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16 Sep. 1985
Elroy Meets Orbitty
A lovable creature becomes the newest member of the Jetson family.
17 Sep. 1985
Rosie Come Home
Rosey runs away from home when she thinks the Jetsons are going to replace her.
18 Sep. 1985
Solar Snoops
George foils attempt by Cogswell to steal a new Spacely Sprocket secret.
19 Sep. 1985
Judy's Birthday Surprise
Finding herself alone on the night of her 16th birthday, Judy tells her robot diary all about the events that lead up to her special day.
20 Sep. 1985
The Jetsons buy a Thinko machine that grants George's wish to become a super hero.
23 Sep. 1985
Family Fallout
George Jetson and his family competes against Cosmo Spacely and his family in the game show "Family Fallout". Mr. Spacely is determined to keep George from participating in the game show.
24 Sep. 1985
Instant Replay
A new invention gives George the power to edit history.
25 Sep. 1985
Fugitive Fleas
Musical fleas escape from their circus life by hitching a ride on Astro.
26 Sep. 1985
Mr. Spacely leaves his brand new fancy car to George while he is on a business trip. Judy and Elroy take George's car for a ride, so Jane has to take Mr. Spacely's to go to the mall. Jane wrecks the car completely while she tries to find a parking space.
30 Sep. 1985
One Strike, You're Out
Mr. Spacely forces all his employees to work a "Triple-Shift" since he found out that Cogswell has won the "Tycoon of the Day" Award. George, exhausted after the 24 hours work, accidentally convinces his co-workers to go on strike. When he gets home, George destroys Elroy's athlete robot, "Jocko". To fix the problem, George disguises himself as Jocko.
1 Oct. 1985
Mother's Day for Rosie
Rosey can't stop thinking of her own deactivated mother on Mother's Day. George is determined to find the blueprints of the "XB-400" and make Rosey happy.
2 Oct. 1985
S'No Relative
The Jetsons mistake an escaped creature for a relative until scientists recapture him.
3 Oct. 1985
Dance Time
George tries a new pair of experimental shoes that dance on their own.
7 Oct. 1985
Judy Takes Off
When Jane and Mrs. Spacely compete for the same award, Spacely employs devious means to discredit Jane.
9 Oct. 1985
Winner Takes All
Out-of-shape George inadvertently volunteers for a health club fitness contest.
11 Oct. 1985
The Mirrormorph
Judy Jetson orders clay for her art project. But she instead gets the wrong order of clay which turns out to be an silent alien that shape shifts into a duplicate of the same person who touches it.
14 Oct. 1985
The Cosmic Courtship of George and Jane
George must woo Jane again after she learns that their marriage isn't legal.
15 Oct. 1985
High Moon
Elroy is obsessed with watching a TV spy show until he visits a Western town.
17 Oct. 1985
Hi-Tech Wreck
R.U.D.I. starts to malfunction too much and ruins Spacely's presentation. George is ordered to relocate with his family to "Outer Moongolia". But Spacely brings the Jetsons back very quickly when R.U.D.I. threatens to destroy the factory if George doesn't return.
18 Oct. 1985
Little Bundle of Trouble
Astro becomes suspicious of a "lost baby" who is really a jewel thief in disguise.
22 Oct. 1985
Elroy in Wonderland
Elroy helps some discarded tools prove that they're not obsolete.
23 Oct. 1985
The Swiss Family Jetson
After being laid off of work George buys into a scheme called "DIGIFARM" and moves to the farthest planetoid in the Galaxy. Arriving they run out of fuel and crash-land so the Jetsons have to use survival to make their new home a paradise but developers take notice and move in.
24 Oct. 1985
Rip-Off Rosie
Rosey eats a faulty lug nut, causing her to steal things.
28 Oct. 1985
Fantasy Planet
On Fantasy Planet, the Jetsons discover that fame and fortune can be disappointing.
30 Oct. 1985
Space Bong
George is kidnapped by a sultry spy who mistakes him for a secret agent.
31 Oct. 1985
Haunted Halloween
Elroy is distraught when Orbitty suddenly disappears on Halloween.
1 Nov. 1985
Astro's Big Moment
George can't please anyone when he judges a dog contest.
4 Nov. 1985
Jetsons' Millions
Mr. Spacely offers George a raffle book for the Venutian Sweepstakes. Mrs. Spacely is offended when George actually wins the grand prize of 10,000,000 Venuties.
5 Nov. 1985
The Wrong Stuff
Elroy and Astro wander onto an unmanned rocket just before it departs on a five-year mission.
7 Nov. 1985
The Vacation
Jane wins a family weekend trip on "The Love Rocket". The luxurious trip soon turns into a nightmare when both Jane and George stumble on their former high school flames.
11 Nov. 1985
Team Spirit
Elroy's energized cookies help George save his job during a company spaceball game.
12 Nov. 1985
Future Tense
Jane's new designer glasses let her see into the future.
13 Nov. 1985
Far-Out Father
For a Father's Day project, Elroy films George, who also uses the camera to follow a lovesick Astro.
15 Nov. 1985
Dog Daze Afternoon
A mix-up of computer discs causes George to act like a dog.
19 Nov. 1985
Grandpa and the Galactic Golddigger
A female thief mistakes Grandpa Jetson for rich Mr. Spacely and woos him to steal his "fortune."
20 Nov. 1985
Robot's Revenge
George's life is thrown into chaos when all robots refuse his orders.
22 Nov. 1985
To Tell the Truth
George learns the hard way that honesty is the best policy.
25 Nov. 1985
Boy George
George's temporary smallness lands him a large account.
27 Nov. 1985
Judy's Elopement
George is frantic when he thinks Judy has eloped with Mr. Spacely's nephew.
28 Nov. 1985
The Century's Best
Love overcomes selfishness when the Jetsons compete for a prize.
13 Dec. 1985
A Jetson Christmas Carol
What do Santa Claus and George Jetson have in common? They both have to work on Christmas eve! That mean old Mr. Spacely forces George to work late, while the family wonders what has happened to him, while Astro opens one of his presents early, breaks it, accidentally swallows a piece of it (a Spacely Sprockett) and becomes very ill. It seems the Jetsons may lose their Tiny Tim-like dog. Plus, Mr. Spacely is visited by his old partner, Jacob Marsley, who tells him of three spirits that will visit him. And they do, first the Past ghost robot who shows him young Spacely...

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