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23 Nov. 1963
An Unearthly Child (Pilot)
Schoolteachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright follow mysterious pupil Susan Foreman to her home - a police box in a junk yard - and meet her grandfather the Doctor.
23 Nov. 1963
An Unearthly Child
Two schoolteachers investigate the personal life of one of their brilliant students and her mysterious grandfather.
30 Nov. 1963
The Cave of Skulls
The TARDIS takes its new passengers back to the dawn of history. There, the Doctor and his party are captured by a tribe who are trying to rediscover the secret of fire.
7 Dec. 1963
The Forest of Fear
Old Mother frees the Doctor and the others on condition they will leave the tribe and not make fire.The group attempt to return to the TARDIS but Za and Hur follow them.
14 Dec. 1963
The Firemaker
Kal accuses Za of Old Mother's murder but the Doctor exposes him as the real killer.However, Za then insists the travellers be held prisoner until they show him how to make fire.
21 Dec. 1963
The Dead Planet
The TARDIS lands in a petrified forest on an alien planet. Determined to explore, the Doctor leads his companions into the metal city, where they discover the danger of what will become his deadliest enemies, the mutant Daleks. (Originally broadcast in seven parts.)
28 Dec. 1963
The Survivors
The Doctor, Susan and Ian search the city for Barbara and learn that the area is contaminated with radiation.Then they encounter the Daleks.
4 Jan. 1964
The Escape
Susan meets Alydon of the Thals and agrees to try and arrange a treaty between his people and the Daleks. But the Daleks only see it as an opportunity to wipe the Thals out.
11 Jan. 1964
The Ambush
The Doctor and his friends attempt to escape from the Dalek City. However, knowing that the Thals are walking into a trap, Ian decides to go and warn them.
18 Jan. 1964
The Expedition
The Doctor and his friends realise that their only chance of recovering the fluid link is to persuade the Thals to fight back against the Daleks.
25 Jan. 1964
The Ordeal
While Ian, Barbara and their Thal friends try to find a way into the Dalek City through the mountains, the Doctor, Susan and Alydon attempt to make their own way in.
1 Feb. 1964
The Rescue
Ian, Barbara and the surviving members of their party try to find a way into the Dalek City whilst Alydon prepares the other Thals for an attack. But only the Doctor and Susan are aware of the full extent of the threat the Daleks pose.
8 Feb. 1964
The Edge of Destruction
In this completely TARDIS-based story, the crew find themselves and their ship acting very strangely indeed. Blame runs high for the Ship's unusual behavior, until the Doctor realizes the TARDIS itself may be trying to warn them... (Originally broadcast in two parts; also known in fan circles as "Inside the Spaceship.")
15 Feb. 1964
The Brink of Disaster
The Doctor becomes increasingly suspicious of Ian and Barbara but when the occurrences aboard the TARDIS become even stranger he realises they are in even greater danger than they realised.
22 Feb. 1964
The Roof of the World
The TARDIS arrives on Earth in the 13th century, where it is claimed by famed explorer Marco Polo as a gift for his employer, Kublai Khan. Polo hopes to finally buy his way out of the Khan's service - but if he succeeds, the Doctor and his friends will never be able to get back to their Ship ever again... (Originally broadcast in seven parts.)
29 Feb. 1964
The Singing Sands
Tegana sabotages the party's water bags, leaving them in dire need of fresh supplies.
7 Mar. 1964
Five Hundred Eyes
The Doctor and Susan are able to supply Marco with condensation that has formed inside the TARDIS, saving the group from dying of thirst.When the group are reunited with Tegana, the travelers begin to suspect he is up to something.
14 Mar. 1964
The Wall of Lies
The Doctor's group manage to rescue Barbara from the Mongols but once more Marco remains unaware of Tegana's involvement.
21 Mar. 1964
Rider from Shang-Tu
The Doctor and his friends elect to warn Marco of Acomat's attack even though it means losing their chance to gain access to the TARDIS.
28 Mar. 1964
Mighty Kublai Khan
The Doctor, Ian and Barbara are forced to surrender to Tegana and Marco, leaving both of them the opportunity to gain possession of the TARDIS.
4 Apr. 1964
Assassin at Peking
Tegana finally makes his move to assassinate the Khan, giving the Doctor and his friends an opportunity to thwart his plans and regain the TARDIS.
11 Apr. 1964
The Sea of Death
On the planet Marinus, the Doctor and his companions are enlisted by Arbitan to seek out the keys to an ancient and powerful machine. Their quest takes them across time and space; will they be able to return the keys before Marinus falls under the control of the alien Voord? (Originally broadcast in six parts.)
18 Apr. 1964
The Velvet Web
The Doctor and his friends arrive in the apparently idyllic city of Morphoton but Barbara soon begins to realise there is more to their hosts than meets the eye.
25 Apr. 1964
The Screaming Jungle
The search for the second key takes the travellers to a jungle where Ian and Barbara come under threat from rapidly growing plants.
2 May 1964
The Snows of Terror
Searching for the third key, Ian and Barbara meet with the sinister trapper Vasor before following Susan and the others into a cave system guarded by the mysterious Ice Soldiers.
9 May 1964
Sentence of Death
The group are reunited with the Doctor in the city of Millennius where Ian faces trial for murder after the fourth key is stolen.
16 May 1964
The Keys of Marinus
The Doctor and his friends must locate the real murderers and the fourth key before heading off for a final confrontation with the Voord.
23 May 1964
The Temple of Evil
The TARDIS arrives on Earth landing in 16th century Aztec society. Barbara goes off exploring - despite the Doctor's orders not to wander off - and is taken away by the high priest Autloc who believes she is the reincarnation of the goddess Yetaxa. They believe it is a sign that the rains - which are late - will now come. The high priest of sacrifice Tlotoxl recruits Ian to lead their army but he finds he has a rival in Ixta. Ian is less than comfortable with his role when he learns that they are to deliver the human sacrifice to the high priest at the rain ceremony. ...
30 May 1964
The Warriors of Death
Barbara tries to change the course of history - and Ian fights for his life.
6 Jun. 1964
The Bride of Sacrifice
While the Doctor tries to find a way back to the TARDIS, Tlotoxl continues to plot Barbara's downfall and sees an opening when Susan questions Aztec custom.
13 Jun. 1964
The Day of Darkness
Tlotoxl's machinations result in both Susan and Ian being arrested.With the TARDIS once again trapped inside the tomb, the travelers' only hope for escape lies with Autloc and Cameca.
20 Jun. 1964
Strangers in Space
The TARDIS arrives aboard a spaceship that has been captured by the Sensorites, a hearing-sensitive alien race. The Sensorites are dying, and the Doctor finds himself forced to investigate the origin of the mysterious illness. (Originally broadcast in six parts.)
27 Jun. 1964
The Unwilling Warriors
The ship has been boarded by the Sensorites and the race is on to retrieve Susan and Barbara before they can find them.
11 Jul. 1964
Hidden Danger
The Doctor, Susan and Ian agree to accompany the Sensorites to their home planet in the hope of finding a cure for John. But not everyone is willing to welcome them there.
18 Jul. 1964
A Race Against Death
With Ian having fallen victim to the Sensorites' plague, the Doctor is desperate to find a cure. But the City Administrator is still determined to rid his world of aliens.
25 Jul. 1964
The City Administrator is determined to destroy the Doctor and his friends and his paranoia prevents the Doctor's cure from being distributed.
1 Aug. 1964
A Desperate Venture
While the City Administrator's schemes reach their climax, the Doctor and Ian venture into the tunnels under the city to discover the real cause of the Sensorite plague.
8 Aug. 1964
A Land of Fear
The TARDIS lands during the French Revolution, where Ian, Barbara, and Susan become caught up in the politics of the day. When they are arrested and set to be executed, the Doctor must take on the disguise of a public official to try and save their lives. (Originally broadcast in six parts.)
15 Aug. 1964
Guests of Madame Guillotine
Susan, Ian and Barbara are sentenced to be guillotined but an encounter with a dying English prisoner may offer Ian a chance of survival.
22 Aug. 1964
A Change of Identity
Susan and Barbara are rescued by Jules and Jean, two members of the escape chain, while the Doctor gains access to the prison by posing as a revolution official.
29 Aug. 1964
The Tyrant of France
The Doctor is forced into a meeting with Robespierre while Barbara's attempts to find a physician for Susan result in them being betrayed.
5 Sep. 1964
A Bargain of Necessity
Ian finds himself held prisoner by the treacherous Leon while the Doctor attempts to engineer Susan and Barbara's escape.
12 Sep. 1964
Prisoners of Conciergerie
Ian finally delivers his message to James Stirling but in order to secure Susan's release he and Barbara are forced into a dangerous spying mission.

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