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7 Jan. 1965
The Contract
An American airman is seeking revenge against The Saint and starts by putting a 5,000-pound bounty on his head.
14 Jan. 1965
The Set-Up
Simon interrupts an armed robbery and is told by Teal the gang in question are building up to a last big job.
21 Jan. 1965
The Rhine Maiden
Simon helps a young woman whose father has been swindled and his conman is in Germany trying to receive illegal plastic surgery to disappear.
28 Jan. 1965
The Inescapable Word
Death rays seem to be coming from a Scottish research center
4 Feb. 1965
The Sign of the Claw
The Saint confronts a terrorist gang in the South East Asian jungles.
11 Feb. 1965
The Golden Frog
In South America the Saint meets two swindlers, Alice Nestor and her father. They show him a golden statue of a frog, claiming it is one of many such icons of the sacred frogs of the Incas and request Simon Templarl back their expedition to find others. Temlar pretends to cooperate, but he plans to turn the tables on them, especially when he discovers they're also gunrunners for local revolutionaries,.
18 Feb. 1965
The Frightened Inn-Keeper
Simon steps into strange events happening in a Cornish inn when he responds to an appeal for help from the inn-keeper's daughter.
25 Feb. 1965
On the island of Haiti, noted for voodoo, the Saint meets the beautiful Sibao, a mystical young woman, and her fiancè, Thèron Netlord, a young Englishman who's entranced by voodoo and is marrying Sibao purely to learn its secrets and gain power for himself. Templar accepts an invitation to dinner with Netlord and finds himself in danger.
4 Mar. 1965
The Crime of the Century
Betty Tregarth is forced to go with a group of men led by Bernhard Raxel. Earlier Chief Inspector Teal had told the Saint that he suspects Raxel of planning the 'crime of the century', having killed an undercover officer planted by Teal for more details. Betty works at a research plant perfecting nerve gas and Raxel has kidnapped her brother as security for her cooperation. He wants to employ nerve gas in a robbery to steal the plates and paper from the Bank of England's printing house. Teal intercepts one of the safe-crackers Raxel intends to use in the raid and ...
11 Mar. 1965
The Happy Suicide
Television host Ziggy Zaglan has a jovial public image but is really a very unpleasant man who owes his success to the clever writing skills of his adopted brother, Paul. Paul is visited by James McCleary, a man who claims that Ziggy was responsible for his sister's death by drowning, and the next morning Paul is found dead by hanging. The assumption is that he killed himself but the Saint is not convinced and sets out to find the murderer.
1 Jul. 1965
The Checkered Flag
Oscar Newley has perfected a new fuel injection system for his racing car and approaches Simon for financial backing.
12 Jun. 1965
The Abductors
Shortly after meeting the Saint in a Paris night club and informing him that he is being followed, Brian Quell is kidnapped by a gang led by a man called Jones in an attempt to lure Brian's brother, a professor, to work for foreign agents. Brian is killed and Jones plans to abduct the professor at the funeral. The Saint is under suspicion for the murder and, in escaping from the police, hides out with a young girl called Madeline, who has won a holiday to Paris as a prize. She is in turn abducted by Brian's killers and the Saint must rescue her and head off the ...
17 Apr. 1965
The Crooked Ring
Steve Nelson is an up-and-coming young boxer with a promising career but his girl-friend Connie approaches the Saint because she is fearful of his next opponent, a mysterious Australian known as the Masked Angel, who has actually killed a man in a fight, although there was no evidence of foul play. The Saint is suspicious of the Angel's manager, Doc Spengler, the more so after a man who has offered to spy on Spengler is found dead and the Saint is shot at. Then Steve is deliberately run over and unable to box. The Saint decides to take his place in the ring and unmask...
29 May 1965
The Smart Detective
Neither Inspector Teal nor the Saint are impressed by Peter Corrio, a smug private detective who boasts his security system for the fabulous Oppenheim emerald is impenetrable. They're suspicious how he's managed to solve so many jewel thefts which have eluded the police. Then Templar meets Janice Dixon, who tells him her brother was killed trying to escape from the police having had jewels planted on him - by Corrio. She believes Corrio's engineered the recent thefts in order to return the jewels for the rewards. When Janice is snatched, she's taken to a boat owned by...
29 Jul. 1965
The Persistent Parasites
The Saint's invited to the wedding of his very rich friend, Waldo Oddington to Nadine, who's young enough to be his daughter. Waldo's also invited his 3 ex-wives and his nephew, George McGeorge. Waldo's murdered, and he's found to have been heavily insured. But who stood to gain by his death? Templar must find out.
31 Jul. 1965
The Man Who Could Not Die
Nicknamed 'the man who could not die', international adventurer Miles Hallin goes into partnership with Nigel Perry, whose father has recently died. Following the death of a man suspected of blackmailing Hallin, the Saint believes that Hallin killed Nigel's father and Nigel himself could be in danger. Hallin and Nigel set out for a pot-holing holiday in Wales with Templar in pursuit - to prove, or disprove Hallin's guilt, and to make sure no harm comes to Nigel.
12 Aug. 1965
The Saint Bids Diamonds
Having stolen a priceless diamond from the Louvre, Abdul Grane's now awaiting an expert to come to his villa in the Canary Islands to cut it for him. Unbeknownst to Graner, this is the Saint, working for the police. Abdul's wife, Christine lives in fear of her husband, and confides in Simon her husband's very dangerous, she wants to leave, along with Templar and the diamond. But Simon feels obliged to continue his deception. As Graner's suspicions grow, so, too does the possibility that someone might end up dead.
19 Aug. 1965
The Spanish Cow
On the French Riviera, the Saint rescues Dona Luisa Arroya and her young companion, Consuela from 2 robbers. Dona Luisa and Gilberto, her brother-in-law, tell Simon they're part of a once influential family, exiled from the island of Santa Cruz, who've come to sell Dona Luisa's jewelry to raise money for a return to power - hence the robbery. So much is made of the jewels and so many people seem anxious to steal them that Templar has suspicions about the jewels, themselves, as well as why the Arroyas really want to involve him in their scheme and whether they are ...
26 Aug. 1965
The Old Treasure Story
In a pub in Cornwall, the Saint meets three men, each of whom owns a third of a map that allegedly shows the whereabouts of sunken treasure in the West Indies. He joins their party to discover whether the treasure is a myth or a reality. On arriving at the supposed location of the treasure he quickly comes to see that there is - literally - a deadly rivalry among the group members.

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