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Season 6

11 Sep. 1967
Lucy Meets the Berles
Lucy moonlights as Milton Berle's secretary. She overhears Milton rehearsing a torrid love scene, thinks that the comedian is cheating on his wife and plots a suitable comeuppance.
18 Sep. 1967
Lucy Gets Trapped
Lucy convinces Mr. Mooney that she's too ill to come to work so she can go to a department store sale. After examining some of the items for sale in the store (and causing a lot of damage), she learns she is the ten-millionth customer and wins many valuable prizes. One prize she wins isn't one to her liking - her photograph will appear prominently in the next day's morning newspaper. Lucy goes to great lengths to make sure that her boss doesn't see the incriminating photograph and fails miserably.
25 Sep. 1967
Lucy and the French Movie Star
A European movie company fronted by a famous French movie actor comes to Los Angeles to set up shop. Mr. Mooney's plans to land their account are nearly scuttled when Lucy becomes inebriated on French champagne.
2 Oct. 1967
Lucy and the Starmaker
A young man wants a career in the music, but his uncle insists he learn the banking business. Lucy arranges for an impromptu audition with a record producer in the bank's lobby.
9 Oct. 1967
Lucy Gets Her Diploma
In order to keep her job at the bank, Lucy goes back to high school to finally earn her diploma. Of course she makes friends and everyone at the school love her, except for one annoying student.
16 Oct. 1967
Lucy Gets Jack Benny's Account
Lucy tries to convince Jack Benny to take his money from his underground vault and deposit it in Mr. Mooney's bank. She plans to do so by designing even more elaborate precautions than Benny's own booby-trapped passages.
23 Oct. 1967
Little Old Lucy
Mr. Mooney orders Lucy to dress up as an elderly woman and escort the aging bank president to the annual banquet. The old man would rather chase Lucy around his living room.
30 Oct. 1967
Lucy and Robert Goulet
When a handsome truck driver is turned down for a loan, she convinces him to enter a Robert Goulet look alike contest in order to win the needed cash.
6 Nov. 1967
Lucy Gets Mooney Fired
After there is a 48 cent shortage at the bank, Lucy puts her own money to make the difference. When Mr. Cheever finds out, he blames Mr. Mooney, and Mooney is promptly fired. Lucy becomes Mr. Cheever's secretary, but feels so bad about Mr. Mooney, that she tries to convince Mr. Cheever that he's going insane because of the guilt of firing Mooney, and she plots to get Mr. Mooney's job back.
13 Nov. 1967
Lucy's Mystery Guest
Lucy accidentally tears up a letter from someone who is coming to visit her, not knowing when or who is coming to stay. It turns out to be Lucy's very controlling Aunt, who changes Lucy's diet to disgusting diet food, and gives her daily exercise regiments, so Lucy plots to get rid of her.
20 Nov. 1967
Lucy, the Philanthropist
Lucy takes in a homeless man and feeds him a home cooked meal. When she finds out that he needs a job, she goes to Mr. Mooney for help. He wants nothing to do with it until he finds out a millionaire is going around and posing as a bum and handing out cash to people who help him. So Mooney promptly gives him a job and a place to stay at his home, not knowing that the man is simply broke and not the secret millionaire.
27 Nov. 1967
Lucy Sues Mooney
Lucy injures her leg while working at Mr. Mooney's house, so she hires Mary Jane's lawyer cousin to get a little money for her pain and suffering. Once shady Willy Wiley sees big bucks to be made, he sues Mooney and the bank for everything they're worth.
8 Jan. 1968
Lucy and the Pool Hustler
Lucy visits a local pool hall and enters their billiards tournament. Her main competition is a woman named Laura Winthrop. Cigar-smoking Laura, however, looks suspiciously like a a pool hustling man named Ace.
4 Dec. 1967
Lucy and Carol Burnett: Part 1
Lucy becomes a trainee flight attendant at Gobal Workd Airlines. She's teamed with fellow trainee Carol Tilford, who's afraid of heights. On their very first flight, the movie breaks, leaving the two to entertain the passengers.
11 Dec. 1967
Lucy and Carol Burnett: Part 2
Flight attendants Lucy and Carol get their wings. Plus, the two red-heads team up with Mr. Mooney to stage a musical with Buddy Rogers and Richard Arlen from the silent film Wings.
1 Jan. 1968
Lucy and Viv Reminisce
After Lucy breaks her leg, Mr. Mooney enlists the help of Lucy's best pal Vivian Bagley from Danfield to take care of Lucy. Then, the two start reminiscing about old times and the crazy things they did together.
15 Jan. 1968
Lucy Gets Involved
Lucy borrows Mr. Mooney's TV set and promptly breaks it. To make enough cash to replace it, she moonlights as a carhop at a drive-in. While there, she takes up the cause of a young motorcyclist who's accused of stealing and stripping cars.
22 Jan. 1968
Mooney's Other Wife
Mr. Mooney flirts innocently with a waitress when attending an out-of-town bank convention. But then the sexy server comes to L.A. insisting that Mooney has proposed to her. To scare her off, Lucy pretends to be Mrs. Mooney and shows the homewrecker how horrible it is to be married to a such a monster.
29 Jan. 1968
Lucy and the Stolen Stole
When Lucy takes Mr. Mooney to buy a fur for his wife, they're made an incredible offer by a shady character. The stole they buy from him turns out to be "hot", getting the two of them arrested for possession of stolen goods. Lucy and Mooney's schemes to get his money back from the crook get them arrested again... and again.
5 Feb. 1968
Lucy and Phil Harris
Lucy brings a Drunken lounge singer home to sober up for the night and finds out that he was once a talented song writer who is now a has been. He plays for her a song he's been writing and Lucy swears it's a hit, so she helps him make a come back.
19 Feb. 1968
Lucy Helps Ken Berry
Ken is turned down by Mr. Mooney for a loan to open his dance studio. Lucy decides all he needs in a little publicity so she arranges for a bunch of truck drivers to sign up for lessons and wrangles some TV coverage.
26 Feb. 1968
Lucy and the Lost Star
Lucy and Vivian's (who's visiting Lucy) car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. They walk to a house down the road to see if they can call an auto club and the house is owned by none other than Joan Crawford, the movie star. All her furniture has been sent out for cleaning, so Lucy and Viv think she's broke and try to raise money for the star.
4 Mar. 1968
Lucy and Sid Caesar
Sid Caesar enlists Lucy's help in capturing Frankie the Forger, a look-alike who's passing off bad checks in his name. Lucy becomes confused with too many Caesars running around and repeatedly captures the real Sid.
11 Mar. 1968
Lucy and 'The Boss of the Year' Award
Mr. Mooney wants to be named president of the San Fransisco branch of the bank. To get the job, he enters his boss, Mr. Cheever, in a Boss of the Year contest and writes a ridiculously fawning letter comparing him to Abe Lincoln. Meanwhile, Lucy does the same thing and enters Mooney.

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