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Dying of love.
dbdumonteil18 September 2005
José Bénazéraf would become ,so to speak,one of the big names of the French porn cinema.Although this film is meant to be a thriller,it's obvious that the director is more interested in the physique of his actresses (Nadia Gray,Elga Andersen and a young brunette Mireille Darc)than in the detective plot.The first hour is a bit boring slow-moving and ,outside Gray, the cast does not convince.

A detective stories writer (he writes six of them a year!) is working on his new "oeuvre",helped by Swedish secretary Andersen,who is always strumming guitar or swimming in the pool.His wife (Gray) has a lover. And the angry writer writes a novel where the cuckold commits the perfect crime.Then the wife is killed....Enter cop Bruno Cremer.

The idea novel/real life was not bad,but Benazeraf was not a director who could capitalize on it.

Alternate title : "Death has blue eyes".
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