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Season 3

12 Sep. 1965
Go West, Young Martian: Part 1
Martin is working on the CCTBS when Lorelei shows up Brennan. Brennan notices the CCTBS and looks at it. Before he and Lorelei leave, he flicks a switch and Martin and Tim are transported to 1849 St. Louis. The CCTBS is not with them because neither of them was holding it. So Martin says it remained where it was, in California. So they have to make their way there. But when they eat before leaving, Tim pays with 20th century currency which the proprietor says is counterfeit. And they are arrested by a Marshall Brennan, Brennan's ancestor. They escape and get on a ...
19 Sep. 1965
Go West, Young Martian: Part 2
Tim and Martin search for their time machine.
26 Sep. 1965
Martin of the Movies
Martin repairs his CCTBS, but hasn't fined tuned it enough to get precisely back to 1963. The closest he can currently get to is 1945. But it's back to 1925 that he currently has his eye on as he appeared in a silent movie made then - he just couldn't stand the performance of the actor who was scheduled to play the role - that movie which is scheduled to air on television that evening. Since his appearance in the movie would raise questions, he needs to get back to change history and not appear in the movie. Just as Martin is ready to go, Tim gets caught in the path ...
3 Oct. 1965
Keep Me from the Church on Time
Martin has a futuroid camera, something takes takes photos of the future. To show Tim how it works, Martin snaps a photo of him 24 hours into the future. Martin and Tim are shocked to see a photo of what looks like Tim the groom in a wedding, the bride whose face is not shown. For the first time in his adult life, Tim is not girl crazy, and wants to avoid women for the next 24 hours. Tim decides to cover a story for the paper in an effort to keep out of girl trouble, but he finds out after he accepts that the story is at the Kitten Club, a men's club. Martin follows ...
10 Oct. 1965
I'd Rather Fight Than Switch
Martin's newest gizmo, a molecular reassembler, switches the psyche of the two subjects to which they are exposed. Martin would like to use it to eliminate all hostility in the world, not to switch his and Mrs. Brown's psyches, which is what happens, just before Mrs. Brown is ready to go out on a date with Det. Brennan. Martin, looking like Mrs. Brown, is especially not looking forward to a date with Det. Brennan, but needs to do so not to attract the detective's suspicion. Martin is even more perturbed that the detective wants to ask Mrs. Brown to marry him. But of ...
17 Oct. 1965
Tim, the Mastermind
Tim's I.Q. soars when he downs Martin's brain-power pills.
24 Oct. 1965
Martin Goldfinger
A mineral deficiency gives Martin the Midas touch - everything he touches turns to gold.
31 Oct. 1965
Bottled Martian
Martin is too heavy for his spaceship, and he needs to lose 143 pounds. He devises a way to shrink himself to 6 ounces, however the shrinking process is only temporary, too temporary that it won't get him all the way back to Mars. So he needs to devise a way to make it more long lasting. As an experiment, he asks Tim to cork him inside a wine bottle with the necessary gas making the shrinking process longer lasting. Martin intends to stay inside the bottle all day just to make sure it works. However the wine bottle with Martin in it gets collected with an overseas ...
7 Nov. 1965
Hate Me a Little
Martin's benevolence-inducing light has an unusual effect on Brennan.
14 Nov. 1965
The Girl in the Flying Machine
While Martin is working on his ship, he overcharges the magnetic field which accidentally pulls in a Slobodian astro-ship and its beautiful female pilot from its space orbit. While he figures out how to solve the dilemma, he erases the pilot's memory placing it on Martian tape, and he brings her back to the apartment. Martin tells her she's his niece, Zelda, and that she has a case of amnesia. Zelda is a naturally suspicious person, which is part of the subconscious memory she still retains. Martin figures he can fix Zelda's ship in 24 hours using his own ship as a ...
21 Nov. 1965
The Time Machine Is Waking Up That Old Gang of Mine
Martin is still trying to fix his CCTBS - his time travel machine - but it's stuck on the year 1870, the place the state of Missouri. There is a short circuit in the CCTBS, and instead of Martin and Tim being transported back, it transports two figures from 1870 Missouri into Tim's apartment, namely Frank and Jesse James. The trouble is that the James' hold Martin and Tim and ultimately Mrs. Brown hostage, and want to use the CCTBS to pillage history of all its riches. In the present day in the meantime, the James brothers go back to as familiar territory as possible,...
28 Nov. 1965
Avenue C Mob
Martin temporarily ages himself four hundred Martian years. He has been studying human old age, and figures one can only fully understand it by experiencing it. The one benefit however is that his mind is still as sharp as a tack, since Martian brains don't deteriorate with age. Martin decides that one of his acts as a senior on earth is to take a job as a warehouse night watchman since seniors don't want to be burden to their families. At work, Martin is interrupted by a couple of intruders, two elder spinster sisters, Tessie and Matilda Harvey. Their story: their ...
5 Dec. 1965
Tim and Tim Again
Double trouble - Martin's duplicating machine creates two Tims.
12 Dec. 1965
Lorelei Brown vs. Everybody
A Martian pill turns Mrs. Brown into a crusading crime-fighter.
19 Dec. 1965
The O'Hara Caper
Tim wants to use Martin's CCTBS to go back to today's lunch hour. He missed the biggest news story of the year - a robbery of the Beaudelaire jewels, worth $2.5 million - and has been demoted to writing the obituaries, in his mind only one step above the unemployment line. Martin reluctantly agrees. Once back, Tim makes the big mistake of acting like he knows too much about an impending robbery. So after the real thieves come into the store and steal the jewels, Tim is accused of being their look-out man. In discussion with Det. Brennan, Tim accidentally implicates ...
26 Dec. 1965
Who's Got a Secret?
Martin's "EWS" or Early Warning System - which is akin to human intuition - is going crazy. He soon finds out the cause is Mrs. Brown's big talking mooching brother, Alvin Wannamaker, who has come for a visit. The visit coincides with Mrs. Brown's woman's club defense league luncheon with a General as a guest speaker. Alvin implies to the General that he is working on a top secret project with "inventor" Martin, so the General infers it is something that it is something military related that he should have known about all along. The General leaks to the press that ...
2 Jan. 1966
Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
Tim stands to inherent some money from the estate of Martha and Ralph O'Hara. The only things standing in his way are a relative, Clarence O'Hara who would inherit the estate otherwise, and Martin, who Clarence insists should not exist in the rightful O'Hara family. He feels he is an authority as his father was county recorder. Tim truly is the rightful heir, and tries to legitimize Martin. Using the CCTBS (the time machine), Tim suggests that Martin go back to January 15, 1920, the day that Martha and Ralph register the name of their newborn son, Frank, and use his ...
16 Jan. 1966
Martin's Revoltin' Development
Tim is sent on assignment with young photographer, Jimmy McClain. Tim isn't looking forward to the experience as Jimmy is a walking disaster zone. Martin knows however that Jimmy has a self-fulfilling failure complex which stems from his childhood, and thus Martin wants to help him out of it. At the story, Jimmy, with Martin's help, gets an exclusive photograph which does include Martin. However Martin is currently photograph invisible. If the photograph is developed and shown, it may disclose Martin's Martian identity. Martin destroys the photograph, and as a result,...
23 Jan. 1966
TV or Not TV
A short circuit in Martin's transmitter puts him and Tim on nationwide TV.
30 Jan. 1966
The Man from Uncle Martin
Martin helps Mrs. Brown's brother build a robot that does household chores.
6 Feb. 1966
Martin, the Mannequin
Martin is having some problems at a department store: there is a chemical in the cologne, Homme Fatale, that has turned him into a mannequin, a fate that could be permanent unless he gets blasted by some molecular revitalizing rays from his ray gun. The store's floor manager won't let Tim take the mannequin or buy the mannequin at that, so he has to go home and get the gun and bring it to the store. As soon as Tim gets back, Mrs. Brown and Det. Brennan also show up at the department store on a shopping spree. Tim can't shoot Martin in such a visible setting, so tries ...
13 Feb. 1966
Martin must again go up against the CRUSH organization when Tim is kidnapped by Butterball.
20 Feb. 1966
When a Martian Makes His Violin Cry
Mrs. Brown's purse is stolen at a carnival. Det. Brennan automatically suspects Raymond, a gypsy, only because the detective thinks all gypsies are crooked. Martin knows Raymond didn't do it. But because the detective hauls Raymond off to jail, Raymond places a curse on Mrs. Brown. For her, the curse is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Martin thinks that he can help Mrs. Brown get over the thought of the curse - that everything will slip through her fingers - by becoming invisible and holding onto things for her. Unfortunately, Martin's antenna are temporarily ...
27 Feb. 1966
When You Get Back to Mars, Are You Going to Get It
Another Martian spacecraft crash lands on Earth. It happens to be Martin's 11-year old nephew, Andromeda, who has come to Earth since he got lost in a cosmic storm. Andromeda is a proud Martian, who can't understand why Martin has taken on so many Earthly attributes, including the name Martin (his real name is Exigius 12-1/2). Andromeda refuses to wear Earth clothes or take on the name "Andy". He even tells the truth to Mrs. Brown and Det. Brennan, who think he just has an active child's imagination. But the detective is wary about the O'Hara's ability to raise a ...
6 Mar. 1966
Doggone Martian
Tim finds a lost dog and brings him home hoping that Martin can find out from the dog where he lives. It ends up not being lucky for Martin since the dog, Tutu, drinks Martin, turning Tutu into a talking dog. You see, Martin's new gizmo has the ability to distillate animal and vegetative matter down to their water form, and to reverse the process to return the objects back to the original state. He distillates himself to be light enough to escape Earth's gravity, and with Tim's help in launching his spaceship, to return back to Mars. But first, he now has to separate ...
13 Mar. 1966
Virus M for Martian
Trouble begins when Tim (Bill Bixby) contracts a Martian virus.
20 Mar. 1966
Our Notorious Landlady
Martin's personality alternator turns Mrs. Brown into a thief.
27 Mar. 1966
Martin Meets His Match
Martin is having some troubles with his spaceship, so he calls in some help from an old friend, one of the greatest minds ever on Earth: Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci has other things on his mind than helping Martin. He is dismayed at life in the 20th century: how his inventions have been credited to others, and how his painting, La Gioconda, has been renamed the Mona Lisa. In his mind, all those have been stolen from him. The Mona Lisa is currently on loan to a local museum, for which Det. Brennan is in charge of security. Da Vinci sneaks out of the O'Hara apartment to...
3 Apr. 1966
Horse and Buggy Martin
Martin has a mosquito bite, from which he is suffering from symsymsympatheticus. This is an affliction where the next person bitten by the mosquito has a bit of Martin residue in him/her, and Martin is feeling everything that next person is feeling. But what if the next person isn't a person, but a horse? It ends up being not only a horse, but a race horse named Sweet Sister, who is running better than ever. Martin needs a blood sample from Sweet Sister to develop an antidote, and he manages to do so posing as a vet. Mistaking the taking of the blood sample as a ...
17 Apr. 1966
Stop the Presses, I Want to Get Off
Mrs. Brown once again walks in front of one of Martin's gizmos. This time, Martin was in the process of cleaning out his "sixth sense" as humans call it and reinserting it back into his body via his regenerating machine, but now Mrs. Brown is in possession of Martin's sixth sense. Three problems arise: Mrs. Brown is now suspicious of Martin since Martin wants his sixth sense back from her, Brennan breaks the regenerator which will take Martin a couple of days to fix, and the sixth sense becomes stronger over time to a point when Mrs. Brown will become aware of ...
24 Apr. 1966
My Nut Cup Runneth Over
Martin's malfunctioning molecular reassembler is what Tim uses to accidentally turn a squirrel into a human being. Martin has to fix the reassembler within 8 hours or else "Red" as they've coined him will be permanently changed to that of a human. In the meantime, Red's family moves in with the O'Hara's until he can be changed back to his proper squirrel state. Problems arise when Det. Brennan and Mrs. Brown come for a visit and notice a squirrel entering the apartment. The detective talks about calling in an exterminator to which Red takes offense and runs off. Tim ...
1 May 1966
Pay the Man the $24
Tim uses Martin's CCTBS to go back to do some research for his historical novel on the 1626 sale of Manhattan from the Indians to the Dutch. Apparently, while back in time, Tim accidentally implied to Chief Buffalo that the $24 or 60 guilder sale price was a steal, the Chief thinking that he meant that Peter Minuit is trying to steal the island. This prevents the sale, so in the present day, what is now New York does not belong to the United States. Martin and Tim need to go back to 1626 Manhattan to rectify the situation. Martin is a good mediator, but the ...

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