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  • For the casual viewer who wants to see this in CINERAMA, the possible closest way to do so is to purchase the How The West Was Won Special Edition on Blu-Ray disc. On Disc 2 of the set there is a "SmileBox" version of the film.

    The SmileBox process converts the film as if it was shown on a curved CINERAMA screen and the SmileBox process was used in the documentary Cinerama Adventure, available as part of the How The West Was Won Special Edition on standard DVD and Blu-Ray.

    At this time, the SmileBox version of How The West Was Won is not available on standard edition DVD.

    For the less casual viewer who wants to see it in actual Cinerama, it is occasionally shown in one of the few theaters still equipped for Cinerama projection. There will be five showings at the Seattle Cinerama theater between September 30 and October 16, 2011.

    This film is normally shown every year at the Bradford Film Festival in England. This year is no exception and it will be shown on Friday 27th April at 1930. It is an original 3 strip print and there are several other Cinerama films being shown that weekend. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Chicago Tribune, Saturday, April 7, 1962, pt. 2, p. 6, c. 1:


    by Hedda Hopper

    George Peppard has had his hair dyed for the last time in "How the West Was Won." He had seven dye jobs done to make him age from 18 to 80. The picture is finished and he's reading new scripts. Universal-International wants him to join Rock Hudson in "Gathering of Eagles," and Carl Foreman's paging him for "The Victors." . . . . Edit (Coming Soon)


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