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30 Sep. 1962
Circle of Death
A factual account of how a doctor on a hospital ship during the Battle of Okinawa risked his own life and the lives of all aboard to remove an unexploded cannon shell from the body of a wounded marine.
7 Oct. 1962
V-Victor 5
The year is 1933. Police Officer John Egan is off duty when he spots five wanted criminals. He follows them into a bar and since he can't reach a phone, decides to take the men single-handed in front of a hostile crowd, until help arrived.
14 Oct. 1962
Harris vs. Castro
A true account of a Miami advertising executive, hired to create a favorable public image for Fidel Castro's Cuba, has a hard time collecting his fee, files a lawsuit against the Cuban Government for not honoring its debt to him and how he won the suit and collected the debt by seizing Cuban bank accounts and goods in the United States.
21 Oct. 1962
Code Name: Christopher: Part 1
Relates how a United States marine captain helped to destroy a Nazi heavy-water plant in Norway and slow up their development of the atomic bomb.
28 Oct. 1962
Code Name: Christopher: Part 2
An Army captain is assigned to sabotage production at a Nazi A-bomb factory.
4 Nov. 1962
The Handmade Private
Describes the experiences of two soldier clerks in charge of sending troops home after World War II, and their creation of a fictitious private as a practical joke on their martinet lieutenant.
11 Nov. 1962
The Last Day
The operation of a Russian spy school, which is a replica of an American town, tests a typical trainee on his final day at the school. And Ernie Adams' heretofore ordinary life changes when he is mistaken for a secret agent.
18 Nov. 1962
Man with a Suitcase
A true account of the experiences of a West German citizen who smuggled his fiancée out of East Germany by carrying her through the border check-station of Helmstedt in a suitcase.
25 Nov. 1962
Mile-Long Shot to Kill
Relates how the telescopic rifle was developed and how it was used during the Civil War by Lt. John T. Metcalf, to fire on a Confederate general from a mile away.
2 Dec. 1962
Cheating Cheaters
A true account about an expert card player who was sent aboard a luxury liner to determine whether or not a man who committed suicide over poker losses was cheated by his fellow passengers.
9 Dec. 1962
Describes the actual experiences and the emotions of two members of the British Bomb Disposal Unit as they dismantled a series of unexploded bombs dropped by the Nazis in World War II.
16 Dec. 1962
The Wrong Nickel
Relates how the elaborate spy network of Soviet Colonel Rudolph Abel was discovered when one of his associates mistakenly gave a dummy nickel containing microfilm to a news vendor.
30 Dec. 1962
The Amateurs
In 1909, a million-dollar gem is stolen. The police are baffled - but a Boston jeweler thinks he can recover it.
6 Jan. 1963
Open Season
True experience of a Wisconsin Game Warden in 1928, Ernie Swift, who refused to be intimidated by a vacationing mobster, Frank MacErlane, and risks his life by issuing the mobster a summons for illegal fishing.
13 Jan. 1963
Defendant: Clarence Darrow
An account of the 1912 trial at which famed lawyer Clarence Darrow was accused of attempting to bribe a juror. Describes his conflicts with his attorney, Earl Rogers, and their frequent arguments about judicial procedure.
20 Jan. 1963
The U.S. Air Force office of Special Investigation in West Germany asks confessed Red agent Stefan Karp to work as a counterspy.
27 Jan. 1963
Presents an account of how police in Los Angeles discovered the identity of a man who started fourteen fires in a national park between 1957 and 1960.
3 Feb. 1963
Little Richard
A hound dog named Little Richard, following a fleeing raccoon, becomes trapped in a crevice in the rocks. The dog's owner Larry Wilson soon realizes that freeing Little Richard isn't going to be a one-man job.
24 Feb. 1963
The Moonshiners
Treasury Department agent Walter Kopek goes undercover in an effort to break up a big-time Florida bootlegging operation, run by mobster Bill Munger.
3 Mar. 1963
Security Risk
A true account of how George Ellsworth, American Embassy official in Warsaw in 1960, was blackmailed into passing top secret information to the Communists, and how he was persuaded to admit his guilt despite diplomatic immunity.
10 Mar. 1963
The Black-Robed Ghost
A factual account about a wealthy California matron who was deceived into thinking that her niece had come back from the dead and was visiting her through seances.
24 Mar. 1963
Pattern for Espionage
A Government agent poses as a colonel who was approached by the Reds with an offer to spy for them.
31 Mar. 1963
The Tenth Mona Lisa
True account of how, in 1911, Italian farmer Vincenzo Perugia was persuaded by two thieves to steal the Mona Lisa from the Louvre, and later apprehended by a French detective when he tried to turn the painting over to an art dealer.
14 Apr. 1963
Gertie the Great
Gertie is a mallard duck nesting atop a river piling in downtown Milwaukee - and the citizens are becoming concerned over the fate of her unhatched ducklings.
21 Apr. 1963
Black Market
A dramatization of American Intelligence Officers in Munich who intercept the smuggling of American cigarettes into East Germany.
28 Apr. 1963
An employee at a chemical plant accidentally mixes the wrong chemicals together and winds up producing nine gallons of highly explosive nitroglycerin--just a fraction of which could destroy the entire neighborhood of the city in which the plant is located. While the police work feverishly to evacuate the neighborhood, the plant manager tries to come up with a plan that can neutralize the mixture without blowing up half of the city.
5 May 1963
Heydrich: Part 1
Two Czechs return to their homeland to assassinate a notorious Nazi.
12 May 1963
Heydrich: Part 2
The Nazis take reprisals on an entire village in their search for Heydrich's assassins.
19 May 1963
World War II: a convicted safecracker can earn a pardon - if he'll help steal secret Nazi documents.
26 May 1963
Five Tickets to Hell
Gangster John Quigley leaves Chicago for Mexico to rob the mint in Chihuahua but the crime results in multiple fatalities. Lt. Juan Garcia makes it his mission to bring Quigley and his associates to justice.

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