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  • Chicago Tribune, Thursday, February 15, 1962, pt. 4, p. 9, c. 7:


    'Walk on Wild Side' Bad Film, Hedda Says

    by Hedda Hopper

    Hollywood, Feb. 14---When Alfred Hitchcock told me he hadn't seen Charlie Feldman's latest picture, "Walk on the Wild Side," I described it for him. Barbara Stanwyck plays the madame of what is facetiously called a "doll house." Capucine, an inmate, likes to go downstaris to visit the gentlemen friends, but she's Barbara's captive. Jane Fonda is one, too. Laurence Harvey tries to remove his dream girl [Capucine] from the premises, and is beaten to a jelly. To make sure the audience knows what kind of a house it is, a beautiful black cat walks down the staris from the upper chambers. When I'd finished, Mr. Hitchcock shook his head, smiled, and said, "It sounds like a lovely film, full of Old Warld charm." . . . Stories such as "Walk" don't amuse me. They don't belong on the screen. Hollywood is borrowing the decadence of European depravity and weaving a rope to hang itself.

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  • The Columbia Pictures film, Walk on the Wild Side, had a special multi-city World Premiere, starting Wednesday, February 21, 1962. On that date the film opened in Chicago at the now defunct Roosevelt theatre, on State street. An ad read: "A side of life you never expected to see on the screen! a new kind of love story . . . This is an adult picture!" . . . Edit (Coming Soon)


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