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Season 1

28 Sep. 1962
A Small Matter of Being Fired
In the pilot for I'm Dickens...He's Fenster, Harry Dickens fears not being promoted to foreman, while his friend, Arch Fenster tries to boost Harry's confidence.
5 Oct. 1962
Nurse Dickens
Harry comes down with a severe case of jealousy when Kate, is assigned night shift duties at the hospital with a team of handsome doctors.
12 Oct. 1962
The Double Life of Mel Warshaw
While spending the weekend in their mountain cabin, Dickens, Fenster, and Mulligan, become suspicious of Mel, when they discover his uncanny resemblance to a notorious bank robber.
19 Oct. 1962
Harry, the Father Image
When Arch becomes engaged to a comely young stewardess, a jealous Harry attempts to sabotage their relationship before it ever gets off the ground.
26 Oct. 1962
Part-Time Friend
When a homeless Fenster moves in with Harry and Kate, he nearly demolishes their relationship when he starts to talk trash about his friend...in his sleep!
2 Nov. 1962
The Acting Game
Dickens battles a severe case of stage frightwhile auditioning for a TV commercial.
9 Nov. 1962
The Toupee Story
There's hell "to pay" when Mr. Bannister decides to start wearing a rug.
16 Nov. 1962
A Wolf in Friend's Clothing
When an old Army buddy's daughter stays over at the Dicken's residence, Harry fears that Arch will make a play for the seemingly guileless girl.
23 Nov. 1962
Party, Party, Who's Got the Party?
Tired of being the butt of Mulligan's jokes, Harry puts an end to it by refusing Arch's invitation for a celebratory evening with the construction gang.
30 Nov. 1962
The Yellow Badge of Courage
When Mr. Bannister fires Arch for his endless parade of girlfriends at the construction site, Harry, Mell and Mulligan have to decide whether to admit their own culpability.
7 Dec. 1962
The Joke
The Telling of a seemingly innocent joke leads to an all-out war, jeopardizing the construction crew's bid for the coveted Safety Award.
14 Dec. 1962
Love Me, Love My Dog
Harry feels like his friendship with Arch is going to the dogs after Fenster adopts a precious pup and begins to neglect all his relationships.
21 Dec. 1962
Here's to the Three of Us
When the Dickens' throw a party for their married friends, Harry goes to extremes to conceal from Arch that he's not invited.
28 Dec. 1962
Get Off My Back
Convinced his friend has a severe back ailment that he won't admit, Arch goes behind Harry's back in order to confirm his suspicions.
4 Jan. 1963
How Not to Succeed in Business
Frustrated with their low wages, Dickens and Fenster decide to go into business for themselves, but soon discover that hanging out their shingle is not as easy as it looks.
11 Jan. 1963
The Godfathers
Overwhelmed by the impending birth of his eleventh child, Mel allows Dickens and Fenster to babysit his brood.
29 Mar. 1963
Table Tennis, Anyone?
At the urging of their boss, Harry and Arch form a ping pong team to represent their company in an industrial league. But the pressure to win begins to weigh on the squad.

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