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22 Sep. 1963
Isn't It a Lovely View
A crippled woman who witnessed a murder refuses to admit it, and the authorities begin to suspect that her husband may have committed the crime because he was being blackmailed.
29 Sep. 1963
Tears from a Silver Dipper
A young Hispanic soldier is nabbed stealing drugs from an army base. He soon becomes a suspect in a murder, but racial prejudice appears to be affecting the outcome of his court-martial.
6 Oct. 1963
A Shield Is for Hiding Behind
Young, clean-cut Deke Palmer appears to most people as a polite, well-mannered teenage boy, but he's really a punk who's a member of a gang of burglars and also the vicious killer of a patrolman. When Anderson pursues him, Deke shoots at him, Anderson fires back and kills him. Palmer's influential father demands that the cop be brought before a trial board. Anderson asks Egan to represent him.
13 Oct. 1963
My Name Is Martin Burnham
An engineer intent on committing suicide accidentally kills a co-worker while trying to jump from a high-rise site, and is charged with murder. At his trial he offers no defense, hoping that he will get the death penalty.
20 Oct. 1963
A Flame in the Dark
Anderson forms an attachment with a young boy who may have shot and killed his mother by accident, but the boy's aggressive, bellicose father has a strong reaction to what he consider's the detective's "interference".
27 Oct. 1963
Whose Little Girl Are You?
A tool-and-die craftsman is devastated by the loss of his dexterity and coordination, especially after he learns that his company is going to let him go. He winds up killing the obnoxious and abusive machinist who is going to replace him.
3 Nov. 1963
The Witnesses
A schoolteacher witnesses a murder, and when the wrong man is arrested for the crime, she wrestles with her conscience about coming forward--she was with a married man at the time, and if that became known, it could ruin her reputation and result in her losing her job.
10 Nov. 1963
Inquest Into a Bleeding Heart
A little girl is run over and seriously injured by a motorcycle. A disgraced doctor who has had his medical license revoked rushes over and performs emergency surgery on her to try to save her life, but she dies anyway. Soon the doctor finds himself charged with practicing medicine without a license.
17 Nov. 1963
The Quality of Justice
A little girl is smothered to death, and it's discovered that she was killed by a surprised burglar. The man arrested for the crime turns out to be the mentally challenged neighbor of the girl. The question is, is the young man capable of knowing the difference between right and wrong.
1 Dec. 1963
We May Be Better Strangers
A young hoodlum beats two men nearly to death and also engages in some unusual acts of vandalism. Egan agrees to defend the boy on the charges, but he soon begins to wonder about the boy's strange obsession with a prominent Superior court judge.
8 Dec. 1963
Journey into Darkness
A dockworker who fancies himself as an author kills the man who repossessed his typewriter, then befriends investigating detective Anderson in an odd bid to divert suspicion away from him.
15 Dec. 1963
Some Weeks Are All Mondays
A famous playwright is murdered, and Egan defends the man's wife who's charged with the crime, but he begins to suspect the woman's daughter of being the real killer.
22 Dec. 1963
Run, Little Man, Run
During a stick-up at a church bazaar, a woman with a heart condition is literally scared to death. An investigation leads the police to a small-time hood, who is arrested after he is identified by the dead woman's husband, who was there. However, the more scrutiny the case comes under, the more suspicions are raised that things aren't quite as open-and-shut as they seem.
5 Jan. 1964
Funny Man with a Monkey
A heroin-addicted nightclub comic is arrested on a drug-related homicide, and at his trial he intends to challenge the state's anti-narcotic laws.
12 Jan. 1964
Signals of an Ancient Flame
A building contractor admits that he cheated on his invalid wife, but that he didn't fatally poison her. Egan agrees to defend him and soon begins to suspect the couple's daughter of the murder.
19 Jan. 1964
Onward and Upward
Corporate lackey Larry Tavener agrees to dispose of the body of his boss' s mistress after she fatally overdoses at a wild party, but when he winds up arrested for murder, he calls on Egan to defend him.
26 Jan. 1964
An Echo of Conscience
Anderson is one of the few people who's willing to stand up for his drunken ex-partner, now a private detective, but he soon discovers that the man is involved in the accidental death of a blackmail.
2 Feb. 1964
Somewhat Lower Than the Angels
A young woman who helped out lost souls is found dead in her apartment, which had also been ransacked. Her brother, a minister, asks Egan to defend the girl accused of the murder.
9 Feb. 1964
People in Glass Houses
Two robbery suspects bolt from the courthouse before their trial and wind up robbing a supermarket and taking a pregnant woman hostage. Kirby also winds up becoming a hostage.
16 Feb. 1964
The Best There Is
An overworked Egan asks his mentor to take over the defense of a poor Hispanic man charged with robbery and murder, but his mentor's senility has a serious impact on the man's defense.
23 Feb. 1964
A Roll of the Dice
A young gambling addict embezzles money from his job to finance a junket to Las Vegas.
8 Mar. 1964
A Circle of Strangers
A pair of young lovers plot to run away to avoid scorn from their feuding families, but wind up becoming fugitives from justice when they're involved in a murder.
15 Mar. 1964
Modus Operandi
Anderson believes that a series of strong-arm robberies are the work of one man, whose M.O. is to use a vicious dog to threaten his victims, but the man's wife insists that he's innocent.
22 Mar. 1964
Tigers Are for Jungles
An old-school mobster wants to retire, but a young buck that he was grooming for a high mob position decides to take him out instead, leading to a shoot-out where an innocent girl is killed.
29 Mar. 1964
The Revenge of the Worm
A truck driver finds himself deep in debt after he's forced to borrow money from a loan shark. When he can't pay the outrageous interest, the hood threatens to kill his family if he doesn't come up with the money. Enraged at the threat to his family's life, the trucker decides to take matters into his own hands.
5 Apr. 1964
He Ran for His Life
A desperate man kidnaps his son from his former wife and her new husband. Egan agrees to defend him and begins to suspect that the stepfather has issues with the boy.

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