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Pretty awful, but still kind of fun
Hessian49914 April 2002
Far from being a cinema classic, or even a classic of low-budget films, The Slime People still has a kind of charm that makes you want to stay with it until the end. Cheap sets and costumes, and pretty bad acting, make this one mostly forgettable, though the plot really isn't too bad. With a bigger budget and some better actors this might have been come off as a classic. Worth watching on a rainy Sunday afternoon if nothing else is on.
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In A Class All Its Own
ehman113 April 2005
This yet another film I saw as a teenager in the 1960's that brings back many fond memories of my youth. I would have to agree that for all its awfulness "The Slime People" as one reviewer states, does have its charm. The excessive use of fog provides the movie with a unique atmosphere giving it just enough of an edge to make the film interesting and at times even a little scary. Every now and then one of the Slime People would sneak out of the fog and really creep us out. In some places the film is funny to the point of being ridiculous, still I think the story and the science behind it is plausible and it does have its serious moments. I have seen movies that were far worse than this one. If you love the films of this genre, just out of curiosity you should give it a look. The Slime People is very hard to find on TV, Satellite or Cable. I bought my VHS copy new a few years back. Even with the current digital re-mastering to DVD, this film will never be easy to watch.……..must be that all that fog…………….
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Only for the hard core.
Pike-622 February 1999
The Slime People would only appeal to the hard core lover of early science fiction movies. The over extensive use of the fog machine makes it difficult to see some of the scenes clearly enough to follow the action. The traditional wholesome characters (50's style, men at table discussing important things, woman putting away the dishes) engaging in supposedly serious discussions/explanations of the Slime folks "wall of fog" is just plain funny. But when all is said and done the movie did entertain me, but certainly not for everyone. Hats off to the actress stuck playing Bonnie, the dumb blonde teenager.
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Entertaining low budget science fiction movie is good fun
mlraymond19 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is certainly no classic, or even a good movie. But there's something engaging about the little band of survivors, determined to halt the Slime People in their plot to take over Los Angeles. The lovable professor is played by Robert Burton, who had appeared four years earlier in the Swedish'American film Terror in the Midnight Sun, in a similar role. Future AIP starlet Susan Hart plays one of the professor's daughters, and reliable character actor Les Tremayne has an odd role as a hermit/author, who has a goat for his best friend.

The Slime People themselves look pretty good for B movie monsters, and the fog created by the monsters is a very effective way of adding a sense of mystery to the every day settings.

The movie reminds me of Night of the Living Dead in some ways, without the gruesome scenes and overwhelming terror. In both films, a small group of randomly assorted people take shelter in a building ,to evade a horde of monstrous creatures, and improvise whatever means they can to fight back. A resourceful man becomes the leader, with some opposition from the others, but generally managing to unite against the monsters. The heroes of this movie however, are successful in defeating the creatures, and are brave and unselfish, where the people in Night of the Living Dead can barely tolerate each other, and do not survive, let alone emerge triumphant.

The movie has plenty of unintentionally funny moments, but is able to muster some genuine suspense and excitement anyway. It's really not that bad, considering the obviously low budget and amateur nature of the production.
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Bring The Excedrin!!!
ferbs5414 December 2007
No, this is not the story of a bunch of McDonald's fry cooks. Nor is it the biography of my ex-bosses at a certain midtown NY ad agency. What "The Slime People" turns out to be is an extremely shoddily put together film depicting what happens when a race of lumbering, bipedal reptilians attacks L.A. from underground and erects a dome of fog around it. The "director," '40s star Robert Hutton, is also the action lead here, looking for all the world like a dressed-down Dan Hicks. His thesping is passable, but the small band that he falls in with emotes terribly...especially the two women. I don't think I've EVER seen worse acting. This film, although it lasts a mere 65 minutes, is guaranteed to induce a headache, (a) because the sound quality of this Rhino DVD is so lousy, and (b) because most of the film takes place in a dark, misty fog. Nothing seems to make any sense; the characters' actions and what they say all leave the viewer shaking his/her head in bafflement. Other than the admittedly cool-looking monsters (which, to the film's credit, we DO get to see in the opening seconds), the FX are god-awful. The machine that the Slime People are using to erect that impenetrable fog dome looks just like a wiggly Hefty garbage bag, and is as easily disposed of! All in all, "The Slime People" gives "Robot Monster" some competition as one of the worst films of all time. Don't miss it?
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"Take My Slime People, Please"
BaronBl00d13 April 2001
Los Angelos is enclosed by a wall of fog created by inhabitants from in the inner depths of the Earth, whereby they kill all the people they can find(for no known reason) and so that they can control the temperatures. These creatures are labeled "Slime People" because they are coated with slime. The rest of the scientific mumbo jumbo used to explain the intricacies of the plot are just as lacking in logic and creativity. The creatures look like something from The Golem but only with pointed heads. This film is make that with capital letters...CHEAP! Much of the film is so foggy that you don't really see anything and the parts that are clear you wish someone on the production crew would have revved up the fog machines to cover up this lame, limp, lacking script and the abominable acting. None of the sets look impressive, in fact, I have seen more time and money lavished on school productions than this film! Robert Hutton plays the lead(and director for his one big time chance) and he is awful...and the best the film has to offer in the line of thespians. The young man playing Cal the Marine(William Boyce) actually made my skin crawl every time he opened his mouth. He is that bad. Despite all of these problems( and the many I just didn't feel like adding), this film has a certain charm and is at least a fun bad movie to watch.
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The Subterranean Slimers
bkoganbing14 June 2008
The salt water cousins of the Creature from the Black Lagoon have come up in big numbers out of the sewers of Los Angeles and have set up shop. The human race has retreated out of the city as the Slime People have taken over and probably now have plans to acquire new turf.

To protect they're new neighborhood, The Slime People have lowered the mean temperature of Los Angeles to make it cooler for their needs. And of course they've enveloped the big Orange with a thick fog which only Robert Hutton flying a small private plane manages to penetrate. When he arrives he fines LA almost deserted.

Along the way he picks up scientist Robert Burton and his two lovely curvaceous daughters Susan Hart and Judee Morton, a stranded young Marine William Boyce and crazy eccentric writer Les Tremayne. It's up to these intrepid six to defeat The Slime People.

It's really only five of them because Tremayne's quite drunk, quite iconoclastic and quite useless. Tremayne, possessor of a fabulous voice that was his fortune as a radio actor, knows what an absolute turkey he's in and just overacts outrageously. Good thing his scenes were mostly outdoor because he'd be accused of digesting the entire set.

The slime people when you can see them through the fog look a whole lot like the Silurian monsters from the Doctor Who show who made their debut in the Jon Pertwee years. The fog which is a great gimmick for noir films also covers up a lot of the cheapness of production. In fact other than the monster costumes, I'm not sure what special expenses were entailed in making The Slime People. The film looks like it was shot with a Kodak Brownie camera.

You have to wonder when folks like Robert Hutton, Robert Burton and Les Tremayne do something like this, wasn't their anything else better out there. And if this was the best they were offered, YOIKES.
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sukoshiryu8 May 2003
Well this is my first review. My grandmother tried to explain cateracts one time to me. I never really understood until the fog scenes in this movie. Slime creatures mysteriously appear and create a wall of fog which no one can get through. five people are trapped but manage to get out. The fog is so dense in this movie you literally can't see what's going on. The acting was quite bad but funny to watch, accept from the marine.......I kept rooting for the slime men and they couldn't finish the kid off. But all's well that ends well as always in old sci-fi movies. People figure out how to break through the wall and manage to kill a few slime people along the way and save the day as always. It's not really the worst thing I've ever seen and really not bad if you like old school scifi like I do.
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Stenchy stinker slimes viewer with bottom-feeding bunk!
dvox16 May 1999
Suck on your Slippery Elm Throat Lozenges, slop syrup on your snack of strawberry shortcake, and prepare to be stuck to your sofa in shock as this slimy celluloid silliness slides onto the tv screen! Robert Hutton battles the bubblegum beasts bursting from the bowels of L.A., but neither he nor bubblebrained blonde Judee Morton (the only other actual acting talent) can beat the grad "B" badness of this boring box-office bilge! Still, some of the nonsensical newscasts are a hoot and a holler! "Stick" to a lot of booze if you choose to watch this ooze!
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Some reviewers don't remember "Drive-In" movies, I do.
oscar-355 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This was the 'cream of the crop' 50's-60's drive-in movies. B-movies like this one were meant to be the second feature film in feature film showing then; when TWO films were shown, unlike today. You were shown an A-film and a B-film. In the drive-ins, they often showed only B-films when "A's". That is why there was so many 50 7 60's B-films around then. Not every film was meant to win awards, just make back their production money profit. I love this film for several reasons. I love the design of the slime men. That costume was very imaginative and different, even from the other radiation monsters of the time. I love the premise of the film being in LA, real LA. For years, LA had a bad reputation for extremely bad air with smog. The slime people 'fog' idea was a nice touch. There were many real recognizable radio and TV announcers in this film. I think that was because of the star and this film's directors major LA radio/TV connections. Seeing KTLA studios in the 60's was a treat since that station was the originator and workhorse of very early LA television broadcasts. The marine character was right out of the 'Elvis' acting book. The worst part of the film was that the film fog effect along with under exposing the film made most of the fog scenes extremely hard to see the action. Most of the climactic fight and drama scenes were too obscured to fully enjoy, a shame. I was not aware of any nuclear testing going on around or under LA during the 50's. (There was only one nuclear facility for testing rocket engines 65 miles outside LA in the Chatsworth mountains on the Ventura county line, 'Rocketdyne'.) Seeing films made and exhibited like this one gives me hope that todays filmmakers can make EVEN better films with all their technology and money at hand. From the film box: Millions flee as armies of deadly subterranean monsters invade the metropolis and surround it with an impenetrable wall of killer fog. Trapped within the evacuated city, a scientist and his two shapely daughters lead the desperate struggle to save the human race from the terrifying creatures spawned in the bowels of the Earth.
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Good Grief!
Bucs19606 October 2003
Let's start off by saying that this is the pits, the dregs, the bottom of the barrel. All of us who love the 50's (and early 60's) sci-fi, low budget films are usually prepared for bad acting, bad monsters, cheesy sets, etc....but even when these films are bad, they're good 'cause they are fun. Not this one! The actors(?) talk, and talk, and talk, hide behind doors and in freezers that don't seem to be cold and then talk some more. A little love interest is thrown in to spice up the action.....spare me! To top it off, the "fog" is so thick that you cannot distinguish the actors(?) from the slime monsters, which may be a good thing. What was Robert Hutton thinking?.....bless his heart, he had some excellent roles in the 40's in first run features and then seemed to go to Hell in a handbasket. This has to be the nadir of his career. And Les Tremayne must have needed work badly to appear in this mess, albeit rather briefly, carrying a goat (what was that about?) The story line is sketchy at best....slime people who have lived under Los Angeles forever, carry spears, come to the surface and produce fog to lower the temperature and build a wall around the city and..........whatever! MST3K did a good job with this but remember, this film was supposed to be taken seriously. Do you think that Mr. Hutton was dropping acid when he made may have to do a couple of tabs yourself to get through this bomb.
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Danger, the Slime People are coming to get you!
Chris Gaskin27 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The Slime people is another one of those movies that is so bad it's good and I certainly enjoyed it.

A race of strange, slimy creatures have invaded Los Angles and shrouded the city in thick fog to help them live. They use a fog machine for this. A group of people, including a TV presenter and a professor and his two daughters along with a Marine try and find a way to get rid of these creatures. One of the daughters is kidnapped by a slime man and eventually, the Slime People are defeated when the professor throws something at the fog machine and blows it up. The Slime People then collapse and die, as they can't live without fog. The army then rescue everybody. The TV man and Marine fall in love with each of the professor's daughters through all of this.

The acting in this movie certainly isn't brilliant, despite a few well known stars in the cast, including sci-fi regulars Robert Hutton (The Colossus of New York, They Came From Beyond Space), Les Tremayne (The War of the Worlds, The Monolith Monsters), Robert Burton (I Was A Teenage Frankenstein) and the girls are played by Susan Hart (The City Under the Sea) and Judee Morton.

The Slime People is a must for every sci-fi fan. Watch it if you get the chance.

Rating: 3 stars out of 5.
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Prime candidate for a remake
fertilecelluloid3 December 2005
When I first saw this film a long, long time ago, I was terrified and the film earned a special place in my heart. It was what I couldn't see that terrified me, of course, what was actually impossible to see for most of the time. The slime people didn't scare me, of course, because I didn't believe in them, I didn't buy their good looks.

When I saw the film again recently, I wasn't terrified, but I found its first half hour effective because the fog surrounding Los Angeles was so damn thick it evoked Stephen King's "The Mist" and James Herbert's "The Fog", two of my favorite stories. I have always loved fog and what it potentially harbors, so "The Slime People" still kept its special place in my heart.

The fog is UNBELIEVABLY thick in this Z-grade gem. No, it's more like hovering pea soup than fog. Clearly, it is papering over the non-existent sets and MIA production design, but it works. It convinces us that something terrible is lurking within it. When that "something" is revealed", the seams start to split.

The endless dialog scenes are something to behold. They don't go anywhere and the actors only convince us that they showed up to the studio to put food on the table. The monsters are rubbery, which is fine, but they lack personality, too, which is a great shame.

I like the fact that the monsters are still referred to as "people" in the title because monsters do deserve respect. It's just a pity they weren't given more do and it's equally pitiful that we don't get a look-in on their grand plan for LA and the world.

Since remakes should be improvements on bad films with potentially rich concepts, this is a prime candidate for one.
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Behold the goofy glory that is "The Slime People".
Scott LeBrun11 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
You know you're in for a pretty good B movie watching time when the title of the damn thing is actually used repeatedly! And so it goes with this hilariously plotted, ridiculous low budget disaster-piece. It's worth noting that the filmmakers themselves seem to have been all too aware of how absurd their monsters look, so they thought, "Why not show them right from the start?" Which is exactly what happens in this tale of subterranean prehistoric bipedal beasts who emerge from the sewers of Los Angeles to wreak havoc on the populace, sealing the city up with a wall of pure fog that later turns solid. A pilot, Tom Gregory (Robert Hutton, who also directs) hooks up with a professor (Robert Burton) and his hottie daughters (Susan Hart and Judee Morton) as well as a lone marine soldier (William Boyce) who turns up.

Hutton does what he can with his limited financial means, using the aspect of the fog to his advantage and getting some decent atmosphere. (However, there's simply too much fog in later scenes, and it's hard to make out the action.) As a director he never seems to take things too seriously, although as an actor, he keeps a straight face throughout, as do his co-stars. The standout in the cast is sci-fi veteran Les Tremayne, who's fun as Norman Tolliver, an outspoken author who dotes on a pet goat. When it looks like Normans' time is up, Tremayne actually looks legitimately terrified. Hutton creates a palpable sense of isolation in the first few minutes, before the professor and the daughters show up.

Bad movie fans should enjoy themselves watching this one.

Five out of 10.
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The scum from beneath the planet of the morons
mark.waltz26 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Classic movies never go out of style. So says the logo for VCI entertainment which has released this on DVD. And certainly while an old movie and certainly unforgettable, it is not memorable in the way that I consider classic films to be. Certain cheaply made horror films can sometimes turn out to be better than expected, and actually this one did not start pretty bad. In fact when I first saw the rising creature emerging from it pit, I actually thought it was pretty frightening looking and certainly better a movie monster than many of the rubber creatures we had already seen. But in a longer running time than it needed to be the film just goes on too long. The creatures it has roaming through the fog, searching for victims actually end up being better actors than the humans and all the monster makes for a sound is something like a chicken cluck played back at slow speed.

Everything is fine for the first 15 minutes, especially the fact that you get to see the creature within the opening minutes of the film. Many truly bad horror movies do not show the monster enough to make it even remotely memorable, but this film did not wait at all, wasting absolutely no time. But when the humans locked into this fog covered area topped by a dome allegedly created by the creatures themselves, it becomes so ridiculous with chases from monster after man that's are so silly looking that it made me surprised that the camera man did not speed up the chase and add on silly music. Encounter with the creature lead the heroine to being kidnapped by them, even though they have killed everybody else have gotten their hands on. I felt sorry for the young lady being grabbed by these slimy creatures, because they really look like they are covered in some sort of greasy residue that is too disgusting to imagine being connected to human flesh. Little imagination went into the writing of the story, and even if the creatures are a step above many that I've reviewed in recent horror movie viewings, this ends up just being stupid beyond belief, unbelievable with the alleged unseen dome, & a conclusion that is just beyond anti-climatic.
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Vintage drive-in fare with slime monsters
MartianOctocretr522 June 2013
Good for vintage drive-in movie fans, or MST3K fans. It's one of the cheaper and more amateurishly done films of that ilk, but the makers of the movie approached it with zeal, and it has that goofy charm so inherent to these drive-in B-features.

Creatures from underneath LA emerge with an attitude, a hunger to kill, and a fog machine that would make any 70's disco the place to be. The fog's effect on what is visible on the screen has to be seen to be believed. One of my favorite fog-bank moments was a fight between two humans and a group of slime creatures. You hear grunts behind swirls of smoke, but who's winning? Who knows?

Anyway, we travel with a scientist, his two daughters, and two hero guys they meet. The girls and guys quickly get romantic, and the slime people chase them all over the place. The acting is questionable, but I've seen far worse. The characters are likable enough, and the plot rolls along nicely, with some routine monster movie elements. Well, when there's no fog and you can see, anyway.
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Very Poor
gwerq17 March 1999
This is one of those midnight movies that crop up at two in the morning on Sky.It is just your average, everyday b-movie, bad acting, bad effects, poor direction and script etc. This particular film is about some very dodgy looking aliens terrorizing the neighbourhood. For b-movie freaks only.
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A Curiosity from simpler times.
Steve Wren8 April 2018
The acting, music, FX, direction and script are awful but the premise is timeless.

When I first saw it, I wondered why the first scene showed a slime person in full view. And I was 7 at the time.

I've always enjoyed post apocalyptic stories where a small band of survivors are up against the odds.

It's just a shame the budget wasn't bigger. The idea was great. The film; well I couldn't imagine the actors not being embarrassed at the daily rushes let alone the finished product.

I just watched it for the first time since about 1964. I think I'll leave it another 54 years before I watch it again.

It's a cool way to spend an hour and a bit on a rainy day. Beyond the nostalgia, there's not much in offer.
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"Knowing those things are out there gives me the creeps"
hwg1957-102-26570430 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Subterranean creatures, the titular Slime People, emerge from the sewers to take over Los Angeles, affecting the environment so they can stay permanently above ground by building a dome of solidified mist. Five people try to survive and fight back; a TV sports reporter, a soldier and a professor with two comely daughters.

Sounds promising but it's mainly silly with people acting like no real people ever would and the mist obscuring a lot that goes on. The mundane cast are defeated by the ridiculous script. There is however Les Tremayne as Norman Tolliver, a man fond of his pet goat, but he is only in it a short time but he livens the film up briefly with splendid over acting.

I thought the Slime People themselves look quite decent in their monster make up and they made a creepy slimy kind of sound. With better direction and screenplay and a bigger budget it might have been a more entertaining film. As it is it is a bit dull.
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Straight into my top 10 worst films list
jadflack-2213012 August 2017
Truly atrocious film, among the worst i have ever seen.The actual premise of an idea is OK, but it's just everything about the way it's carried out.Virtually no action,it's all described in spoken word and a lot of the scenes you can't see what's going on because of the fog that the creatures have supposedly created but is just there to hide the cheapness.The acting is appalling!How the hell was this bankrolled to be made?Actor, star and director Robert Hutton hold your head in shame!He also appeared in the clunker " The Vulture" (1967) and the meagre " They Came From Outer Space" (1967) is a masterpiece compared to this. Terrible.
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Yeah, it's bad, but...
john_vance-208063 February 2017
I really enjoy this genre (sci-fy/horror B-graders) but I will have to say this one is pretty much void of any value even to the most tolerant of bad movies.

On the other hand, I have watched it more than once and I'm not sure why. Maybe the buxom, blonde little flirt stirs some primeval attraction in my loins. Maybe the shambling slimeball monsters work for me in some way. Maybe there's a so-bad-it's-good quality to it. I really don't know.

In any case, I can't really recommend anyone shell out any money for it unless it's included in some collection of equally bad films. But who knows, maybe someone else can develop a little misunderstood affection for it as well.
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Too typical
Eric Stevenson11 December 2016
The 1950's were a time where B-movies were all the rage. It was a game of mad libs with what crazy creature you could put in your movie. It was usually, "Attack Of The Giant X" or "Attack Of The Killer X" but then there were films that were just "The X People". Not to be confused with "X-Men" of course. This was lame because the so called slime people in this film looking nothing like they were made of slime. They looked more like rocks! Nothing was even moist about them! Yeah, I was reminded more of lobsters here. This movies features slime people going up to the Earth and that's about it.

I can't say it's one of the worst movies ever made, because there were too many like it. It has the same goofy effects and looks as any other movie. Well, this was technically in the 1960's. I guess this genre was just dragged out. Another common fault of these films is that they're too boring. It's mostly just people talking. The film just looks really ugly as everything is covered in fog. It's really hard to get a good look at anything in this movie. *1/2
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One of the least competently made movies ever
Dave from Ottawa11 October 2016
If ever a movie served as an object lesson that film is a visual medium and must be treated as such, this is the one. It begins with a series of spoken news reports about the arrival of subterranean monsters in L.A. Since four of the five main characters in the story have lived through these events, there should be no reason to gather them together to screen news items about the monsters, but it kills a few minutes of running time, so... The characters then spend several minutes talking, followed by several minutes of driving. The viewer begins to wonder whether this creature feature will ever feature any actual creatures. In fact, the early part of the movie feels like a radio play, with the actors being filmed as they give their lines. And the dialogue bits go on seemingly forever.

Once the (minimal) action gets going, the thick fog (created by the monsters to cool L.A.'s hot climate and make it livable) obscures much of what is going on. The fog is obviously intended to cover up the movie's cheap production values, but mostly it just makes everything even harder to watch. The visual style has evolved from casual minimalism to ocular strain inducing. Not that blowing aside the fog would have made it much better. Every aspect of the movie comes off as shoddy in the lowest sense. The plot was poorly thought out and the action poorly staged. Little that happens moves the story ahead, makes any logical sense or generates interest. The average student film shows more evidence of thought and planning. The characters are unappealingly dull, and most of their interactions seem pointless and go nowhere. The locations add nothing of interest. The lighting, editing and camera direction seem outright amateurish, about on the level of a locally made infomercial. What little budget existed went toward the creature costumes. These are mildly imaginative, but not very scary.

As entertainment, even bad entertainment, absolutely nothing gets achieved here. There are not even any unintentional laughs. All a viewer can expect to get out of this movie is a mild case of eye strain and an appreciation for the cinematic lavishness of The Blair Witch Project.
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The Slime People (4/10)
skybrick7361 May 2016
When viewing a B-movie from the 50s-70s, there is a certain perception that is to be viewed when assessing a movie such as the The Slime People. It's evident right from the start the movie has extremely cheap effects and were working with the minimum when it came to personnel. The film could have stuck with strictly a Sci-Fi approach but it pushed the envelope at times, adding horror elements that some films didn't have the risk of taking back then. As far as the plot is carelessly written with nonsensical dialogue. The acting by the main leads are all shaky and characters were dull to begin with. The effects of The Slime People were pitiful needing obviously more slime applied to the costumes to have some honor to its namesake. There is still a weird sort of admiration for the The Slime People for its archaic style of B-movie during this time period, but in no way is it a hidden horror gym that got overlooked.
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"From the bowels of the earth..."came this movie
evilskip19 August 1999
This movie is so bad it will make your eyes bleed.You could better spend 76 minutes giving the cat a bath or waxing the family dog.Truly this is putrid cinema exemplified.

To be mercifully short on the plot:Slimy varmints from the bowels of the earth have encased L.A. in a solid wall of fog to establish their new home.(Why in heaven's name would anything want to encase Los Angeles and move in? La Jolla or some place in Orange county would be much more desirable!)These varmints are impervious to bullets as they are self sealing. Anyway it falls to 5 people to do what the armed forces couldn't do: liberate L.A. and defeat the monsters.

The fatal flaws in this film are abundant.Robert Hutton directed this probably because no one else wanted to risk their career.While Hutton and the 2 other "older" actors do a competent job the three youngsters are terrible. The actor portraying the Marine is painful to watch. The rubber suited monsters evoke howls of laughter. They look more like walking carp than inner earth denizens.

This movie truly is from the bowels of the earth.Giving it a 1 only because we can't give negative numbers.
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