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16 Sep. 1963
The Galaxy Being
Adventurous radio station operator contacts a fellow experimenter in another galaxy. The operator locks in 3D communication, but a DJ who wants to impress his girlfriend with the station's range, boosts the signal all the way up, unknowingly sucking the alien, who's composed of electricity, into the remote desert town.
23 Sep. 1963
The Hundred Days of the Dragon
During the presidential campaign in the USA, the candidate William Lyons Selby (Sidney Blackmer) wills the probable winner. The Asian dictator Li-Chin Sung (Richard Loo) develops a technique to shape the face and the fingerprints of any man and murders and replaces Selby by one skilled spy. Selby wins the election and the impostor becomes the American President. Li-Chin Sung plots to replace others prominent American leaders by infiltrated Asian spies to take over America. Will he succeed in his intent?
30 Sep. 1963
The Architects of Fear
A secret group of scientists decide to surgically alter one of their members into an 'alien', in order to convince the world that an alien invasion is imminent. They hope that such a threat will force all governments to make peace with one another. However such a complex plan has many vulnerabilities... including the wife of the volunteer.
7 Oct. 1963
The Man with the Power
Milquetoast college teacher Harold lacks tenure, and the ability to stand up to anyone, especially his shrewish wife. But after a brain operation so he can aid in a space project to mine asteroids, a giant electrical vortex appears when he's angry at someone, unleashing the earth's Magnetic Fields against the offender. Harold is unaware of the new power of his Id, while the rocket scientists are thrilled at compliant Harold's conscious ability to focus massive energy.
14 Oct. 1963
The Sixth Finger
A scientist hires a Welsh miner to be the human subject in an experiment to speed-up evolution, which slowly turns the miner into a highly intelligent, alien-like being.
28 Oct. 1963
The Man Who Was Never Born
Earth awaits a terrible fate in the far future, so a 20th Century astronaut and a typically hideously malformed future Earthling go back in time hoping to change history. They target a beautiful young woman just before she gives birth to the scientist who created the bio-warfare agent which ravages the future Earth and all humans. But how can the repulsive Andro succeed when he's likely to be shot on sight ?
4 Nov. 1963
While operating the Outer Band Individuated Teletracer, or O.B.I.T.machine, in a military base, Captain Harris is strangled. U.S. Senator Peter Breck arrives at the base to investigate his murder and learns that there are several bases with the O.B.I.T.machine, which is capable to monitor in a video display the privacy of any person anywhere. Along his investigation, Senator Breck asks for information about the OBIT, such as who is the manufacturer, price, who bought, but no user has any information about the mysterious machine.
11 Nov. 1963
The Human Factor
At an isolated military installation in Greenland, Major Brothers (Harry Guardino) has allowed one of his men to die after falling in a crevasse. Suffering from hallucinations, he goes to Dr. Hamilton (Gary Merrill). Hamilton has invented a device that allows him to read the thoughts of another person. Hamilton and Brothers connect via the device, but then a power surge causes the unthinkable: the minds of the two men switch bodies. The deranged Maj. Brothers is bent on destroying the whole base. Unfortunately, his mind is in the psychiatrist's body, and the other base workers know nothing of ...
18 Nov. 1963
Corpus Earthling
Parasitic advance guard from outer space strive to kill a physician, the only human who can hear them. Instead the physician believes he's gone insane, because he first heard the aliens right after suffering a concussion in a lab explosion. His wife, the laboratory 's assistant, comforts him, while the lab's geologist is targeted for takeover by the parasites.
2 Dec. 1963
A stranded team of soldiers are captured and experimented on by demonic looking aliens.
9 Dec. 1963
It Crawled Out of the Woodwork
An energy-being, created by accident, overruns an experimental power station. Personnel whom it has killed, are restored to life, with electronically-controlled pacemakers and are forced to service the being, by a fanatical scientist, who pretends to be looking for a way to destroy it. After the force kills a security guard, and a newly-hired scientist, 2 men; the first being the psychologically disturbed brother of the recently-killed hire, the other, a cop, attempt to uncover the station's secret.
16 Dec. 1963
The Borderland
After a scientist appears to invent a machine which can contact the afterlife, he convinces a rich man to finance his experiments with the possibility of contacting his benefactor's dead son.
23 Dec. 1963
Tourist Attraction
The capture of a legendary, ancient monster in a Latin American lake obsesses a dilettante U.S. adventurer and the country's ego-maniacal military dictator. The adventurer wants glory & fame, the general craves the tourist influx. The amazing powers of the creature, the reverence of locals for it, and the ideals of both countries' scientists stand in the way of the power-crazed adversaries' schemes.
30 Dec. 1963
The Zanti Misfits
Perfectionist aliens from the planet Zanti, with human aide, decides to make Earth a penal colony for their criminals- large ants with grotesque human-like faces; but a fleeing bank robber and his girlfriend threatens the agreement.

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