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Hugh Griffith: Squire Western



  • Squire Western : [At the cemetery: shrugging indifferently as Bridget Blifil has just been laid to rest]  Well, there's another one gone.

  • Miss Western : You are such a boor.

    [he misunderstands her comment] 

    Squire Western : A boar? I am no boar!

  • Squire Western : Madam, I despise your politics as much as I do a fart.

  • Squire Western : [commenting on Sophie's playing the harpsichord]  You play like an angel.

  • Squire Western : [kicking the bucket box]  Yes, yes, yes, yes!

    Sophie Western : No, no, no, no, no! I will not marry that idiot! To force me to do so would be to kill me!

    Squire Western : Then die and be damned!

    [Sophie began to cries and running away] 

    Squire Western : Oh, damn me! What a misery it is to have daughters, when a man has a good mare and dogs.

    [turns to Tom Jones] 

    Squire Western : Tom? That pig-headed hussy, dares to refuse to marry Mr. Blifil. I'll turn her penniless out-of-doors, if she doesn't. Go to her, lad, and see what you can do.

  • Squire Western : Odds zodikins!

  • Sophie Western : Lord Fellamar?

    Lord Fellamar : Miss Western, It is I.

    [Sophie Western scoffs] 

    Lord Fellamar : I fear I break in upon you abruptly.

    Sophie Western : Indeed, my lord. I am a little surprise.

    Lord Fellamar : Love... Love has deprived me of all reason.

    Sophie Western : My lord, I neither understand your words nor your behavior.

    Lord Fellamar : You're the most adorable divine creature.

    Sophie Western : I do assure you, my lord, I shall not wait to hear any more.

    Lord Fellamar : If I were master of the world, I would lay it at your feet!

    Sophie Western : My lord, I beg you to stop.

    [Fellamar grabs her hands] 

    Sophie Western : Let go my hand. I will never see you again.

    Lord Fellamar : Then, madam, we must make the best use of this moment.

    Sophie Western : What'd you mean?

    [He began to squeezes her, she screaming] 

    Lord Fellamar : I have no fear but not to losing you, madam.

    [began to fighting Sophie Western, she screaming. Squire Western enters his house, asking a boy where she is] 

    Squire Western : Where is she? Damn me, if I won't unkennel of her now.

    [Lord Fellamar and Sophie Western continues to fighting, They enter his room, Squire Western roars, they reacts] 

    Sophie Western : Father!

    Lord Fellamar : Your father?

    Squire Western : Yes, and who in the hell are you?

    Lord Fellamar : I, sir, am Lord Fellamar. I'm the happy man whom I hope you will accept as your son-in-law.

    Squire Western : You're a son of a whore, for all your fancy falderals!

    Lord Fellamar : I resent your tone, sir.

    Squire Western : Resent, my arse! I'll teach you to father-in-law in me.

    [grabs Sophie Western] 

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