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Sex & Nudity

  • This movie should have been rated "R" for sexual and for Adult only content.
  • In the psychiatrist's office there's a painting of two women on the wall. One of the them is topless.
  • At a bar a bunch of men get rowdy and graffiti a bunch of tick-tac-toe's on the wall, and when they subsequently run out of space, all but two leave the bar. The last two order the bartender to lay on the floor as they play tick-tac-toe on the bartender's wife's face and back using her lipstick. The humiliation and the partial disrobing of the woman heavily emits a strong disturbing sexual atmosphere akin to a rape.
  • A younger child may not pick up on it, there is a slightly disturbing scene where the boy's mother stages a scene with her son in which she gets him to rub her legs, repeating, "you're the only one."
  • In a montage we see a woman for a split second wearing a dress revealing minor cleavage.
  • The patient's drunken father brings home another woman and in front of his wife starts to kiss her - alluding to more sexual activity as he takes her downstairs wrapped in a sheet.

Violence & Gore

  • The inmate as a child gets smacked around by his abusive father.
  • There are two prison fights with minor blood shown in one of those.
  • There is one scene where the inmate is a boy and is playing with his imaginary friend (who is shown as another boy..who is visible) and suddenly for no apparent reason orders his imaginary friend to clean his shoe. The imaginary friend is puzzled, but then the inmate as a boy begins to threaten him more holding a pipe in his hand and placing it back in forth in his hands as if he's holding a knife. The pipe briefly turns into a knife because the inmate as a child is imagining that the pipe is a knife. He bullies the imaginary friend in a way were it looks as if he wants to stab him. The violent gesture is quite intense.
  • There is discussion (but not shown) of the inmate as a child daydreaming about killing everyone who he hates. One daydream scene shows his mother about to be stepped on by an Elephant. We don't see the actually act..but we see the events leading up to it.


  • At least 3 usages of the word "hell" and a few usages of "negro" in a derogatory way.
  • There are other terms that were used in that era. One word was "tramp" but said in meaning that the guy was a bum..not a slut.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is some smoking, but not a lot. The character of the father is described as a drunk and there is one scene where he & a woman not his wife are drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The bar scene discussed in the "Sex and Nudity" section is really intense.
  • The scene of him bullying his imaginary friend discussed in the "Violence/gore" category is intense.

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