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  • The adventures in time and space of the Doctor, a Time Lord who changes appearance and personality by regenerating when near death, and is joined by companions in battles against aliens and other megalomaniacs.

  • Traveling across time and space, the immortal time-lord known as 'The Doctor' travels across the universe with his many companions and his loyal shape-shifting space-ship: The TARDIS. The Doctor faces many threats across many generations: from The Daleks, The Cybermen and his time-lord adversary The Master to the sinister Davros, creator of The Daleks.

  • The Doctor is a renegade Time Lord: an eccentric, highly-intelligent scientist from a distant planet. He travels through time and space in the TARDIS, a curious device, larger on the inside than on the outside, which was designed to change its appearance to suit its surroundings. Unfortunately, the Doctor's TARDIS seems to be broken, and always appears as a blue British police box. The Doctor has a soft spot for the planet Earth, and often visits there, either to save it from various alien threats or to whisk a choice few inhabitants away to the distant parts of the galaxy to help him fight evil there. The Doctor has many foes, including Daleks (led by Davros), and The Master, another renegade Time Lord. Time Lord biology enables them to regenerate their bodies, and so both the Doctor and the Master appear to evolve over the years...

  • The Doctor is a eccentric alien scientist from the planet Gallifrey, planet of the Time Lords, a race of supreme beings who have discovered the secrets of time travel and they never interfere with the affairs of other planets and they only observe and gather knowledge. The Doctor decides to leave Gallifrey because he is bored and he decides to go and explore the universe on-board a space/time machine "The TARDIS" which is in the shape of a police box from the 1950's. Like all Time Lords, The Doctor can "Regenerate" (Change his appearance and personality when his body is worn out and he is mortally wounded). During the many years of The Doctor's travels through time and space, he is joined by various companions: His granddaughter Susan, School Teachers Ian and Barbara, crash survivor Vicki, space pilot Steven, Trojan handmaiden Katarina, Space Special Security agent Sara, Cockney girl Dodo, secretary Polly, Cockney sailor Ben, Scottish highlander Jamie, Girl from Victorian times Victoria, Intelligent astropyscist Zoe, Military officer Brigadeer Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart, scientist Liz, U.N.I.T agent Jo, journalist Sarah, Naval medical officer Harry, tribal warrior Leela, Time Lady Romana, mathematical genius Adric, determined Nyssa, Australian flight attendant Tegan, alien exile Turlough, shape-shifting android Kamelion, American student Peri, computer programmer Mel and explosives expert Ace. The Doctor battles the galaxy's most evil beings: The Daleks, mutants into robotic bodies hell bent on exterminating all life in the galaxy, The Cybermen, robotic humanoids from the doomed planet Mondas, Davros, the Dalek's crippled creator and The Master, a time lord gone bad. The Doctor is also scientific advisor to U.N.I.T (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) commanded by Brigadeer Lethbridge Stewart to combat alien menaces that threatens Earth. Travelling with The Doctor through time and space on-board "The TARDIS" and fighting alien menaces and the galaxy's most evil begins is the adventure of a lifetime you'll never forget...

  • When two school teachers enter a London junkyard one foggy night in 1963 in search of a mysteriously advanced student, they do not suspect that it will be the beginning of an adventure across the infinite reaches of time and space. For there they encounter a crotchety old man who calls himself 'The Doctor', who apparently lives inside an old police telephone box... which is, in fact, an astounding time and space machine larger inside than out, called a TARDIS. Over the course of the series, companions would come and go, the Doctor himself would 'regenerate' into different men at the point of death and develop into a champion of justice and freedom, and numerous evils would arise to challenge him and threaten the universe with domination and destruction, such as the evil pepperpot Daleks and the soulless, emotionless Cybermen. And it would be revealed that the Doctor is a renegade Time Lord, from a world called Gallifrey... or is he?

  • The Doctor is a mysterious time traveller from a distant planet. He travels through time and space in the TARDIS, (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) The TARDIS is disguised as a 1960's London Police Box which is larger on the inside than on the outside. His adventures take him through time and space to other planets and galaxies and any period of time within the history of these Planets and galaxies. He has a fondness for Earth and it's inhabitants and has visited there many times at various stages in it's history. His main aim is to fight evil and oppression whereever he finds it. He is usually aided and sometimes hindered in this quest by one or two traveling companions he picks up at various points in his adventures. His greates foes have been the Daleks, the Cybermen and an evil opposite from his own race called the Master. The original series aired on BBC TV from 1963 through to 1989 - in 2005 the legend continues!


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