to see the old episodes, the characters; really takes you back. AND it's good stuff, too. I recommend in these days of lousy TV, why not watch the OLD stuff?
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