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  • Chicago Tribune, Friday, June 15, 1962:


    by Herb Lyon

    . . . . Also in town today, Dave Lipton, who started out as office boy at B. & K., and is now veep and ad chief of U-I studios. He'll help celebrate U-I's 50th anniversary via the premiere opening of "That Touch of Mink" at the United Artists theater tonight. . . .

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  • Chicago American, Sunday, June 3, 1962:


    by Maggie Daly

    "Double Take. . . . Audrey Meadows is not only doing her first picture in Universal-International's "That Touch of Mink" with such movie greats as Cary Grant but her wardrobe is by the very elegant and very expensive designer, Norman Norell. He's the man who makes all Dinah Shore's clothes."

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