The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Poster

Episode List


5 Jan. 1989
David Steinberg/Jake Johannsen/Susie Essman
Garfield dolls are put to various uses. David Steinberg discusses his fear of elevators and his inability to recognize celebrities in public; Jake Johannsen performs stand-up; Susie Essman (Baby Boom (1988)).
13 Jan. 1989
Robert Klein/Blair Brown/Teddy Andrews
Johnny describes various phobias. Robert Klein performs stand-up and is interviewed; Blair Brown (The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd (1987)); 7-year-old Berkeley youth commissioner Teddy Andrews.
1 Feb. 1989
Martin Short/Isabella Rossellini/Gene Fleming
Johnny displays the staff's old nude pictorials. Martin Short (Three Fugitives (1989)); Isabella Rossellini (Cousins (1989)); Gene Fleming presents his footless goose Andy, for whom he made special shoes.
2 Feb. 1989
Jay Leno/Fred Savage/Brian Gillis
Johnny looks at the origins of advertising slogans. Jay Leno talks about his father's buying habits; Fred Savage (The Wonder Years (1988)); Brian Gillis does magic and card tricks with Johnny, Doc and the guests.
10 Feb. 1989
Super Dave/Park Overall/Mark Schiff
Johnny tests the audience as potential Oliver North jurors. Super Dave Osborne (Bob Einstein; Super Dave (1987)); Park Overall (Empty Nest (1988)); Mark Schiff performs stand-up.
10 Mar. 1989
Michael Landon/John Mendoza/Thelma Houston
Johnny presents Believe It or Stuff It. Michael Landon (Highway to Heaven (1984)); John Mendoza performs stand-up. Also: Thelma Houston performs with The Winans.