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Blood Feast – The Arrow Video Blu Review

Review by Roger Carpenter

If you are a horror movie aficionado then no introduction is needed for Blood Feast, nor to the films of Herschel Gordon Lewis in general. But just in case you’ve never heard of this pioneering no-budget epic, here’s a quick synopsis. Blood Feast is the story of an Egyptian caterer, Fuad Ramses, who is into the dark arts and has a need for human body parts. It just so happens a series of gruesome killings of young women around town are occurring. Detective Thornton, along with the help of the beautiful and unwitting Suzette Fremont, try to solve the case before every young co-ed in town disappears. Blood Feast was a sensation when it was first released to the grindhouse/drive-in circuit in 1963. Over the years it became the stuff of legend to horror fans everywhere with Fangoria magazine praising Lewis’ films in its pages,
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Willard and Ben — Region B

Guest Reviewer Lee Broughton is back, with a rodent roundup of horror, or more accurately, psychological suspense interrupted by a few salacious slayings. What would Mickey say?

The brief synopses of Daniel Mann’s Willard and Phil Karlson’s Ben that appeared in the horror movie books and magazines that kids in the UK loved to pore over during the late 1970s always gave the impression that this pair of killer rat films were hardcore horror shows.

In truth, the actual horror content of both films is relatively mild and infrequent. In spite of this, Willard and Ben still tend to be discussed in terms of their relation to the often more extreme movies that appeared in the “animals attack” cycle of horror films that flourished during the 1970s.

That particular subgenre represents something of a niche interest area that is governed by a pretty tight set of boundaries. The
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Blood Feast

Blood Feast


Arrow Video

1963 / Color /1.85 / Street Date October 9, 2017

Starring Mal Arnold, Connie Mason

Cinematography by Herschell Gordon Lewis

Written by A. Louise Downe (Ghostwritten by Lewis)

Produced by David F. Friedman, Herschell Gordon Lewis

Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis

1963’s Blood Feast, the infamous gorefest from director Herschell Gordon Lewis, is a pox on our culture; grossly stupid, comically inept and depressingly nihilistic. A perfect film for 2017.

Lewis’s movie was released the same year that Patsy Cline and John Kennedy died, George Wallace turned away black students from an Alabama college and Martin Luther King was jailed in Birmingham. Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique and Sam Cooke recorded ”A Change Is Gonna Come”. In an already fractured country, those seismic shifts only deepened the decades-old divide along the Mason-Dixon line.

Meanwhile, in southernly states from Mississippi to Florida, Lewis and his production partner David Friedman were busy
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October 24th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Annabelle: Creation, War For The Planet Of The Apes, The Old Dark House

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With Halloween only a week away now (how in the heck did that happen?), of course there are a ton of horror and sci-fi home entertainment offerings arriving on Tuesday, ready to get you primed for all your spooky shenanigans leading up to October 31st. In terms of new titles, both War of the Planet of the Apes and Annabelle: Creation hit various formats, and Criterion has put together a stellar release for Olivier AssayasPersonal Shopper as well.

On the cult side of the genre spectrum, we have a myriad of movies to look forward to, including a quartet of titles from Vinegar Syndrome: The Corpse Grinders, Demon Wind, Blood Beat, and the double feature of Prime Evil and Lurkers. Arrow Video has assembled a special edition set for Herschell Gordon LewisBlood Feast that’s a must-own for any splatter fans out there, and the Warner Archive Collection
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Arrow Video Shoots for New Blood Feast, Children of the Corn, J.D.’s Revenge and Don’t Torture a Duckling Blu-rays!

The wondrous fiends over at Arrow Video just sent over the details for the next four titles that are sure to send chills down the spines of Blu-ray collectors everywhere… Blood Feast, Children of the Corn, J.D.’s Revenge, and Don’t… Continue Reading →

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‘Blood Feast’ Remake Gets R Rating for “Strong Sadistic Violence”

‘Blood Feast’ Remake Gets R Rating for “Strong Sadistic Violence”
You can’t remake Herschell Gordon Lewis without getting a whole lot of blood on your hands, and the forthcoming new take on 1963’s Blood Feast (read our review) is indeed going to be dripping with copious amounts of the red stuff; our own Chris Coffel called it “a delicious splatter fest that will have horror hounds […]
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1985 / 1:85 / Street Date August 8, 2017

Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton

Cinematography: Mac Ahlberg

Film Editor: Lee Percy

Written by Stuart Gordon, Dennis Paoli, William Norris

Produced by Brian Yuzna

Music: Richard Band

Directed by Stuart Gordon

Released in 1985, Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator remains the grandest of Grand Guignols, a viscerally entertaining comedy that is just grindhouse enough for fans of Blood Feast and arthouse enough for connoisseurs of Francis Bacon’s more grisly canvases.

Originally scripted for Chicago’s Organic Theater Company by Gordon and co-writers Dennis Paoli and William Norris, Re-Animator was based on H. P. Lovecraft’s short story, Herbert West – Re-Animator, first published in 1922. Set in the blandly generic college town of Arkham, Massachusetts, the action revolves in and around the classrooms of stately Miskatonic University’s medical school and the sterilized atmosphere of the academy’s dank morgue evoked so well by Mac Ahlberg’s lush cinematography.
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‘Blood Feast’ Remake Edited Down to Achieve “R”-rating

‘Blood Feast’ Remake Edited Down to Achieve “R”-rating
Tell me the MPAA isn’t a form of censorship? In order to achieve a theatrical release in some markets, the filmmakers behind the Blood Feast (read our review) remake were forced to edit the film to achieve an “R” rating. “Some markets are unable to screen an unrated film,” said Hannover House CEO, Eric Parkinson. […]
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Poster for Marcel Walz’s remake of ‘Blood Feast’

Check out this cool poster for Seed 2 director Marcel Walz’s forthcoming remake of Herschell Gordon LewisBlood Feast, which stars genre veterans Robert Rusler (Nightmare on Elm St. 2), Caroline Williams (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6), and Sophie Monk (The Hills Run Red).

Blood Feast will make its Us debut on June 23rd.

Fuad Ramses (Robert RuslerA Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, Vamp, Tales of Halloween) and his family have moved from the United States to France, where they run an American diner. Since business is not going too well, Fuad also works night shifts in a museum of ancient Egyptian culture. During these long, lonely nights he is repeatedly drawn to a statue representing the seductive ancient goddess Ishtar. He becomes more and more allured by the goddess as she speaks to him in visions. Eventually he succumbs to her deadly charms.
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Poster for the Blood Feast remake

Ahead of its Us release next month, a new poster has debuted for Marcel Walz’s upcoming remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1963 splatter horror Blood Feast which stars Robert Rusler, Caroline Williams, Sadie Katz, and Sophie Monk; take a look below…

“Fuad Ramses (Robert RuslerA Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, Vamp, Tales of Halloween) and his family have moved from the United States to France, where they run an American diner. Since business is not going too well, Fuad also works night shifts in a museum of ancient Egyptian culture. During these long, lonely nights he is repeatedly drawn to a statue representing the seductive ancient goddess Ishtar. He becomes more and more allured by the goddess as she speaks to him in visions. Eventually he succumbs to her deadly charms. After this pivotal night, Fuad begins a new life, in which murder and cannibalism become his daily bread.
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My Heart Belongs On A Trash Cinema Menu

Let me see your heart!

Let me break something down real quick. I justifiably catch a reputation as being someone who likes to like things. And that’s true. Whenever I have time to share movie talk with folks, I want to talk about the things I love. Because, for me, it’s just too darn easy to fall down a rabbit hole of negativity. When I stumble across something that thrills me, I want to share it. Even still, sometimes I’m a bit abashed when it comes to how enthusiastic I tend to be about things. This is especially true when I find a great new-to-me trash-cinema film. Over Easter Weekend, I got stuck on a “Blood” film kick. Don’t judge me. I like topical themes. Any road, that’s when I ran into Blood Diner. I had no idea this movie existed until I saw the poster flipping through movies on Shudder. When
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Srs Cinema announce Blu-ray debut of ‘Vampire Cop’

Donald Farmer’s cult classic, Vampire Cop has delighted B-movie fans for over two and half decades since debuting in 1990. It also marked one of the earliest appearances of popular scream queen Melissa Moore. Yet to this day, it’s only been released on VHS…

Now Srs Cinema have announced not only Vampire Cop‘s Blu-ray debut but also, as an added bonus, the release will include the director’s original cut for the very first time anywhere – scenes that were cut by the original distributor prior to release. This original version includes scenes with Melissa Moore and Blood Feast star Mal Arnold that no one has ever scene, besides extending many moments in the movie.

It’s not easy being a cop. Especially when you’re a Vampire Cop like Officer Lucas (Ed Cannon). But with the city in the grip of a psycho drug kingpin, it’s time
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Daily Dead’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaways: Day 2 – More Black Friday Deals, Movie Box Sets, Hallmark Ornaments & More!

  • DailyDead
Happy Black Friday, everyone, and welcome back for Day 2 of Daily Dead’s fourth annual Holiday Gift Guide! Once again, our goal is to help you navigate your way through the horrors of the shopping season with our tips on unique gift ideas, and we’ll hopefully help you save a few bucks over the next few weeks, too.

This year’s Holiday Gift Guide is being sponsored by several amazing companies, including Mondo, Anchor Bay Entertainment, DC Entertainment, and Magnolia Home Entertainment, who have all donated an assortment of goodies to help you get into the spirit of the season. Daily Dead also recently teamed up with Texas-based artist Dustin Pace of Duddy in Motion to create an amazing Stranger Things print (see below) that all of our giveaway winners will receive with our amazing prize packs that feature a collection of items, including movies, graphic novels, the Duddy in Motion Stranger Things print,
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Horror Highlights: Friday The 13th Nes Fan Film, The FIANCÉ, Nitehawk Cinema’s Midnite Programming, Crazy Bitches 2, Northbound Season 2

Michael Ramova's Indiegogo campaign for a Friday the 13th Nes fan film has launched. Continue reading for more details on this ode to the 1980s slasher video game. Also in today's Horror Highlights: release details and a trailer for The Fiancé, Nitehawk Cinema's upcoming midnite programming, Indiegogo campaign details for Crazy Bitches 2: Mommies Behaving Badly, and production news for Northbound Season 2.

Friday the 13th Nes Fan Film Revealed: From Michael Ramova on Indiegogo: "I want to make a kick ass Friday the 13th short based on the old Nintendo Ljn video game! I'm a huge fan of '80s slashers and '80s video games... so this is a dream project. I can only do it with your help."

To learn more about the Friday the 13th fan film, visit its official Indiegogo page.


The Fiancé Trailer, Poster, Images & Release Details: "When a beautiful bride-to-be is bitten by the legendary creature,
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Shock and Gore: The Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis and The Hershell Gordon Lewis Feast

Shock and Gore: The Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis and The Hershell Gordon Lewis Feast are two extraordinary limited edition releases from Arrow Films celebrating the warped mind of horror and exploitation genius Herschell Gordon Lewis. Packed to the rafters with blood drenched shockers, the compendium represents the best of the serial gore producers efforts to chill the bones off fans ever eager to gross-out.

The multi-format releases feature 14 of the director’s films in glorious high-definition plus a whole host of extras exploring every last detail about Lewis’s career in the gore game. Lewis sadly passed away in September after a long career in both film making and advertising.

Featuring 14 Hg Lewis titles including Blood Feast, Two Thousand Maniacs!, Color Me Blood Red and Something Weird plus more extras than you could shake a bloodied stake at, this is a collection perfect for fans and newcomers alike to
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DVD & Blu-rays: R.I.P Herschell Gordon Lewis, Howling 2: Your Sister Is A Werewolf

Nick Aldwinckle Nov 24, 2016

The Bottom Shelf returns, with a video nasty, The Howling 2, and a tribute to the late Herschell Gordon Lewis...

To most, September 26th is the date when, in 1680, the Dutch city Gorinchem suffered a citizen’s revolt due to an imposed tax on cereal. From now on, though, that will change, as any right-thinking person will remember that date in 2016 as the day The Godfather Of Gore, the great Herschell Gordon Lewis, died.

The brain behind a range of vintage cult classics, spanning the gamut of exploitation cinema, from splatter movies to comedy erotica and supernatural witchcraft thriller (niche!), Lewis’ influential sixties and seventies productions paved the way for the video nasties of the eighties and the gory likes of David Cronenberg and Peter Jackson and stand up today as camp, gawdy historical documents of a bygone era. As such, to coincide with an impeccably timed release
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Has TV reached peak gore? The Walking Dead and Ash vs Evil Dead push limit

In the past month TV has seen lashings of blood and guts previously only witnessed in cult splatter films – how much can viewers take? Warning: spoilers

The death of director Herschell Gordon Lewis last month had many revisit the Godfather of Gore’s seminal 1963 exploitation masterpiece Blood Feast. Widely accepted to be the first gore movie, where disgustingly blood-soaked murders are the raison d’être, Lewis’s low-rent cinematic milestone has, over the years, become almost charming in its blunt explicitness. The standout scene, where a woman’s tongue is pulled out, is far from today’s forensic realism, as it’s clearly an oversized lamb’s tongue dripping in cranberry sauce, and the actress chosen because she was the only person who could fit all that into her mouth.

Related: Walking Dead season seven premiere: death scene cut from show leaks online

Related: The Walking Dead season seven premiere:
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October 25th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Lights Out, The Exorcist III, Herschell Gordon Lewis Collection

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For this final Tuesday in October (and the last day of home entertainment releases prior to Halloween), horror fans have a bunch of great new Blu-rays and DVDs coming out just in time for everyone’s favorite holiday. Scream Factory has given The Exorcist III an HD overhaul (including the original Director’s Cut of the sequel), which is something no genre lover will want to miss out on experiencing. Arrow Video is also keeping busy on October 25th with the release of their impressive 17-disc box set celebrating trailblazing filmmaker Herschell Gordon Lewis, and the recent supernatural thriller Lights Out is making its way to Blu-ray and DVD as well.

Cult film enthusiasts are undoubtedly going to be busy this Tuesday, with Severin Films releasing a 2K version of Burial Ground, Blue Underground showing Lucio Fulci’s Manhattan Baby some love this week, and Vinegar Syndrome giving
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Drive-In Dust Offs: The Gore Gore Girls (1972)

There are few absolutes in life, let alone in the world of horror; but this I find to be true: Herschell Gordon Lewis was appreciated in his time. Beloved, actually. Sadly passing away on September 26th, 2016 at the age of 87, he left behind a slew of grindhouse classics encapsulating everything from biker flicks to sex ed pieces. But Hgl will be forever known for a string of unique and groundbreaking horror films including The Gore Gore Girls (1972), his last opus before he took a 30 year sabbatical from filmmaking. And on the Hgl spectrum, it’s one of his best.

If you’re familiar at all with “The Godfather of Gore” (a moniker he wore as a point of pride) but haven’t seen The Gore Gore Girls, the differences between this and say, Blood Feast (1963), his first splatter extravaganza, are minimal. Made for a pittance of 63 grand, Ggg has all
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Blu-ray Review: Blood Diner

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A goofy horror comedy that boasts some weirdly insane set pieces and a lot of lighthearted fun, Blood Diner is the vegetarian cannibalism movie I never knew I needed (but definitely do now). It’s a film I’ve heard about for a long time, but just never found the opportunity to rent, which is why I’m happy to see it resurrected in HD by Lionsgate as part of their new Vestron Video Collector’s Series. It may not be an experience for everyone, but considering my absolute love for balls-out, unabashedly weird horror comedies from the 1980s (like The Stuff or Saturday the 14th Strikes Back), Blood Diner is the perfect Blood Feast sequel we never officially got, and I had a blast with it.

Blood Diner’s story is anything but simple, so I’ll do my best here. The film opens with two kids, Michael and George Tutman,
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