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23 Sep. 1962
Rosie the Robot
The Jetsons hire a robot maid.
30 Sep. 1962
A Date with Jet Screamer
Judy enters a song writing contest and wins a date with Jet Screamer, much to George's chagrin. That evening he follows his daughter and the flamboyant rock star to the concert hall where he puts on a mega show, singing Judy's song "Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah".
7 Oct. 1962
Jetson's Nite Out
Mr. Spacely has tickets to the football game, and he invites George to come along. So, they fool their wives into thinking they were working late, and duck out to the game. It all goes according to plan, until they return home to their infuriated better halves.
14 Oct. 1962
The Space Car
A trip to the local car dealership to buy a new car goes south when George and Jane get mixed up in a crime like never before and are mistaken for an escaped convict and his shapely partner.
21 Oct. 1962
The Coming of Astro
Elroy finds a dog and brings him home, even though his father is against having a dog.
28 Oct. 1962
The Good Little Scouts
George reluctantly agrees to lead Elroy's scout troop on their camping trip on the moon. He wasn't too thrilled about it, but since Mr. Spacely's son Arthur is also a scout member, George jumped at the opportunity to appease his boss. They're not on the moon one hour when George and Arthur find themselves lost.
4 Nov. 1962
The Flying Suit
George thinks that Elroy has invented a flying pill that actually works.
11 Nov. 1962
Rosie's Boyfriend
Rosie begins a romance with the janitor's robot assistant.
18 Nov. 1962
Elroy's TV Show
A TV show producer discovers Elroy and Astro in the park, and casts them in a brand new, original series: "The Adventures of Spaceboy Zoom and His Dog, Astro".
25 Nov. 1962
George is confident he will get a promotion, but things do not go as planned at all.
2 Dec. 1962
A Visit from Grandpa
The Jetsons are visited by George's zany grandfather, Montague.
9 Dec. 1962
Astro's Top Secret
Rival company boss Cogswell believes that George has invented a device that allows Astro to fly.
16 Dec. 1962
Las Venus
Lovebirds George and Jane go on a second honeymoon.
23 Dec. 1962
Elroy's Pal
TV hero The Great Nimbus comes to visit Elroy.
30 Dec. 1962
Test Pilot
After George thinks that he is dying, he decides to become a test pilot for an indestructible suit.
6 Jan. 1963
Millionaire Astro
A millionaire tries to take Astro away from the Jetsons, claiming that Astro is really his dog.
13 Jan. 1963
The Little Man
George accidentally shrinks himself with one of Mr. Spacely's machines and can't get big again after the machine malfunctions.
20 Jan. 1963
Jane's Driving Lesson
Jane's driving lessons turn dangerous when she gets involved with a gangster.
27 Jan. 1963
G.I. Jetson
George gets drafted into the U.S. Space Guard Reserves at Camp Nebula for two weeks. At first, George is hoping that this will allow him time away from Mr. Spacely. But George is dismayed to find Mr. Spacely to be his commanding officer!
3 Feb. 1963
Miss Solar System
Jane signs up for a beauty pageant and is shocked to find that her husband is one of the judges.
10 Feb. 1963
Private Property
George discovers that the building of one of their competitors was built six inches onto Mr. Spacely's land.
17 Feb. 1963
Dude Planet
The Jetsons vacation on a dude planet.
24 Feb. 1963
TV or Not TV
The television becomes a source of contention in the Jetson household.
3 Mar. 1963
Elroy's Mob
Elroy becomes involved with a gang of mobsters.

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