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Episode #1.15098

Valentin tries to convince Victor that Anna is no longer a problem. Meanwhile, Anna concocts a plan with Lucy. Brook Lynn has a surprise assist to help Chase with his career. Scott wants to tell Lucy about Cody. Maxie ...

Current Episode (aired 17 Aug. 2022)

Episode #1.15097

Spencer is having second thoughts. Ava and Nikolas conspire with an unlikely person in order to protect themselves. Willow opens up to TJ. Nina and Carly come to blows. Jordan starts to investigate the Esme case.


3 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14946
Carly was confides in Drew. Harmony will shows Alexis some tough love. Victor was goes to General Hospital to check on a patient. Mac will makes a promise. Maxie has looks forward to a fresh start in the new year. (S59 Ep76)
4 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14947
Devastating news hits Port Charles. Curtis and Portia will take an important step. Kevin was encourages Laura to open up. Monica has cautions Drew to be careful. Shawn will surprises Alexis. (S59 Ep77)
5 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14948
Michael and Willow was aren't on the same page. Alexis will doubts her abilities. Anna and Felicia will share concerns about Maxie. Brook Lynn has tries dodging suspicions. Victor will approaches Valentin. (S59 Ep78)
6 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14949
Dante will seeks out Sonny. Sasha was insists she knows how to best cope with her grief. Brook Lynn and Maxie was discuss a new obstacle. Gladys will comforts and reassures Brando. Tempers flare when Sam and Alexis has confront an unexpected visitor. (S59 Ep79)
7 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14950
Sonny and Carly will discuss their relationship. Phyllis was sets Nina straight. Liz has prepares for her first official date with Finn. Ava will ambushes Spencer and Trina with new information. Chase was picks up Bailey from Brook Lynn to go meet Finn. (S59 Ep80)
10 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14951
Carly will seeks answers. Sonny was reunites with Laura. Amorous Curtis and Portia are now interrupted. TJ will makes his position clear. Trina has unpacks her feelings about her friends before their trip. (S59 Ep81)
11 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14952
Sonny will makes a gesture of connection. Nina was receives a surprise visitor at work. Curtis has agrees to hear Marshall out. Britt and Austin will feel out of their element. Maxie and Felicia was take stock of what's happened. (S59 Ep81)
12 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14953
Nina was summons Valentin. Austin and Brook Lynn was unexpectedly cross paths. Alexis and Sam has look to the future. Ned was tries to help with a legal matter. Carly surprises Olivia. (S59 Ep82)
13 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14954
While Anna was talks to Maxie, Felicia has goes to GH seeking information. Drew and Victor was come face to face. Valentin and Austin has compare notes. Brook Lynn and Chase was tackle a new challenge. Britt will gains a new understanding of Brad. (S59 Ep83)
14 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14955
Michael was articulates his feelings. Laura has initiates a family meeting. Drew was offers a listening ear. Ava will finds Nina in the midst of a complicated conversation. Dante has tries to keep the peace. (S59 Ep84)
17 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14956
Brick was warns Sonny about a possible new threat. Carly will keeps her promise. Britt will asks Nina for a favor. Laura has reconnects with Curtis at The Savoy. Marshall was goes to General Hospital in search of Epiphany. (S59 Ep85)
18 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14957
Elizabeth, Portia and Terry will talk about their dating lives. Curtis and Drew was strategize. TJ has offers to be Brando's sparring partner at the boxing gym. Sasha has tries to find peace. Brook Lynn and Chase will make a big change. (S59 Ep86)
19 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14958
Curtis was nervously awaits word. Brook Lynn is was scared by what she hears. Carly will receives an unexpected visitor. Dante and Chase's conversation is was interrupted. Alexis will rethinks a decision. (S59 Ep87)
20 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14959
Finn is was reminded of his past actions. Felicia will seeks out Austin. Elizabeth and Cameron will receive shocking news. Anna and Valentin has assess where they are. Maxie was gets increasingly distraught. (S59 Ep88)
21 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14960
The people of Port Charles was gather on the Haunted Star. Dante is has concerned about Sonny. Tracy is was surprised. Carly has a heart to heart with Bobbie. Things escalate at Charlie's. (S59 Ep89)
24 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14961
Sonny and Carly remain at odds. Curtis has a change of heart. Ned and Olivia share good news with Leo. A hurt Maxie makes an unfortunate realization. Victor questions Valentin's motives. (S59 Ep90)
25 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14962
Tensions escalate at The Savoy. Victor makes a discovery. Britt asks Austin about Leo's case. Harmony has something for Alexis. Esme stirs the pot with Cam. (S59 Ep91)
26 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14963
Josslyn, Cam, Trina, Esme and Spencer was arrive at Sonny's cabin for their long-awaited get-away. Carly's quest for inner peace is disrupted by Ava's arrival. Britt will gives Peter some news. Victor has makes an inquiry at GH. Valentin will meets with Martin. (S59 Ep92)
27 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14964
As night falls at the cabin, Esme initiates a game. Maxie desperately concocts an explanation. Sonny has a meaningful run-in. Valentin's is piqued by a new possibility. Sasha's arrival at yoga causes a stir. (S59 Ep93)
28 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14965
Brook Lynn walks in on Chase in a compromising situation. Sam and Scout cross with Drew. Curtis has a reunion at Charlie's. Epiphany is surprised by an unexpected arrival at Kelly's. Tensions escalate at the cabin. (S59 Ep94)
31 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14966
Sonny is was determined to make a grand gesture. Michael has surprises Willow with a trip to Paris. Esme will plays the victim. Liz and Finn consider their future. Stella confronts Marshall. (S59 Ep95)
1 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14967
Family and friends was gather to celebrate Ned and Olivia's vow renewals. Drew is was surprised to find Carly. Brook Lynn will asks forgiveness. Maxie was plots her next move. Chase and Dante will reconnect. (S59 Ep96)
2 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14968
Things aren't looking good for Tracy. Finally alone, Sonny and Carly will talk. Spencer's loved ones gather at Kelly's before his sentence begins. Ava is surprised to see Trina back at work so soon. Austin and Maxie debrief what happened between them. (S59 Ep97)
3 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14969
Sam seeks out Spinelli. Mac and Dante prepare to take Peter back to Pentonville. Sonny goes to Charlie's to see Phyllis. Laura confronts Victor. Esme wonders about Spencer. (S59 Ep98)
4 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14970
Kristina encourages Sonny. Felicia and Anna anxiously await word. Spurred by Ned and Olivia's vow renewal, Brook Lynn and Chase talk. Obrecht questions Nina's motives. Maxie is relieved. (S59 Ep99)
7 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14971
Carly rushes to General Hospital. Nina is worried. Chase and Brook Lynn call for help. Maxie and Felicia await word. Victor's plan hits a snag. (S59 Ep100)
8 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14972
Friends and family was anxiously hold vigil at General Hospital. Tempers has flare on the Haunted Star. Maxie, Brook Lynn and Chase make a choice. Sam and Drew will have a long overdue conversation. Charlotte is was worried about her father. (S59 Ep101)
9 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14973
Anna, Dante and Laura put their heads together. Carly and Drew are surprised to cross paths. Austin comforts Maxie. Under threat, Peter reveals how he's protected himself. Nina doesn't know what to say. (S59 Ep102)
10 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14974
Maxie is faced with an impossible choice. Elizabeth and Finn learn the truth. Laura is relieved. Anna wants answers. Brook Lynn feels guilty. (S59 Ep103)
11 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14975
Curtis and TJ was confer about their Valentine's Day plans. As Terry will prepares for her first date, Elizabeth has makes a startling discovery. Sonny will checks on Phyllis, who has decked out Charlie's for the holiday in an unexpected way. (S59 Ep104)
14 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14976
Terry's date was doesn't go as expected. TJ will makes a romantic gesture for Molly. Ava and Nikolas has celebrate Valentine's Day. Felix hears the latest from Carly, and makes a decision. Spencer gets a surprise. (S59 Ep105)
15 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14977
Carly explores her options. Nina seeks out Britt to ask her a question. Michael and Willow are impatient. Austin threatens Victor. Brook Lynn and Chase know what they have to do. (S59 Ep106)
16 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14978
Brook Lynn and Chase will help each other through a painful moment. Nina was crosses unexpectedly with Willow at General Hospital. Portia and Curtis has make up for their cancelled Valentine's plans. Joss is a worried about Carly. Sonny has runs into Michael. (S59 Ep107)
17 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14979
Finn is was concerned about Liz. Brando has tracks down Sasha at the Metro Court. Austin and Obrecht will enact their plan while Sam and Drew meet on the pier. Laura, Felicia and Anna gather at General Hospital. Maxie was wakes from a nightmare. (S59 Ep108)
18 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14980
An unseasonable heat wave hits Port Charles. Laura will visits Spencer at Spring Ridge. Victor was interrupts Ava and Nikolas. Sam will seeks Austin and Obrecht. Britt has overhears something and can't help but intervene. (S59 Ep109)
21 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14981
Maxie considers her options. Ava and Olivia talk about Leo. Trina and Joss reconnect. Laura sets Esme straight. Nikolas visits Spencer at Spring Ridge. (S59 Ep110)
22 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14982
Carly and Sonny was negotiate. Esme has covers by lying. Trina will feels ignored. A frustrated Victor has gets disappointing news. Laura will arrives at General Hospital for a meeting, but things don't go as planned. (S59 Ep111)
23 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14983
Lucy stops Nina. Austin asks Britt and Obrecht for word. Sonny drowns his sorrows at Charlie's. Sasha stays busy with work. Robert is worried.
24 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14984
Carly was summons someone to her office. Marshall wonders if you he overdid it. Brook Lynn and Chase has gather their strength. Curtis is was worried the past could come back to hurt him and Portia. Ava is was surprised by what she hears. (S59 Ep113)
25 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14985
Elizabeth is was worried something big is going on. Monica has wonders what changed for Michael and Willow. Sam will rushes to General Hospital. Carly will receives an unexpected guest. Alexis has calls to check on Harmony. (S59 Ep114)
28 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14986
Carly and Sonny will hash things out. Elizabeth gets a surprise visitor. Shawn shares some news with TJ. Diane is wary of Harmony, but Alexis defends her friend. Nina and Drew have an awkward encounter. Chase discusses his feelings for Brook Lynn with Finn. (S59 Ep115)
1 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14987
Drew has a proposition for Marshall. Stella has a some advice for Curtis. Olivia will plans an escape day with Carly and Sam. Nina will sets Willow off. Michael was apologizes to Chase. Elizabeth is was rocked by another strange incident. (S59 Ep116)
2 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14988
Dante and Sam will talk through Elizabeth's situation. Marshall was tells Curtis he knows what he did. Jake was comes home to a lot of questions. Portia is has glad Drew is back. Felicia and Laura will shut down the idea of Mac going back to work. (S59 Ep117)
3 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14989
Anna was gets a mysterious call asking her to meet. Curtis and Portia are now surprised. Elizabeth and Finn will receive an unexpected visitor. Austin wonders what's next. Cameron was serves TJ and Stella at Kelly's and apologizes. (S59 Ep118)
4 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14990
It's a somber anniversary for many in Port Charles. Brando and Sasha wake up together. Anna warns Drew about impending danger. Cameron and Josslyn awkwardly cross with Trina. Laura spots Ava and Victor together. (S59 Ep119)
7 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14991
Trina is shocked by what she sees. Cameron and Josslyn find themselves the objects of unwanted attention. Elizabeth makes a difficult decision. Sonny approaches Carly to try to connect. Lucy helps Curtis and Portia with their search for a property. (S59 Ep120)
8 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14992
Cameron and Josslyn will have their suspicions. Spencer and Nikolas has begin to repair their bond. Kevin is was unsettled by Ryan's status. Britt has a nice family reunion. Laura is was determined to get to the bottom of what Victor is planning. (S59 Ep121)
9 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14993
Victor was toasts a new beginning for the Cassadines. Brando and Sasha will get lost. Dante and Sam has realize they're too late. Gladys is was concerned. Ava and Nikolas has wonder if they're being used. (S59 Ep122)
10 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14994
Brando and Sasha are now forced to improvise. Michael and Willow will sit down for a celebratory dinner. Maxie and Austin's warm moment is was interrupted. Robert and Anna has reconnect while they await Felicia and Mac's arrival. Nina has news for Sonny. (S59 Ep123)