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Episode List


1 Apr. 1963
Whatsoever House I Enter
In the opening story, Dr. Scott performs a critical operation on a 7-year old girl. The child dies, and moments later, "Scotty," is called to the emergency room, where a new-born infant is close to death. Another operation, and the baby lives. The dead girl's father arrives at the hospital and hears the news. He confronts the mother of the surviving infant and presents her with the flowers he had bought someone else.
2 Apr. 1963
We Know Not What
A father is furious with the suggestion that his son has psychological problems.
3 Apr. 1963
One and One Make Four
A father is furious with the suggestion that his son has psychological problems.
4 Apr. 1963
One Too Many
A cynical divorcee who is a diabetic attempts to commit suicide.
5 Apr. 1963
Button, Button
A child is rushed to the emergency room after she swallows a jagged fragment of a button.
8 Apr. 1963
Run With the Wind
A cynical divorcee who is a diabetic attempts to commit suicide.
9 Apr. 1963
Episode #1.7
A patient's complaints and disobedience of hospital rules cause a staff crisis.
10 Apr. 1963
Episode #1.8
Dr. Scott has to deal with a cynical divorcee, who is a diabetic, when she attempts to commit suicide.
12 Apr. 1963
Little Mr. Nobody
An abandoned newborn is brought to the hospital and "adopted" by the staff in "Little Mr. Nobody."
16 Apr. 1963
Episode #1.12
Rev. Shafer must tell man he has failed police examination.
18 Apr. 1963
The Useless Ones
An old-time musical star attempts to make a comeback.
19 Apr. 1963
The Helping Hand
Circumstances force a reluctant doctor to take on a surgical procedure that he does not feel ready to perform.
1 May 1963
The Last Rites
A man staggers into the hospital begging for help for his daughter, whom he struck with his car.
2 May 1963
At Midnight There's No Tomorrow
Dr. Hayes tries to comfort Dr. Scott after he loses a patient, and she reveals a deep attraction for him.
14 May 1963
Episode #1.32
A man decides to allow his seriously ill wife to obtain enough medication to kill herself in, "Breakthrough."
27 May 1963
Sick Little Rich Girl
A wealthy patient, young and pretty, disrupts the hospital.
28 May 1963
A Single Tear
Tommy Regan is rejected by his mother when he accidentally hurts his baby sister with a toy airplane, but doesn't shed a tear.
29 May 1963
Hold the Lamp High for Willy
A girl fears her blind fiance will find her ugly if his sight is restored.
31 May 1963
A Penny for Your Doubts
Nurse Jane Gibbs believes her malaria patient ex-serviceman Jim Burton is the killer police are looking for from a liquor store hold-up. Despite her feelings for him, she tells Chaplain Sam Shafer about her fears.
3 Jun. 1963
The Disembodied Voice
Disturbing telephone calls plague a lovely psychiatrist.
4 Jun. 1963
Death Is a Constant Bell Ringer
A Vindictive mother-in-law refuses to authorize surgery on her son-in-law.
5 Jun. 1963
A Doctor in Spite of Herself
An innocent dinner date turns into a major crisis.
6 Jun. 1963
The Faint Heart Never Wins
Should a heart patient resume his career as a social worker?
7 Jun. 1963
Rewards Are Only for the Living
A surgeon encounters a problem in ethics.
10 Jun. 1963
...And Not to Be