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Sex & Nudity

  • An almost completely topless woman, wearing only pasties over her nipples and a small bikini bottom, dances vigorously directly in front of the camera for several seconds.
  • This movie deals with how a woman managed to seduce two men (and changed the course of history as a result), and also got pregnant as a result.
  • Throughout the film, we see several female servants and maids scantily clad showing lots of cleavage and their butts from the side.
  • We see a woman taking a bath, fully nude, as she talks with a man (he is clothed and not in the bath). We see her breasts. We can partially see her nude body from under the water, including her bare legs and glimpses of her butt, but we do not see her private area.
  • A woman lies nude on a bed with only a very small towel. We see her butt and her breasts from the side. We see several other scantily clad women in the room with lots of cleavage on their breasts and their buttocks.
  • A man and a woman are nude in bed after sex. Cleavage, but no nudity.
  • A woman lies on a couch in a see through top. We see her breasts and her butt from the side
  • A woman throughout the film wears revealing clothing

Violence & Gore

  • The film revolves around main characters seeking power through warfare and/or assassination.
  • Some blood burst when a man is hit by a spear as well as mild blood when a man is impaled on a sword and during a battle scene.
  • Antony is shown stabbing himself with a sword.
  • A man is ambushed and stabbed to death, on the floor of his country's legislature, by a mob of legislators. They are shown sticking daggers into him, and he staggers forward with a blood-covered torso before dying.
  • Many extras are shown dying in battle, generally by being run through with swords or spears. There is little gore in these deaths.
  • Siege engines fire flaming projectiles at soldiers and a city gate. They hit no soldiers in that scene.
  • The corpses of various men are ceremonially cremated in several scenes. Other dead bodies are shown in various contexts.
  • The corpse of a minor character is thrown into the yard of another character's home as a warning to him. He is shown with bloody stab holes in his belly.
  • A man's severed head is taken out of a basket. Only the top of the head is shown.
  • Men are summarily sentenced to death by the government, in the person of a major character.
  • A man is executed off-screen by sword; he screams briefly in agony, unsettling all who are on camera.
  • A trusted servant attempts to assassinate the main character through poisoning. When her attempt is detected by another servant, the main character compels the assassin to drink from the cup that she had poisoned. The assassin promptly collapses and dies.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Scene of Antony drunk.
  • Several times, an oracle tells fortunes with the assistance of a powder dumped into a fire burning before her. The powder generates smoke, which she breathes; the more smoke, the deeper her "psychic" trance. Her prophecies, while broadly accurate, are also fragmentary and semi-coherent. The relationship between smoke, trance and babble implies that the powder is a hallucinogenic drug.
  • As the information in this section demonstrates, this film's 1971 U.S. rating of "G" does not reflect the current criteria of that rating. According to, parents can be assured that "No...drug use are [sic] present in the motion picture" if it is rated "G."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Cleopatra visits a witch and the scene with Caesar's murder is played out before her. Cleopatra reacts in fear and sorrow.
  • A male lead suffers epileptic seizures on two occasions; both are shown.

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