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Episode #1.14401

Ava receives a visit from Kiki; Carly has a laundry list of questions for Jax; Cameron is wracked with guilt; Sasha remains gravely ill; Sam's attempt to make Jason see the bright side is derailed by an unsettling ...


3 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13718
Alexis confronts Julian; Samantha wonders if she's getting the whole story; Elizabeth expresses her concerns to Franco; Lulu feels threatened by Nina's commitment to Valentin. (S54 Ep189, #13718)
4 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13719
Valentin reassures Nina about Claudette. Franco is determined to clear his name. Finn's recovery comes at a cost. Anna's hypnotherapy session uncovers details from her past.
5 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13720
Samantha asks Julian about Rudge; Alexis' behavior raises Franco's suspicions; Michael and Nelle grow closer.
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S1, Ep13721
6 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13721
Alexis' memory tricks her; Franco talks to Scott; Laura talks to Elizabeth about her taste in men.
11 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13723
Sonny confronts Nelle; Kiki promises to keep Franco's secret; Maxie and Nathan try to find Claudette.
12 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13724
Alexis is confronted by Julian; Maxie and Nathan have bad news; Anna is challenged by Valentin. (S54 Ep194, #13724)
13 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13725
Elizabeth and Kiki work together; Franco finds himself in trouble; Alexis seeks the support she needs. Dante and Lulu meet with Valentin. Finn hides a dangerous secret.
16 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13726
Rudge orders a hit; Nelle rethinks her decision; Sonny admits his sins.
17 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13727
Anna's memories get clearer; Julian gets a threat that hits close to home; Jordan acts against Andre's wishes.
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S1, Ep13728
23 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13728
Anna recovers an important memory; Dante offers Lulu comfort; Valentin reveals his true self. (S54 Ep199, #13730)
23 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13729
Anna uncovers a pivotal memory; Elizabeth turns to Scott for help; Valentin shows his true colors; Brad worries about Finn.
24 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13730
Samantha finds out about Alexis' secret; Carly has trouble with Sonny's violent lifestyle; Curtis and Jordan remember the old times. (S54 Ep201, #13730)
25 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13731
Dillon and Kiki get closer; Franco faces the consequences of his actions; Julian resorts to blackmail; Jason falls ill; Jordan has second thoughts.
26 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13732
Elizabeth shares her suspicions; Alexis makes strides in her sobriety; Kevin opens up to Laura; Sonny shares his wisdom with Nelle.
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S1, Ep13733
27 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13733
Samantha discovers an important clue; Elizabeth puts herself at risk; Dante and Nathan zero in on a suspect. (S54 Ep 204, #13733)
30 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13734
Liz is horrified by something she discovers. Sam pleads her case. Anna tears into Valentin. Alexis' memories become more clear.
31 Jan. 2017
Episode #1.13735
Sonny looks to Ava for answers. Nina questions Anna's motives. Sam frantically tracks down Jason at GH. Alexis works to get her life back on track.
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S1, Ep13736
1 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13736
Bobbie makes a call for help.
2 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13737
Elizabeth and Franco reunite; Jordan goes back on her word; Jason takes action to protect Samantha; Olivia looks to Carly for advice. (S54 Ep208, #13737)
3 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13738
Alexis' sponsor has ulterior motives. Curtis keeps a tight eye on Julian. Bobbie teams up with an old friend. Nelle receives a romantic gesture.
6 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13739
Julian is helpless against his business partner's ruse; Samantha goes against Jason; Brad threatens Finn. (S54 Ep210, #13739)
7 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13740
Jason and Curtis make a startling discovery at the pawn shop. Laura gives Liz a pep-talk about loving men with a dark side. Dillon and Kiki's bond grows stronger.
8 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13741
Curtis' doubts are confirmed. Sonny violates the terms of his house arrest. Anna's memories become increasingly unsettling. Dante gets a break in the case.
9 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13742
Sonny seeks vengeance. Dante questions Carly's commitment. Alexis leans on Sam for support. Julian's past catches up with him.
10 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13743
Jason slings accusations. Dante takes a suspect in for questioning. Sam gains the attention of a false friend. Tracy makes demands on Hayden.
15 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13746
Anna demands answers. Nathan plays peacemaker. Curtis flirts with danger. Dillon surprises Kiki.
20 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13749
Carly plans a romantic getaway; Julian makes a grave mistake; Ned makes a life altering decision. (S54 Ep220, #13749)
21 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13750
Julian calls Jason out; Michael and Nelle weather the storm; Ned looks to Dante for advice. (S54 Ep221, #13750)
22 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13751
Ava grows desperate; Julian learns the consequences of his actions; Nelle pushes Michael away. (S54 Ep222, #13751)
23 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13752
Hayden turns to Griffin for answers; Nina takes matters into her own hands; Valentin overwhelms Anna. (S54 Ep223, #13752)
24 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13753
Finn alienates Hayden; Curtis and Jason make a startling revelation; Laura becomes a pawn in Olivia Jerome's game. (S54 Ep224, #13753)
27 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13754
Alexis learns the truth; Julian gets a lucky break; Laura fails Tracy. (S54 Ep225, #13754)
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S1, Ep13755
28 Feb. 2017
Episode #1.13755
Bobbie offers Nelle some friendly advice; Finn makes a sacrifice; Michael confides in Sonny. (S54 Ep226, #13755)
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S1, Ep13756
1 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.13756
Alexis goes to Jordan for help; Jason breaks his promise; Nelle plans her escape. (S54 Ep227, #13756)
3 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.13758
Jordan interrogates Ava; Nelle wants a future with Michael; Robin fears for her mother's life.
7 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.13760
Alexis washes her hands of Julian. Laura strikes a deal with Nina. Valentin meets with his lawyer. Anna comes face-to-face with her past. Liv finally gets what she wants.
8 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.13761
Nina takes sides. Jordan presses Julian for information. Liv wants Anna dead. Michael doubts Sonny. Carly demands the truth.
9 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.13762
Jason and Samantha receive some bad news; Kiki forgives Ava; Nelle crosses Michael. (S54 Ep233, #13762)
10 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.13763
Griffin makes a sacrifice. Jason risks his life. Sam and Alexis compare notes. Liv uses Ava as bait. Finn's addiction gets the best of him.
13 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.13764
Ava adds fuel to Carly's fire. Sonny visits Morgan's grave. Liv lures Julian away. Dante helps defuse a bad situation. Finn can't escape the inevitable.
14 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.13765
Lulu asks Kevin for help. Carly seeks revenge. Curtis questions Andre's motives. Liz struggles with Helena's influence over Jake. Sonny tracks down Rudge.
15 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.13766
Liv tries to escape. Sonny knows what he must do. Jordan takes Ava to the PCPD. Kiki finds comfort in Dillon.
16 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.13767
Laura has a warning for Valentin. Dante and Lulu suffer a minor setback. Franco is troubled by what he learns during a therapy session. Sam is touched by Liz's gift.
17 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.13768
Alexis reflects on her feelings for Julian; Ava struggles with guilt; Dante encourages Sonny to change his ways. (S54 Ep239, #13768)
20 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.13769
Carly struggles with Sonny's betrayal.
22 Mar. 2017
Episode #1.13771
Laura's fixation puts a strain on her relationship; Liv taunts Griffin; Valentin ties up loose ends with Nora. (S54 Ep242, #13771)