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Sex & Nudity

  • Some very mild sexual comments and references, however these are fairly infrequent.

Violence & Gore

  • Characters talk about someone who shot somebody in the head six times. Its just a discription, very brief, not graphic.
  • A woman enters a room that has been severely damaged. There are bloody bird bodies all over the room and the woman sees the dead body of a man, supposedly killed by birds. He is covered in bloody cuts and his eyes have been completely pecked out. This is brief, but gory and disturbing.
  • A seagull knocks over a man pumping gas. He becomes unconscious and drops the pump, spilling it. Another man then drops a cigar, causing a huge explosion. He is seen being engulfed in flames and slumps to the ground.
  • A huge flock of seagulls attack a town square. They swoop down and peck at people who scream and run for cover. Panic erupts with cars crashing, etc. One woman locks herself in a phone booth, and gulls smash into the glass. A man comes up to the glass with birds attacking him. He has blood running down his face and several bloody cuts.
  • Hundreds of crows attack school children. The birds peck at the kids who scream and cry. One of the animals bashes the back of a girl's head, knocking her over and causing her glasses to break. When she lifts her head up, we see streaks of blood on her face as she cries for a classmate to help her.
  • Birds attack a woman in an attic. She struggles as they surround her, pecking violently at her legs, head and hands. She is dragged out of the room unconscious, covered in bloody gashes.
  • A dead woman is seen lying outside her house, covered in blood. A young girl inside the house is seen crying at her body.
  • Sparrows attack a boarded up house. They peck through the wooden doors and a man inside tries to stop them. The animals peck his hand and wrist, resulting in bloody wounds.
  • Seagulls attack a birthday party. They swoop down, bite and peck at the children. One girl is seen lying on the ground with a bird biting the back of her neck. The children scream and cry.
  • A seagull swoops down and hits a woman in the head, resulting in a bloody gash on it.
  • A bird violently pecks a man's hand as he rests it on a fence post.
  • A seagull flies into a door and is shown with a broken, twisted neck.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many characters smoke cigarettes in various scenes. Alcohol is also consumed in a few scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Several sequences, especially the last few scenes, are extremely suspenseful.
  • The scenes listed under Violence/Gore can be disturbing. Many of the scenes involving the bird attacks can be very scary and intense.

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