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Far from slow moving Mr Maltin
evilskip26 October 2000
Superior Edgar Wallace thriller.We have a spooky estate with a haunted abbey;there is of course The Black Abbot,madness,double crosses, triple crosses, a treasure and several murders tossed in to spice things off.

What is unusual about this krimi is this really isn't a whodunit.You have to pay close attention to what is going on to stay abreast of the plot.So if you're looking to nod off find another movie.

Nice night photography,great use of locations, a spooky ruins, great house and nice use of seemingly autumnal weather.Fast pacing and a good cast put this one near the top.Enjoy!
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Confusing, but stick with it
Joseph_Gillis9 November 2013
This one is closer to the straight drama of the British Edgar Wallace series, despite the presence of the ubiquitous Eddi Aren't, whose presence serves to lighten the tone; on this occasion he's the assistant to the investigating police officer, and displays an unexpected talent for wrestling.

It features so many characters and subplots - swindlers and forgers, gold-diggers and blackmailers; to name just four - that it's quite easy to get lost in the plot, or sub-plots, but as long as you concentrate on the main plot thread that treasure is buried in the grounds of Lord Chelford's estate; that it is being protected by a mysterious 'Black Abbott' figure; and that literally everybody wants to get their hands on it, you can settle back and let the proceedings unfold. It helps,also, that the investigating officer seems to have an uncanny knack of getting to the heart of the matter - without seemingly doing much investigating - and thus does all the figuring out for you.

Aren't aside, it boasts wonderful ensemble playing from actors, many of whom I've come to know and love as staples of the series, including Joachim Fuchsberger, as Dick Alford; Werner Peters, as Fabian Gilder, and a young Klaus Kinski, as an ex-con butler.

The film has a number of good nocturnal chase scenes, excitingly filmed. It also boasts a wonderfully kitschy soundtrack.

Ratings-wise, I'd probably say 7/10: the first-third of the film where too many characters are introduced causes it to drag, unduly; the final third more than makes up for it in my book; as does the ensemble playing, the chase and fight scenes; the music, and the nocturnal cinematography.
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Atmospheric Edgar Wallace thriller!
copycat10253 January 2004
Atmospheric Edgar Wallace thriller, about a large treasure hidden in an old country estate. Several persons show up, who happen to be employed by the lord of the estate, but only to get their hands on the treasure. However, a black-hooded killer soon makes his entrance, and begins killing those who know the secret. This is one of the better Edgar Wallace thrillers I've seen to date, and features some really spooky scenarios.
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The black abbot
Horst_In_Translation17 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Der schwarze Abt" is a German black-and-white sound film from 1963, so this one is already over 50 years old as well. Writer and director is Franz Josef Gottlieb and he also worked on many other of these old Edgar Wallace films. Sadly, I must say, despite the title which sounds like a promising main antagonist, that this was a pretty boring and mediocre watch. Then again, I may be a bit biased in terms of the whole thing as I almost liked none of the Edgar Wallace films I watched and I saw almost all of them. This was probably a bit of a missed opportunity here as the cast includes quite a few big names, such as Blacky Fuchsberger, Borsche, Aren't, Boettcher and, last but not least, Klaus Kinski. But Kinski is already the perfect example of how mediocre these Wallace films are. He was definitely a gifted actor, but the characters he played in these films were extremely interchangeable, just like the whole stories and antagonists. I give "The Black Abbot" a thumbs-down. Not recommended.
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The story is better than the execution
dbborroughs13 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A body is found on the grounds of an old abbey. In the near by manor house the administrator of the estate takes great pains to make sure that all is in order before the police are called. From there it spins out as a masked figure of an abbot begins to lurk, the financial standing of several people is called in question, treasure is sought and people die. Very good story is hampered by a lack luster presentation. The film seems more concerned with filling the screen with big screen images, unfortunately it doesn't really work. Shot in a widescreen black and white in a style that screams this should have been widescreen and color. Worse the film is so concerned with its look that the pacing becomes slack and what should have been an exciting film isn't, it never manages to generate any sense of danger needed to keep the audience on the edge of its seat. The flaw isn't fatal, the film is a good one, but in all honesty this could have been a great one if the producer and director had cared enough to realize that this is supposed to be an old dark house mystery. Worth a look if you run across it on cable but I wouldn't go beyond that (though I wish I could)
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