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Before there was "Freddy VS Jason"...
DarthBill20 April 2004
Godzilla escapes from an ice berg and King Kong is found on an island that has lots of kick ass berries on it which the natives grind into a juice for Kong to drink. After throwing boulders at a giant octopus and drinking the juice, Kong falls asleep and the local Japanese TV guys "ape nap" him and bring him back to Japan so their boss can exploit the big monkey for all he's worth. But en route, the Japanese government order the TV guys to send Kong back his home island because they've got enough problems with Godzilla as it is, they don't need a giant monkey on the rampage as well. Kong escapes and this leads to the inevitable clash of titans as Godzilla battles Kong for the right to demolish Tokyo.

The original Kong from the 1933 film was only 50 feet tall while Godzilla is 400 feet tall, so they had to make Kong a lot bigger for this film and in order to make the odds more even for him they endowed him with the ability to draw strength from lightning bolts. The King Kong suit is hopelessly phony to look at though.

The American version is a travesty that serves merely as filler until the big finale, with a reporter who really makes you long for Raymond Burr's reporter man Steve Martin. Whether or not the Japanese version ever becomes available in America remains to be seen, but hey, see whatever version you can get just to see Kong ram a ridiculously huge tree down Godzilla's throat!
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A fun monster-rumble
Brave Sir Robin7 August 2004
Director Ishiro Honda, who first brought The Big G to the screen in the brilliant 1954 film GOJIRA (re-edited in the US as Godzilla King of the Monsters) decided to scrap the heavy messages and themes of the original film when he made King Kong vs. Godzilla, however he does appeared to have had a great deal of fun making this goofy rubber monster classic. Godzilla breaks out of an iceberg he was imprisoned in and heads to knock down Tokyo. Meanwhile, a pharmaceutical company discovers King Kong on an island full of Japanese actors in blackface playing the natives (!) and the flamboyant CEO decides to bring Kong to Japan as a publicity stunt. The government decides to pit the two titans against each other on the top of Mount Fuji in the climatic scene of the movie. Much of this film is film is intentionally goofy, particularly the island scenes. The screenwriters decided that electricity makes King Kong stronger, but it weakens Godzilla (to make sure it would be a fair fight). Honda also put in several homages (parodies) to the original 1933 King Kong. The final battle on Mount Fuji is similar to watching WWF wrestling, except better, because they're wearing monster suits. If you want a film with epic romance and sweeping drama, you should watch Gone With the Wind, but if you're in the mood for campy monsteriffic fun like only the Japanese can do, watch this.
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Monster-battling fun.
StormSworder3 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Having never seen the Japanese version, I can't say whether the US version is better or worse. But I can say that this is a jolly monster-battling romp. King Kong is intoxicated by some kind of berry which grows on his island, is brought back to Japan by ruthless businessmen who intend to make money out of him. But they reckoned without Godzilla, who returns to fight the great ape. Alright, so the film completely ignores the storyline of the original King Kong film, and the special effects (apart from the land-stalking octopus, which looks really good for its time) are pretty tatty. But come on. If you're a fan of these kinds of films, you'll be hooked until the final showdown.
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King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) ***
JoeKarlosi15 February 2005
Any insults and accusations hurled against this beloved movie will fall on deaf ears with me. Admittedly, I am somewhat biased in favor of this entertaining monster romp because it was a regular television staple all during my childhood while I was growing up. It's one of the most enjoyable giant monster movies Toho Studios ever made, and it's certainly one of the best Godzilla films of all. It can be silly, it can be jokey, and it's also a hell of a lot of fun.

I have seen both the U.S. Version and the Japanese Version, and I'll have to confess that while this review will be based on the proper Asian edition, I also have a nostalgic fondness for the American Cut, which actually benefits from some added jokes ("When you and the monster meet, be sure to tell him all about your corn problems!") and the exciting Universal stock music which compliments much of the action.

Godzilla was still a bad guy at this point in time, and I'm among the group who considers his costume here my personal favorite (it was very much like the Aurora model kit, or maybe it was the other way around). It's not very original to bash the obvious awful King Kong suit, so I'll say that while it's definitely kind of ragged, I actually think it's appealing in its unusual weirdness. Kong is more or less painted as the heroic one of these two, and I have to tell you that I absolutely love that native song of worship which is chanted at him by the island dwellers who dance and pray on his home turf. I appreciate it even more when it's used as the title credits music in the Toho version.

The story is silly and simple, but it works. Godzilla is back in town after awakening from the iceberg he froze in at the conclusion of GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN, and so a frustrated pharmaceutical advertiser decides to send a couple of his zany cronies to King Kong's Island to capture and bring back his own monster to give Godzilla some competition. Humor is very well used here, and it works well alongside the usual rampages and city stompings.

The touted "battle of the giants" has been unfairly maligned as looking too much like a "wrestling match," but I don't see how else these creatures are supposed to tangle with one another unless they opted to stare each other down for ten minutes. Not much fun there, I'm afraid! Their climactic fight is well worth the wait and fulfills all expectations. *** out of ****
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King Kong turns Japanese
violencegang23 February 2006
Before Freddy VS Jason, before Aliens VS Predator, even before the clash of the titans that is Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys (but after Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man, obviously), there was King Kong VS Godzilla.

Before I proceed with this review, I should point out that the version I have seen is the American one, which is dubbed and had several scenes added featuring a United Nations news broadcast. The original Japanese release was apparently much more satirical in tone, whereas the American version removes all the comedy. It is still enjoyable as a giant monster movie, though.

This movie originally began life as a stop-motion feature entitled KIng Kong VS Frankenstein, and was conceived by Willis O'Brien as a sequel to the 1933 Kong, gradually turning into a Godzilla movie after Toho studios got involved. Although there are some brief stop-motion sequences, it is by and large a typical kaiju ega movie (in other words, it's men in rubber suits). While fans of O'Brien's still-impressive stop-motion work on the original King Kong may be irked by the idea of the big ape being played by a Japanese guy in a suit, I personally think Kong looks pretty cool (it's certainly more impressive than the suit Toho used for their second Kong film, King Kong Escapes).

There are some inconsistencies, most notably the fact that King Kong and Godzilla were radically different sizes in their respective films, but Toho got around this by the simple expedient of ignoring it. We've got two great big monsters beating each other up, so who cares about details? Also, in the original King Kong, the big ape had no special powers beyond being very strong, whereas Godzilla has radioactive breath; Toho addressed this seeming imbalance by having Kong derive strength from electricity, whereas Godzilla is weakened by touching power lines. One point that bugs me a little is the fact that, although this is the third Godzilla film, and the second to feature King Kong, there seems to be no connection to the previous movies. When the two monsters appear, the human characters act as though they have no prior knowledge of them, which seems odd when you take into account Godzilla had twice previously tried to destroy Tokyo, and King Kong did make kind of a mess of New York. King Kong VS Frankenstein was intended as a sequel to the original, but this idea was obviously dropped from the movie it became.

The climactic fight between the two monsters is great fun, sort of a giant sized version of a WWE match, only with more believable physiques and personalities. Kong shoving a tree down Godzilla's throat and the big green guy responding by walloping Kong with his tail are highly entertaining moments; obviously not as spectacular as the scenes of Kong fighting the dinosaurs in either the 1933 original or Peter Jackson's remake, but that's not the point. King Kong VS Godzilla is an enjoyable example of this type of movie; if you're new to the kaiju ega genre, it's an excellent starting point. It's just a shame King Kong VS Frankenstein never got made. Maybe if we all ask Peter Jackson nicely....
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One of the biggest hits of all time!! Well, Toho style.
gigan-927 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
One of the biggest hits of all time ,"King Kong vs. Godzilla"!! Well, Toho style. Seriously, this is the highest grossing G-film ever, of course due to Godzilla's equally popular foe. or the third installment, all four fathers were brought in: Ishiro Honda (director), Tomiyuki Tanaka (producer), Eiji Tsubaraya (SFX) and Akira Ifukube (composer). Hauro Nakijima returns to play Godzilla, as he would until "Godzilla vs. Megalon" in 1973. but the screenplay was provided by the man who would do so for another eight films: Shinchi Sekizawa. I think he did a great job, and Godzilla still isn't a hero here, but the villain. Yes!!! Cutie Akikko Wakabayashi stars, along with Jun Tazki and other notable G- actors and the performances are excellent. The first new version of Godzilla appears, looking more reptilian and having lost the distinctive ears. A fantastic suit with an excellent heat ray. Kong, well let's just say that I always thought his face needed a good plastic surgeon. Plus the weird floppy arms, but overall the suit isn't terrible (just barely decent enough to get the job done). This one is one of my favorites due to the action. As a young child, and to this day, I love it! Godzilla's entrance is probably one of the coolest ever, debunking the notion of him always emerging from the sea. His rampage scenes are well done and Tsubaraya knew what he was doing. Kong and Godzilla's first meet was exciting but I never liked how the ape attacks Tokyo instead of Godzilla.

I the Japanese version version plays out more like satirical comedy of the Japanese business industry, which I view as an interesting take on this film. like a 60s satire of sorts. The American version removes a lot of this, but the dubbing ensures some of it remains. Instead, once more newly filmed scenes are added, which don't really add anything to the story but are nice touch. EXCEPT when they say Godzilla is an pea-brained idiot while Kong the intelligent one. The only other thing is how they Completely cut out Ifukube's score. It just seems at the time these U.S. distribution companies just didn't like Ifukbe's scores. Every film with a score by Ifukbe has some minor or major edit in it.

Anywho, the two monsters fight a spectacular battle at Mt. Fuji that had some great moments. It's so full of kicks, flips and trips I just never get tired of it. And along the film is backed by Ifukube's grand music, a great and fun film for sure.
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It lives up to its slogan: The Battle of the Century.
kevinxirau17 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Boy, do we have the greatest match-up ever: east vs west, fist vs fire, the eighth wonder of the world vs the king of the monsters. This the third film for both creatures AND this is the first time both appear in color. You don't get any better than that! So, let's jump right into King Kong vs Godzilla.

Seven years after the military trapped Godzilla in ice (Godzilla Raids Again), the radioactive dinosaur is accidentally freed from his frozen prison by a nuclear sub and he quickly makes his way back to Japan. Meanwhile, an underhanded company sends a few of our main characters to Faro Island which has gained popularity for two reasons: red berries with chemicals that can be useful for medical purposes and a monster god the natives feed the berries' juice to. The god is, unsurprisingly, King Kong and after he defeats a giant octopus, he gets taken by the company, but he soon escapes and heads out to confront the mighty Godzilla in a showdown that will have Japan tremble before these great titans.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best of the Godzilla movies and is the best "Versus" movie ever made. The Godzilla suit is great and considered a fan favorite. The Kong suits on the other hand are not so much, especially the embarrassing close-up puppet of Kong's face. Nonetheless, my favorite Kong suit is the "action" suit which allows the actor to grab things. I like how they used a real octopus (four total) most of the time, only using a puppet when the creature is in the same shot as Kong. There are a lot of cool and sometimes funny scenes involving both the monsters and the humans, but the scene that really makes it worthwhile is the final fight between Kong and Godzilla. It has great moments such as when the big ape shoves a tree in Godzilla's mouth only for the dinosaur to use his fire breath to get the tree out, hitting Kong in the process. They just beat the living heck out of each other!

Despite an ending that left me a little disappointed and a few cheesy effects moments (Kong's face), this is the absolute battle of the century and I wish for you to check this creature feature out. All hail the kings!
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My Most Watched Godzilla Movie
dhreid2 September 2006
I have the American Version and I really like it. The basic premise of the movie is given away in the title. King Kong versus Godzilla is truly the battle of the ages, between the two most famous monsters. They make the 'Alien' look like a wimp. Akihiko Hirata as Dr. Shigezawa is great in his role even though quite limited. He, as usual, is intelligent and cerebral and his statement, " or the monster will kill us all" pretty much sums up the problem they are facing. His presence adds continuity to the film since he was the real hero of the original Godzilla, King of the Monsters. The main female actress is unbearably helpless and is by no means a 'Fay Wray'. The Kong suit is ridiculously poor but who cares. I guess Kong is supposed to be the good guy in this flick if either can be considered good. I loved the scene where Dr. Johnson, paleontologist(?), holds up the text book to compare Godzilla to a T-Rex and a stegosaurus. The book just has to be a part of the kids Golden Book series and I loved the when he likened Godzilla's brain to a marble. With 'K'and'G' stepping on everything in sight, I always wonder why it never seems to hurt their feet. The native girl that does the lead dancing on the island is the prettiest Japanese woman I have ever seen and in my view should have been the key actress. I watch this film more than any Godzilla movie in my vast collection. Sit back with a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy.
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King Kong Vs. Godzilla (1962) is a great action film!
Horror_Metal25 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have always been a fan of this film. I think it was the first Kong film I had seen other than clips from the original in a documentary about movie monsters. I was always a huge Godzilla/King Kong fan and can't really decide which one I like better. I think at the time I watched this I was more into Kong so I was glad to see him come out victorious. He beat the big green guy so bad, that he was still sore in his next movie (Godzilla Vs. The Thing) where he lost against Mothra (or actually Mothra larvae) and I was glad though I still love and respect 'Zilla. This really was the battle between two of the greatest movie monsters of all time. I used to have all the Godzilla films on VHS but they were all lost in a flood but I plan on replacing them on DVD real soon. I used to have this awesome movie on VHS and look forward to buying it on DVD (along with the rare King Kong Escapes) in four days. I also loved the brilliant fight between King Kong and the Giant Octopus (I think his name was Oodaku or something) back on Faro Island even though it looked really fake. I will soon own this masterpiece as part of my King Kong/Godzilla DVD collection and be able to watch it over and over again just like the old days, reliving some great memories. I also wouldn't mind seeing this film remade perhaps by Peter Jackson as a second sequel (after a Son of Kong remake) to his new 2005 remake of the original Kong. That would be pretty awesome with today's special effects and technology though it could never live up to the magic of the original. Jackson be sure to include the Giant Octopus if you ever consider this! On the whole, this film is a worthy entry to both the Godzilla series and the King Kong series and will always hold a special place on my heart. I give this great film a 10 out of 10.
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King Kong versus Godzilla: Battle of the Titans!!
Captain_Couth5 August 2005
King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) was the meeting of the silver screen monsters. Who would win the championship title of "KIng of the World"? Will Godzilla squash King Kong or will he job to the old master? Can King Kong win fair and square or will he throw in the towel? Godzilla is back from it's last film. The people of earth are shaking in fear because no matter what they do to it, the mean mutated radioactive breathing lizard keeps coming back for more (and flattening Tokyo). Some unlucky people have landed on Skull Island and have awoken the slumbering King Kong. King Kong was at peace with himself (and the painted up natives) until he felt the presence of Godzilla and wants to squash the lizard. A hopped up Godzilla awaits the challenge and the two titans duke it out, the world awaits word on who's will be the winner.

I totally marked out for the movie when I was a kid. I was disappointed when I saw King Kong, he looked so paper mache and nothing like the original. The fights the two had looked like a pro wrestling match. They even put in the posing, sneak attacks, cheating, use of foreign objects and what not. I wished they would release a digitally remastered version of this film in the original language. Now that would be cool!!

Highly recommended.
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King Kong Vs Godzilla. A great classic
Rautus15 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
After being frozen in an iceberg Godzilla is freed when a submarine hits into it and then starts to return to Toyko to cause havoc again. Meanwhile a company is planning on capturing King Kong for a publicity stunt so a group head to Kong's island.

While in Japan Godzilla is attacked by tanks but with his Fire breath he destroys them all and continues moving on. In Kong's island the group befriend the Natives and plan to capture Kong, a giant Sqiud comes along and attacks them until King Kong shows up and beats the Sqiud by throwing rocks at it.

Kong then picks up a drink made of berries and drinks it then goes to sleep, the Natives dance as the group get ready to take King Kong to the boat.

In Japan Godzilla attacks a train making everyone get out and escape into a group of cars ready to go. On the boat Mr. Tako arrives to see his new publicity stunt and it's not long before King Kong breaks from the raft and escapes.

King Kong heads for Japan and meets with Godzilla who is too strong for him at the moment so he leaves. The army then plan to stop Godzilla by laying out a defence trap but Godzilla easily walks on.

Soon they capture King Kong and drop him by Godzilla and a huge battle of the monsters begin.

King Kong Vs Godzilla is a classic monster movie that doesn't disappoint. Check this one out. 10/10
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Greatest Toho Film Ever!
jerekra3 October 2008
There are a lot of great films in the Toho Series. Rodan, Godzilla King of the Monsters, Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster, and Frankenstein Conquers The World to name a few. However, in my opinion, King Kong vs Godzilla is both the greatest Godzilla film and Toho Film ever made.

A submarine is doing an expedition in the arctic. It is destroyed by Godzilla who emerges from a Glacier. Godzilla then heads towards Japan, according to a television reporter acting like a fish that is heading back to its old waters. A man in charge of a television channel, sends a group to Farrow Island hoping to bring back a supposed monster that lives on the Island. He does this to gain better publicity. On the island a giant octopus attacks the group and a native tribe but a giant monster, King Kong, comes and dispatches the octopus. Kong is then taken on a raft back to Japan. Kong fights Godzilla and is forced to retreat mainly due to the fact that Godzilla's radioactive fire is to much for him. Japan then uses Electrical cords to surround Japan, it works on Godzilla but not with Kong. Kong is put to sleep and taken to Mount Fuji to fight Godzilla with the hope that they will both die.

Godzilla and King Kong fighting against each other. A perfect idea. At the time this film was made though, both monsters were not legendary film monsters. King Kong was a bigger star and had been around since 1933. This was the first Godzilla film to be in color and it started Godzilla on a stretch where he would become the most popular movie monster. This film helped develop Godzilla, it was his first film in a while and it helped start him off on the stretch that I just mentioned.

This is not the same King Kong from the original classic King Kong. If it was then Godzilla could merely step on him. This is Toho's version of King Kong. Not a bad version I must say. Kong gets in a lot of good action, fighting a giant Octopus, smashing through electrical cords, and of course going against Godzilla. In this film electricity makes Kong stronger, an interesting ability to make him stand a better chance against Godzilla. I always liked Godzilla better than King Kong but Kong is a great monster also.

Godzilla is great in this film. Not only is he in color for the first time but he also once again is a villain. Awesome! The Godzilla in this film looks really good, probably third behind the Godzilla from Godzilla King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs Mothra. Godzilla is bulky has an evil looking head and just looks like nothing can stop him. Except electricity apparently. That is one thing that always confused me, Electricity did not stop him at all in Godzilla King of the Monsters so why did it work this time? Probably because in this film they state that Godzilla has the brain the size of a cherry. I think this is the only film where Godzilla's brain size is talked about, but I do not think that Godzilla's intelligence is the same in every film.

The story is pretty easy to follow. Mr Sato needs a giant monster to give him better ratings since he is sick of Godzilla. So an expedition to Farrow Island Island takes place to find another monster. I guess you can always find Kong on Islands in the middle of nowhere. Once Kong is taken back to Japan the film gets really interesting as there are two giant monsters around. Also the whole tension leading up to the battle between the two is great.

Acting is awesome. Not much more to add. I would just like to say that I love how on the boat one of Sato's men calls Sato a 'dumb bell" and states how "King Kong could kill us all and you wouldn't care. Publicity is all you want!" It is funny because it is true.

The monster fight at the end is awesome. Really is the best monster fight I have seen. Both get their moments, but I really can see that clearly Godzilla has the upper hand. So I guess Kong is portrayed more as the hero than Godzilla is. BUt that is OK, I love when Godzilla is a villain.

One thing I would like to add. THere has been a long running rumor that the ending is different in the Japanese Version than in the American Version. All I can say without giving too much away is that you should check where bits of information you heard comes from and not believe everything you hear.

Also, I really hope they do not re make this film. I know that sounds bad, but I have seen so many re makes as failures and this is the type of film that could be re made. Just let this film stand by itself.

A great film. Godzilla against King Kong. GO see it, it is a classic.
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America version is a fun monster romp that lacks the wit of the Japanese original
MlleLapisTortue7 August 2020
The original Japanese version of King Kong vs Godzilla was set out to be a comedy as it satirized Japanese commercialization and media at the time. This means it would suffer the fate of being re-edited when brought over for international distribution. As such the only version of the film that would be available was a re-edited from the original story. This meant adding superfluous American actors who's role is mainly relegating to just commenting on the action. It removes the comedic elements of the original as well as exchanging the original score for stock music from the Universal library. The original Japanese version isn't perfect, but it tells the story in a more cohesive manner. It should be no surprise then that the American version is inferior to the original, but it's still fun it's own right. The creative monster battle from the original is overall preserved and some of the comedy manages to survive the localization. Some of the music choices also work, even if they are stock. It goes to show that having King Kong face Godzilla is an entertaining romp regardless of which version it is.
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Classic movie
CMUBrent9 June 2002
A classic monster movie, without a doubt. King Kong, the legendary giant gorilla from the US versus Godzilla, Japan's own monster legend. Sure, the script may have been cheesy, but what Godzilla movie's script isn't? The final battle between the two giants is great, something like pro wrestling and sumo, and a big finish with both monsters plunging into the ocean.

I give it an 8 out of 10.
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One Of The Best Godzilla's
Movieman495026 January 2014
This was a big leap for Kong and Godzilla: first, this movie was both their first in colour. Next, Godzilla was about 50 ft. taller than Kong, which meant Kong would've had to get bigger. 3rd, was getting the copyright for Kong to verse Godzilla. This movie was close to going in the Godzilla Garbage, just like 'Godzilla vs. Frankenstein'. But it ended up being made, and with big success at the time. The story tells of Godzilla attacking Tokyo once more, destroying everything in his path. One man, who owns his a television channel, is sick of Godzilla, and sends some men out to find a beast to take him on. The men return with King Kong, and all hell breaks lose. A great Friday Flick with some friends. It is an ultimate ******* star performance. So, if you like the 'King Kong' and 'Godzilla' series, then I recommend this movie to YOU!
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Kingu Kongu tai Gojira: Just plain silly
Platypuschow12 July 2018
King Kong vs Godzilla picks up from the events of Godzilla Raids Again (1955). We see our big lizard friend broken free of his icy tomb and head off towards Tokyo once more.

But at the same time King Kong just happens to be headed there as well and a conflict between the two seems inevitable, but how much of Japan will be left afterwards?

Now on paper this should have been a grand epic, the two biggest movie monsters facing off. It should have been a true spectacle like Batman vs Superman (2016) should have been, but much like that this fails rather impressively.

The plot is hilarious, unintentionally hilarious. It's so bad and so unbelievable it forces the entire movie into the comedy genre, underlined further by the comedic fight scenes.

The image of King Kong and the balloons will stick with me forever!

With Godzilla flapping his arms around randomly like a bird and King Kong bouncing from walking like a gorrilla to upright as if consistency didn't exist in the 60's the whole thing is the very definition of silly.

Don't get me wrong the film has its moments but this US/Japan collaboration fails on too many fronts and has a serious identity problem.

Not the worst movie of the franchise but perhaps the silliest.

The Good:

The basic conept

The Bad:

Far too comedic in places

Stupidly well groomed native folk

Plot is bafflingly stupid

No consistency with the creatures sizes

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

VS movies are destined to underwhelm

Unbreakable wires will also allow balloons to carry unrealistic weights
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Monster Classic
Johnnycitystar12 August 2007
This is probably one of my favorite Godzilla Films this is where he really shines in this movie.Same goes for King Kong.Right now I'm going to review the Japanese version since I saw it a couple of days ago.

It starts off with Mr. Tako who hates the fact he has a boring television show and is upset that he has the lowest rating in he tries to find a way to boost up the rating.he hears about a professor that there's a monster on an island and Tako falls in love with the he sends his employees Sakurai and Furue to the to see if there really is a monster.Meanwhile in the Arctic ocean a submarine find a glowing iceberg and approaches it.Back in Japan Mr. Tako is throwing a going away party for Sakurai and Furue and tells them if they don't bring nothing they are fired.Back to the artier ocean The Submarine is close to the iceberg but it's then destroyed bursting into flames.soon enough a helicopter goes to check the site and find out not only the submarine is destroyed but that Godzilla is here.The return of Godzilla is all over Japan and Military defenses have thoughts about using the atom bomb on Godzilla.soon enough Godzilla Destroyes a military base and is all over the newspapers and television.Tako is furious that Godzilla is taking up all the media and wants a monster quickly.meanwhile Sakurai and Furue land on the island and are capture by natives but demand to find the monster.soon enough Godzilla heads to northern japan where Sakurai's sister Fumiko is looking for her boyfriend Fujita.Godzilla attack a train but Fumiko is saved by Fujita who is looking for her.back on the island Sakurai and Furue fight a giant octopus and is defeated by no other than King Kong soon enough after the fight King Kong drink a juice that will put you to sleep.after that King Kong is on a raft heading to Japan Tako is happy to the fact that King Kong is now more popular than Godzilla.soon King Kong is free from his raft heads to japan and fights Godzilla so who will win this fight King Kong Or Godzilla? The Japanese version is a lot better than the USA Version Better Music,Better acting and more funnier.Ichiro Arishima and Yu Fujiki who play Mr. Tako and Furue are really the funniest out of all the characters and in the Japanese version it's laugh out loud. there a scene where Tako is talks to a guy and bets that King Kong will beat Godzilla and is about to fight this guy.there's scenes where he's on the ship and tries to pursed the other not to kill King Kong and hits the TNT Denantor.Tadao Takashima who plays Sakurai gives a solid performance but when around Furue it's funny when he's angry and yelling at him.Kenji Sahara who plays Fujita is given yet another Dead-Pan Role and gives a bland performance except when Fumiko is prated by Kong.Akihiko Hirata who plays the Dead-pan Scientist role and also gives a bland performance but not his fault really the acting is not all that bad but for those whose hasn't the Japanese version hurry up and go see it.
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Cult classic
a-m-bloem26 August 2004
This movie is not the movie to see for an epic fight between the two legendary monsters. It's a movie to see for all the fans of badly executed special effects in the true spirit of 50's scifi b-movies. In that respect, it's a true classic. If you enjoyed the Beasty Boys' video for "Intergalactic Planetary", you'd love this movie as a Japanese feature length counterpart. They've got the same quality feel to them, and the same incredible special effects - and here, "incredible" is meant literally.

Some of the highlights of this movie for me: the toy plane a little boy sees hanging in a toystore and makes him stop because he badly wants it, is the same plane that flew in formation attacking Godzilla. And by that I don't mean the same type of plane, but it's the exact same plastic model! Also, true to the original story, King Kong comes from a tropical island. As we all know, the cliché has it such an island is inhabited by black people wearing banana-leaf skirts and toting spears. This being a Japanese production, the natives are played by Japanese, painted black and given curly wigs...

So if you enjoy laughing at the ridiculous details in movies, love to see fights between people wearing halloween suits trying to make it look like the real thing, with some mediocre fireworks in between, you have to see this movie. If you're looking for a credible classic, such as the original King Kong movie, or high-tech special effects and stunning visuals, this is not the one for you ;)
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About the sound format
nanook21th18 July 2005
I really enjoy this site for accurate information and data, but I have to say the sound info "mono" for this movie is incorrect.

The original production was done with 4-track magnetic sound, which was believed "lost", along with original negative of director's cut, the original "Roadshow" version. The duped negative of cut version and 16 mm copy of original version was available for re-release and video tape, but the Godzilla fans knew the movie was longer than they saw and original sound was stereo. They persuaded Toho to do proper research on late 80's, and thanks to their effort, the original negative was discovered from Toho's vault, along with 4-track magnetic sound negative and Ifukube Akira's original music recording.

The long-awaited "director's cut" Laserdisc with surround sound was released on December 1991, and it became a must-have item for Godzilla fan. Sound was, once again, remixed in 5.1 for DVD release, which was great.

¥6000 Yen. It's bit of pricey, but believe me, it worth it.
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Classic Japanese Cinema!
Megalon-427 July 2000
This is my all time favorite Godzilla movie of all time! I really enjoy seeing ths 2 biggest monsters of all time battle it out on top of Mt. Fugi! This was the Godzilla series in it's prime, with great effects, creative plots, and really cool monsters! Its all in color and features many bright and spectacular moments! The effects are campy but exciting as well as the storyline which features many japanese stars. But beware... this is not the King Kong from the 1933 film, rather a very unrealistic guy in an ape suit... Godzilla is portrayed much better by the best Godzilla actor Hauro Nakijama who played the big guy from 1954 to 1972! The costume used in the film has a bulky and reptilian look, while Kong reminds me of a bald, bot bellied old guy. His mouth doesn't move, his eyes are all googly looking... it's just one awful suit. The one used in "King Kong Escapes" is much better! If you enjoy Godzilla, Gamera or any science fiction at all, this is a movie that will be on top of your vcr for many years to come.
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A "so bad it's good" experience
AlsExGal6 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This one starts off with a quotation from Shakespeare. The film gets the action started quickly after that dose of culture.

A nuclear submarine in the Arctic Ocean somehow awakens Godzilla, who has been slumbering in the middle of an iceberg. He breaks his way out, starting a sea quake which takes care of the submarine and crew, then Godzilla heads for Tokyo, stomping toy villages and airbases in his way. Meanwhile, King Kong has been located on a far away island. A ratings mad television executive decides to bring Kong to Japan.

After scoring a big hit in 1933, I guess times were tough for the big fellow, so unlike Garbo Kong just didn't get to be and stay alone. So 30 years after his encounter with Carl Denham and those planes he (reluctantly, I'm sure) agreed to make a film comeback and traveled to Japan to work with Toho Studios. But what happens there, facing a guy in a lizard suit and, worst fate of all, the Japanese stack the fight on film in favor of their participant! And pure-at-heart Kong, thinking the fight would be on the level, I'm sure, is forced to follow a cornball Toho Studio script. Ah, the ignominy of it all!

The film's special effects vary from dreadful to somewhat scary (film has one successful monster--it's neither of the title ones). CalTex Oil (I think they are now part of Chevron) got a big boost, as their name is prominently displayed on a toy train that derails. Sharp eyed viewers can see the edge of a bathtub in two nautical scenes. Kong appears to have a case of the mange. To add insult to injury, the film's score is ripped off from "The Creature From The Black Lagoon", and classical music.

The reason for my rather high score is the so bad it's good factor.
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The Big G and the Great Ape really mix it up in this immensely enjoyable beastbash
Woodyanders29 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A submarine bumps into the iceberg Godzilla was sleeping in and wakes the ferocious behemoth up. Naturally, Godzilla is mighty cranky and makes an immediate beeline to Japan so he can level the countryside. Meanwhile, King Kong gets discovered on a remote tropical island by two goofy adventurers and likewise gets transported back to Japan as well. Our towering monster duo hook up in Tokyo for a wild, savage, no-holds-barred paw-to-claw thingo-a-thingo duel of the titans smackdown showdown where they proceed to really dance a brutal boogie. They throw boulders at each other. Godzilla burns King Kong with his lethal radioactive breath. They grapple and tumble like a pair of gigantic deranged wrestlers all hopped up on steroids. The undeniable highlight occurs when King Kong picks Godzilla up by his tail and whips him around the air like a huge ragdoll. Better still, King Kong also fights a big slimy octopus and both beasts trash trains. This immensely enjoyable creature feature item possesses all the delectably cheesy ingredients that I absolutely adore in these kinds of sublimely silly monster movies: hilariously horrible dubbing, lovably shoddy rinky-dink (far from) special effects, a booming, bombastic score, dopey dialogue ("King Kong can't make a monkey out of us"), exquisitely expansive widescreen cinematography, engagingly dumb human characters, and our two colossal creatures are obviously played by a couple of guys in endearingly crummy and unconvincing rubber suits. The excitable and hyperactive five year old boy inside of me thoroughly digs this delightfully dunced-out doozy -- and always will no matter how old I get.
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Kingu Kongu returnu!
punishmentpark19 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Well, this was initially a letdown after having recently seen 'King Kong' (1933) again; the comic relief is beyond belief. But once you know what it is (and, maybe more importantly: what it isn't), it's a lot of fun. Kong and Godzilla are now (mostly; there was a little stop-motion in there) played by men in hilarious suits and the reporters talking to the viewer only add to that; the (miniature) sets ranged from (mostly) fun hobby stuff to (some) rather impressive panoramas. Then there are plenty of action scenes between Kong, Godzilla and the army (and even an octopus!), most of which made me laugh out loud while a few worked reasonably well. And always do I admire the creative folks who put a thing like this together.

Storywise, there's quite a lot going on, from American-Japanese relations to sensationalist and commercial motives of a big company, back to a biology lesson about the size of the monsters' brains. And again, there's a love interest for Kong, but as with the aforementioned motifs, it's hardly significant to the action / comedy / adventure flick that it actually is.

7 out of 10.
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One of the greatest crossovers ever.
zackeryburgedd5 August 2011
As a kid I always wondered what it would be like if there was a fight between Godzilla and King Kong. After watching this I got my answer. This was very fun. Now to be honest, unlike most people in the US I saw the Japanese version and I never saw the English version yet. But after hearing about the English version I'm glad I saw the Japanese version first. I love the comedy in this film from both the monsters and humans. Ichiro Arishima is hilarious as the television boss. The fight between Kong and Godzilla on Mt. Fuji was great. It was both funny and amazing. The music done by Akira Ifukube was awesome as usually. Now this film needs to be remade. It's going to be King Kong vs Godzilla's 50th anniversary and it's ashame that won't ever happen.
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