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  • The answer is 'Her Majesty Queen Victoria's Poona Horse'. How do I know this? My cousin Captain Alan Martinn Jones, late of HMQVPH was military advisor to the film - by accident. The movie was shot in Spain where my cousin was a chartered accountant. The execeutive producersand directo had done their reserach and wanted to be historically accurate but they had no idea how the HMQVPH wore their swords, held their reins etc. So they roped in my cousin and he had the tim of his life. He spent many happy days drininking copious quantities of wine with the cast - and the entry of the HMQVPH was spot on! Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Chicago Tribune, Saturday, April 28, 1962:

    Joan Crawford made a great entrance at the party, walking on a cloud because she'd just heard she's wanted to play the empress in "55 Days at Peking." . . .


    [Note: The party was a New York Press party for the Darryl Zanuck film, The Longest Day.] Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Chicago Tribune, Wednesday, February 21, 1962:


    by Hedda Hopper

    Katharine Hepburn, as the dowager empress of China [Tsu Hsi] in "55 Days at Peking," is Producer Sam Bronston's dream, and he's moving heaven and earth to make it a reality. He'll be our luckiest producer if he succeeds. . . .

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