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Alternate Versions

In the French theatrical version the end title song "From Russia With Love" by Matt Monro was sung in French by Swedish singer/actor Bob Askolf under the title "Bons baisers de Russie".
Russian dialogue is translated in subtitles on some video prints of the film, but not on some TV prints.
Compared to the cinema prints of the 70┬Ěs and the first video issues, the end titles on present video and DVD prints are now longer and slightly different in content.
Some TV prints omit the gypsy girl fight. One Canadian showing in the 1990s omitted the gypsy camp segment altogether.
The 2001 DVD release corrects the misspelling of Martine Beswick's name in the credits.
ABC broadcasts in the mid-1970s omitted the pre-credits sequence.
The original cinema release was cut by the BBFC to receive an "A" rating:
  • Uses of the words "lovers" and "physical enjoyment" were cut.
  • The gypsy dance was edited, including a shot of her bending backwards.
  • The subsequent fight was reduced.
  • A shot of Tatiana walking to the bed nude was cut. (This was later reinstated in video releases)
  • Bonds reference to searching Tatiana was cut, and the kissing is reduced.
  • Tatiana's line "I hope I came up to expectations" was cut.
  • The scene where agents are shown filming Bond and Tatiana in the bed was shortened and darkened.
  • "Was I" in the line "Was I as exciting as all those Western girls?" was changed to "Am I".
  • Bond's line "two hours should straighten this out" as he lowers the blind on the Orient Express was removed.
  • In the train compartment, Grant's line "What a performance!" when referring to the reel of film was cut.
  • The Bond-Grant fight was reduced.
  • When Bond shoots Klebb, her expressions of pain were reduced and the latter part of her moaning was muted.
  • Bond's repeat of the line "What a performance!" on the boat was cut.

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