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  • An Argonaut is one of the men who accompanied Jason during his quest to find the Golden Fleece. Their name comes from the ship they sailed on during that time, the Argo (named after its builder, Argus), while ''naut'' means ''sailor''. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • First of all, a major point from the myth was that Pelias was actually Jason's uncle, making Acastus his cousin too. Jason knew well who Pelias was when they met and offered to go on the quest in exchange for the throne. Another plot point is that Medea is the daughter of King Aeetes and a skilled sorceress. She also has a brother who is not included here. There were more adventures on the way to and back from Colchis, such as the Isle of Lemnos (an island filled with warrior women), the Doliones (the Argonauts rest and leave but are blown back by a storm, and end up killing the island people by mistake), the island of Circe and an encounter with the Sirens. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Zeus stated that Hera may help Jason the same amount of times his sister Briseis called on her by name in the temple. The first time was when she helped Jason save Pelias from drowning. (Hera revealed this fact to Jason after Talos destroyed his ship. He asked her for a way to defeat Talos thinking it was his third request, but Hera corrected him.) The second time she told Jason the Golden Fleece was in Colchis. The third time she told him about the island with the bronze statues. The fourth time she told him how to defeat Talos. The fifth time she spoke to the Argonauts and told them about Phineas. Phineas asked what Gods protect him from the clashing rocks, to which Jason replied, "None." Phineas gave Jason the Poseidon amulet as a protection against the clashing rocks. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • He died. When Talos was being drained of fluid he ran out to fetch the golden javelin that Hercules had stolen, and was crushed when Talos fell over. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Zeus and Hera feature in prominent roles. Hera as Jason's protector and Zeus as a foil to her. Hermes has one brief scene where he brings Jason to Mt. Olympus, and Triton (son of Poseidon) has a scene where he holds back the clashing rocks. Other Gods appear as extras, though they are not named nor have any dialogue. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • As far as we know it was just Todd Armstrong (Jason) and Nancy Kovack (Medea) who were dubbed. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Ray Harryhausen's initial plan was to make a sequel which would focus on Jason's voyage home and him resolving the issue with Pelias. But the movie never got made as Harryhausen opted to do the Sinbad sequels instead. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Chicago opening for the hit Columbia film, Jason and the Argonauts, happened on Friday, July 26, 1963, at theatres all over Chicagoland. An ad reads: "For The First Time on the Screen! The Mightiest warriors the world has ever known . . . in search of the greatest prize the gods ever gave!" The film starred Todd Armstrong as Jason, and Nancy KovacK as Medea, co-starring Gary Raymond and Laurence Naismith. A Morningside Worldwide film in Eastman Color.

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