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29 Sep. 1963
My Favorite Martin
Reporter Tim O'Hara, while covering a flight of the Air Force X-15, finds a spaceship that contains a genuine martian. The martian is a professor who specializes in the planet Earth and now has to repair his spaceship before he can go home.
6 Oct. 1963
The Matchmakers
There is dual girl trouble in the O'Hara household. George, the dog who Tim is looking after for Mr. Burns, is in love with Chloe, the dog from next door. Through trying to get George and Chloe together, Tim falls for Chloe's owner, Marsha Carson. However Marsha has had some recent relationship problems of her own. Howard Loomis, her boyfriend, took off to Mexico without as much as a goodbye. Because Marsha feels betrayed by Howard, she is now overprotective of Chloe and suspicious of all men, including Tim. Tim's case is not helped by Angela, who bad mouths Tim to ...
13 Oct. 1963
There Is No Cure for the Common Martian
Martin comes down with a common cold, which is not so common but rather debilitating for Martians. Meanwhile Tim is sent to Trimbles Department Store to review their outer space exhibit. Trimble, a major advertiser in The Sun, tries to buy and bully for a good review, despite the display showing every unfounded stereotype of life on other planets. Tim knows the display to be total fantasy. But he doesn't get a chance to write the review as he inadvertently takes one of Martin's sleep inducing cold tablets and falls asleep. To submit the review by deadline, Martin ...
20 Oct. 1963
Russians R in Season
Martin reads about a $2 billion American space program, a program he knows is doomed for failure. Not wanting to see the American government waste $2 billion, Tim writes himself a fake letter to the newspaper which includes Martin's nighttime musings; Tim thinks Martin's mumblings are key to the flaw in the space program. Based on the fake letter, Tim writes a newspaper story criticizing the wasted $2 billion. Tim's masquerade is uncovered by the government, agents for whom think he's a spy working for the Russians. Tim is questioned under a lie detector, and he fails...
27 Oct. 1963
Man or Amoeba
Renowned scientist Professor Newton Jennings posits that life no more advanced than amoebas or jellyfish can exist on Mars. Martin helps Angela write a report refuting Jennings claims, which quickly gets her a failing grade. When Martin's attempts to reason with Angela's teacher, Miss Weaver, fails, Martin figures the only way to regain the upper hand and Angela's trust is to speak to Jennings and expose him as a fraud. However Jennings is brilliant but has one minor flaw in his calculation. So Martin, with Tim's help, plants a seed in Jennings brain to correct the ...
3 Nov. 1963
The Man on the Couch
To get some rarefied air, Martin goes atop a water tower. Passersby, including the police, think he's a jumper and he's promptly sent to the psychiatric ward of the hospital. Martin thinks he can quickly exit the hospital by reading the psychiatrist's mind and tell him what he wants to hear. However the psychiatrist, Dr. Harvey Bonnett, has other things on his mind, like his troubled marriage. Ultimately, Dr. Bonnett becomes the patient and Martin the doctor.
10 Nov. 1963
A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, and Peaches
Martin allows himself to experience an emotion foreign to Martians: love at first sight. He falls hard for Peaches Ancream, that being her real given name since her father had a sense of humor. It is also an appropriate name as she is an exotic dancer. Peaches and Martin hit it off, so much so that Martin wants to marry her after their first date. Peaches admires honesty more than anything else in life, the reason that she broke up with her last boyfriend, Police Officer Thorp, who is still harboring strong feelings for Peaches. Martin decides to tell Peaches the ...
17 Nov. 1963
The Awful Truth
Tim talks Martin into temporarily giving him a Martian power. Martin decides to give him the power of levitation for a 24 hour period. When he thinks the power practically useless beyond performing mere parlor tricks, Tim asks for another, to him, more useful power: mind-reading. Martin grants him his wish, to be activated the next day and to last until midnight. Tim also uses this power for parlor tricks, which gets him into trouble. But he also wants to use it for an interview he has that afternoon with Councilman Jack Gramby. Tim wants to write a story about the ...
1 Dec. 1963
Rocket to Mars
When the junk men come by, they mistakenly empty Martin and Tim's garage instead of Mrs. Brown's, and in doing so take Martin's space ship. Mrs. Brown has no idea of the name of the junk yard, but there was a witness to the incident: Booboo, a neighborhood dog. Booboo, with the help of his dog friends and acquaintances, helps Martin track down the junk yard. When Martin and Tim get to the junk yard, they find out that the ship has already been sold to a Mr. Carter, who is using it as a "rocket" carousel at a children's amusement park. Mr. Carter refuses to sell it ...
8 Dec. 1963
Raffles No. 2
After using a stranger's fingerprints to get a driver's license, Uncle Martin falls under suspicion of being a notorious jewel thief. Martin and Tim set a trap for the thief employing good old Martian know-how.
15 Dec. 1963
The Atom Misers
Martin needs the hardest substance possible to repair his spaceship, the substance he has in mind is silibalt, an alloy of silicone and cobalt but one that has not yet been invented on Earth. To make some, he needs a cyclotron. Rather than destroy Tim's kitchen making his own, he decides to follow Tim on his latest interview at the university, where there is a cyclotron. At the university, Martin meets Tim's interview subject, Donald Mumford, 13-year old physics genius, and one who is constantly at odds with the ways of Dr. Jackson, his advisor. While Martin and ...
22 Dec. 1963
That Little Old Matchmaker, Martin
Tim is pursuing who seems to be the unattainable Cynthia Parker. Through reading her mind, Martin finds out that Cynthia is passionate about the classical arts whether it be music, literature or art, and she figures Tim is not, which is the truth. However Tim becomes everything she wants in a man. However this façade Tim fears is hurting Cynthia. Rather than hurt her by telling her the truth, he decides the best option is to find her her dream man. To do so, Martin needs to read men's minds to match them up to Cynthia's. Scanning through Tim's office, they find one ...
29 Dec. 1963
How to Be a Hero Without Really Trying
The O'Hara's have new neighbors, the Richmonds, within the family being young Stevie and his grown up sister Jennifer. The foursome go on a picnic to Sunset Mountain, since Martin needs to pick up some bling, an alloy located there but that has not yet been discovered by humans. Stevie has a vivid imagination and likes to pretend he's from Mars, which intrigues Martin. That's OK with Tim, as that means he can spend time with Jennifer alone. However Jennifer is concerned with Stevie's ability to discern reality from fantasy. While Martin goes off to collect his bling, ...
5 Jan. 1964
Blood Is Thicker Than the Martian
Tim's cousin Harvey is coming for a visit, which means Martin is going to have to go into hiding since Harvey would know that Tim has no Uncle Martin. And they have to keep Mrs. Brown away from Harvey since she would definitely spill the beans about Martin. Living in a small apartment, Martin can only keep away from Harvey so much, even if he is in his invisible state. And the sleeping arrangements become an issue. Those are not the only problems about Harvey's visit: Harvey is the biggest mooch in the world. Harvey wants Tim to help him get a job at The Sun as Harvey...
12 Jan. 1964
Poor Little Rich Cat
The stupidest idea Martin has heard of since he's been on Earth: Rosemary Willis leaving her cat, Max, $650,000 in her will. Morton Beanbecker, the lawyer for the estate, is threatening Tim with a lawsuit if he continues to editorialize about the stupidity of the will and deceased Rosemary Willis. However, Beanbecker also mentions that Mrs. Willis wrote a subsequent will leaving her estate to a children's orphanage, that will which was either never signed or hidden. Martin reads his mind that he really wants the second will to be found despite his threatening words to...
19 Jan. 1964
RX for a Martian
Martin can make it back to Mars since Mars has deviated from its regular orbit temporarily and is thus closer to Earth than usual. Martin has a 10 hour window of opportunity. Just as he is about ready to leave, he slips down the stairs and sprains his ankle, which also sprains his disappearing antenna. Mrs. Brown immediately calls an ambulance to the scene. When the ambulance physician takes Martin's vital signs, they rush him to the hospital since his vital signs aren't "human". The intern at the hospital has the same reaction. Martin knows that to get them to ...
2 Feb. 1964
Going, Going, Gone
Something is causing Martin's metabolism to go haywire. In succession, he loses control of his levitation finger, he magnetizes his clothing, he levitates, he becomes electrically charged, he shrinks and then he disappears. He finds out the cause is an increased activity of sunspots, and on Earth there is no way to control their effects on Martians. After five days, the sunspots are still occurring and Martin is still invisible. The authorities, based on a recent insurance policy Mrs. Brown sold Martin with Tim as beneficiary, suspect that Martin's "disappearance" is ...
9 Feb. 1964
Who Am I?
Martin and Tim are on their way to interview Professor Eugene Downey, the foremost expert on rocket fuel - Martin thinks the professor can assist in getting him back to Mars - when Martin is hit on the head with a monkey wrench. Martin gets amnesia from this concussion. He has no idea that he's a Martian, despite Tim telling him so. The only thing Martin and Tim can agree on is that Martin needs to go see a doctor. At Dr. Gilbert's office, Martin does learn that he has the power of levitation and the ability to disappear, still not quite believing why. The doctor, who...
16 Feb. 1964
Now You See It, Now You Don't
At the museum, Martin discovers that the long-time curator, Wilbur Canfield, is very unhappy. He has just acquired a new expensive Egyptian piece for the museum, but the museum's board is questioning the authenticity and therefore merit of this acquisition. Because of this, Canfield himself is now questioning his own abilities, as he feels he may be getting too old to do his work properly. The board is calling in an independent expert, Pietro Donati. What's worse, Canfield once discredited Donati's evaluation. Martin will know the piece's authenticity, if he can only ...
23 Feb. 1964
My Nephew the Artist
Martin wants to help Tim with the household expenses, and without a money earning activity, decides to sell art he's currently painting to relive boredom. Martin can paint in the style of any famous artist. Mr. Green of the Green Gallery notices Martin's first piece is just like a Van Gogh, and eagerly takes and sells it. As such, Mr. Green commissions Martin to paint some more and they sell as quickly as Martin gets them to the gallery. Mr. Green wants to have a showing of Martin's work. When Tim mentions that this might not be a good idea as it may raise questions ...
1 Mar. 1964
Hitch-Hiker to Mars
The Inter-Galaxy Corporation is launching a rocket to either Mars or Venus. Martin needs to convince them to choose Mars, so that he can stowaway and get home. J.M. Buckley, Inter-Galaxy's President, is an indecisive man, but is highly superstitious and makes many decisions on these superstitions. He is leaning toward sending the rocket to Mars, but two things are distracting him from making the announcement of such: it's Friday the 13th, and he's missing his lucky rabbit's foot. Martin overcomes the date superstition by making Buckley think that Friday the 13th is ...
8 Mar. 1964
Uncle Martin's Broadcast
Tim discovers that Martin's antennae act just like Earthly antennae: he can pick up radio and television signals among other things. Tim decides that while Martin's asleep, he's going to tune into the police frequency for a newspaper scoop. He hears about a robbery, and follows up with a telephone call to the police to find out more information. However the police decide to pick up both Tim and Martin since Tim had just a little too much information, information that only the police or the perpetrators of the crime would know about. Detective Sergeant Seeley, the lead...
15 Mar. 1964
An Old, Old Friend of the Family
After Martin makes Tim miss a deadline, Martin decides to help Tim get an exclusive interview. Jakobar, the rogue leader of Kobima, is the story's subject matter. Martin is a legend in Kobima and has inside knowledge of Kobiman legend since he was good friends with Jakobar's great-grandfather Kobima, for who the country was named. After displaying the sign of Cocobahn - Martin's name in Kobiman - Jakobar agrees to see Martin. Martin talks Jakobar into making himself accessible to the media, namely Tim, but later reneges since he still has the suspicious mind of an ...
22 Mar. 1964
Super Dooper Snooper
Mrs. Brown is taking a course on how to be a private detective, and her first assignment is to prepare a dossier on an unsuspecting person. Her choice of subject is Martin. Of course, Martin knows what she's up to, but he is still a bit concerned about her discovering his Martian identity. Mrs. Brown finds Martin's flight log, which is written in Martian, but again Martin is concerned since the uneducated are too dense to know any better. She takes a photograph of it, which Martin is worried she will pass onto authorities, who, when they are unable to decipher it, ...
5 Apr. 1964
The Sinkable Mrs. Brown
Pete Dudley, a real estate salesman, convinces Mrs. Brown that she should sell her ramshackle of a house, which causes a problem for Tim and Martin, especially in hiding the spaceship. Dudley already has prospective buyers, Edgar and Emily Graham, who would be especially interested in the garage since Mr. Graham wants to make it into a workshop. When the Graham's show up unexpectedly for their first visit, Martin has to hide the spaceship. The only thing he can do is to levitate it with his levitation finger, which even for Martin is difficult due to the ship's large ...
12 Apr. 1964
Martin and the Eternal Triangle
Martin finds himself involved in a romantic love triangle.
19 Apr. 1964
Danger! High Voltage
Martin needs to electrically charge himself for his trip back to Mars. However he overcharges himself. He needs to rid himself of the excess electricity, and when he initially tries to discharge it, he blacks out half of Los Angeles. Martin is facing two problems. First, if he is overcharged for an extended period of time, he will exhibit unusual symptoms such as a plaid designed face. A current symptom is his continual sneezing which is causing electrical switches to turn on. And second, the power company is narrowing the source of the blackout to the O'Hara's ...
26 Apr. 1964
If You Can't Lick 'Em
Martin is stressed out because neighborhood kid, Horace, won't leave him alone to work on his spaceship. The stress has caused Martin's antennae to be stuck in its up position which in addition causes him to lose his Martian powers. With Horace fast approaching, Martin has nowhere to hide, so fashions a pair of antennae for Tim to wear. As such, Horace will think they're just playing. Horace also wants to play Martian and goes out and buys a pair of antennae. This starts a nation-wide fad of boys playing Martian wearing antennae. A newsmagazine wants to interview ...
3 May 1964
Unidentified Flying Uncle Martin
Martin needs to fly his space ship, which is deteriorating due to inertia. Tim's fear is realized: Martin's flight is spotted as a UFO. Martin needs to take another flight, but Mrs. Brown calls in the authorities - Jack and Jim being their representatives - who use Tim and Martin's apartment as a sighting station. Martin uses the opportunity to take his second flight since Jack and Jim have equipment - a plutron counter - that would be able to locate the space ship parked in the garage. The plutron counter does go off, but Martin slips some plutron into Mrs. Brown's ...
10 May 1964
How You Gonna Keep Them Down on the Pharmacy?
The Earthly environment is causing a vitamin deficiency in Martin. He draws on energy and vitamins from everything and everyone around him. The effect on things is for them to go haywire. And if people look him in the eyes, they will fall asleep since they are sapped of their energy. Martin needs some vitamins immediately or else he will grow weaker and weaker to the point of no return. Luckily, the vitamins he needs can be found at any pharmacy, however by prescription. Also it's Sunday and all the stores are closed. But Tim convinces his good friend, Doc Mullen, to ...
17 May 1964
Miss Jekyll and Hyde
Mrs. Brown's niece, Paula Clayfield, comes for visit. A former child prodigy, Paula has always relied on her brains to mask insecurities in her personal appearance. Despite her Plain Jane looks, Paula does have a boyfriend, Dr. Edgar Edgarton (her intellectual equal), with whom she has an "understanding" - they have a commitment to each other shy of a formal engagement. Paula notices Martin's sketches for a space ship, and insists on helping him to refine his design. Later, she also notices in Martin's possession a piece of a Martian alloy (something not available on ...
24 May 1964
Who's Got the Power?
During an electrical storm, Martin gets an affliction called popsy, which causes him to appear and disappear uncontrollably. With Tim's help, Martin needs to long ground himself electrically to cure the popsy. Just as he does so, Mrs. Brown drops by and accidentally completes the grounding. In doing so, she gets Martin's levitation power. Martin temporarily fixes the symptom of appearing and disappearing by a concoction of household cleaners. But that is only in a need to get his levitation powers back from Mrs. Brown, which requires an electrically charged transfer. ...
31 May 1964
Oh, My Aching Antenna
Martin finds that he is prematurely aging due to the increased gravity on Earth compared to Mars. Thus he goes through some anti-gravity therapy, which in turn causes havoc for those around him.
7 Jun. 1964
The Disastro-Nauts
Martin convinces Tim to use his connections as a reporter to get Martin a tryout as the astronaut for a Mars destined rocket, privately financed by Omar M. Keck. Despite a slew of younger stereotypical astronaut types vying for the job, Martin's obvious advantages as a Martian get him the job. Before Martin is ready to leave, he allows Tim to prepare a story of his uncle "The Martian" for publication after Martin is on his way. On his way to the air force base with Martin, Tim leaves the tape of the story on Mr. Burns' desk - based on his usual schedule, Mr. Burns ...
14 Jun. 1964
Shake Well and Don't Use
Tim and Mr. Burns' nephew, Freddie Carson, are in the running for promotion to journeyman reporter at the newspaper. After finding out that Mr. Burns is a gourmet, Martin decides that a way to swing the tide in Tim's favor is to cook Mr. Burns a special meal, one which includes some special Martian condiments. The Martian ingredients however react with the Earth ingredients to cause Mr. Burns to move in slow motion. The effect of the antidote Martin has on hand has the opposite effect of speeding up Mr. Burns' movements. Meanwhile, Freddie arrives on the scene to take...
21 Jun. 1964
A Nose for News
Tim gets mad at Martin for "disappearing and spying" on him while he has a date at the apartment. To make up for this, Martin covers for Tim when he goes missing from the office and Mr. Burns calls the apartment looking for him. Martin goes on the story in his place and phones back to Mr. Burns with an exclusive using Tim's voice. Unfortunately, Mr. Burns sees Tim in the office when he is also on the talking to him on the phone; Tim confesses that it is Martin on the phone covering for him. Also unfortunately, the exclusive is regarding an old friend of Mr. Burns', ...
28 Jun. 1964
Uncle Martin's Wisdom Tooth
A toothache of his "eye" tooth causes "eye" problems for Martin: he can't see. Tim takes him to see his dentist, although Martin doesn't have typical human teeth. He needs dental expertise and some dental powder without the dentist actually examining him, which is why dentist-phobic Tim takes the place in the dental chair. The remedy causes Martin's eye teeth to go crossed eyed, as does his vision. The only answer is tooth extraction.

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