The Great Escape (1963) Poster

James Garner: Hendley 'The Scrounger'



  • Danny : Oh, Hendley. I need a pick. Big, heavy one.

    Hendley : Only one?

    Danny : Two would be better.

  • Ramsey : Roger's idea was to get back at the enemy the hardest way he could, mess up the works. From what we've heard here, I think he did exactly that.

    Hendley : Do you think it was worth the price?

    Ramsey : Depends on your point of view, Hendley.

  • Hendley : Colin's not a blind man as long as he's with me. And he's going with me!

  • Colin : You know, he's right. he's right. I really shouldn't go. My eyes have been getting worse and worse. I think they call it progressive Myopia. I can see things up here.

    [looks at pin] 

    Colin : yes I can see it well, but, you're just a blur.

    Hendley : I know. Ah, Hell, we'll make it in great shape. Colin, do you have any tea?

    Colin : Yes, of course.

    Hendley : Let's have some.

    Colin : Splendid.

  • Danny : [preparing to start the escape tunnel]  We're ready.

    Bartlett : Big enough?

    Danny : It's perfect. Right through the middle of the foundation.

    [with his chalk, he writes "17" in the corner of the concrete] 

    Bartlett : Good luck to us, Danny.

    Hendley : [quietly to Mac]  Why seventeen?

    MacDonald : This is the seventeenth tunnel Danny's started.

  • Colin : Tea?

    Hendley : I only drank tea once - in a hospital.

  • Hilts : [tasting the moonshine, speaks in a raspy voice]  Wow!

    Hendley : [tasting the moonshine, speaks in a hoarse tone]  Wow!

    Goff : [tasting the moonshine, is wracked with coughing and weakly says while still coughing]  ... wow...

  • Hilts : [tasting their moonshine]  Wow!

    Hendley : Wow!

    Goff : [starts coughing uncontrollably]  Wow!

  • Hendley : Come on, Roger. We all know the score here, at least... most of us do. Your idea of this escape is to... start another front, to foul up the Germans behind the lines. All right, that's fine, that's fine. But once we get passed that barbed wire, once we have them looking all over Germany for us, that mission is accomplished. Afterwards, we have some ideas of our own.

    Bartlett : You mean getting home? Back to your family and children?

    Hendley : That's right.

    Bartlett : Good God, man. Do you really believe I haven't thought about that, too?

  • Bartlett : Not Colin. He'd be an appalling hazard to the whole escape. That must be my decision.

    Hendley : You want to talk about hazards? Let talk about hazards. Lets talk about you. You're the biggest hazard we have. The Gestapo has you marked. No one has said you can't go.

    Bartlett : That's true, and I have thought about the Gestapo. But if you're asking me how a far a commanding officer is allowed to go, or dare go, or should be permitted to play God, I can't answer you.

  • Hendley : Right.

    Bartlett : Dennis, maps and surveys. Colin, you'll take your usual job. Eric, have you thought how you're going to get rid of this dirt?

    Ashley-Pitt : Yes, I have. The usual places. I hadn't anticipated three tunnels, but we'll manage.

    Sorren : Roger, who's going to handle security for all this?

    Bartlett : You are. I want a system of stooges covering this compound from front to back, checking every goon in and out. I want a signal system so perfect that if ever a ferret gets within fifty feet of any of the huts in which we're working, we can shut down without a sign.

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