The Beverly Hillbillies (TV Series 1962–1971) Poster


Raymond Bailey: Milburn Drysdale



  • Milburn Drysdale : When I give my word, I expect you to keep it.

  • Jane Hathaway : When the other little kids played hide and seek, Little Milby started his first business.

    Milburn Drysdale : Every kid had a lemonade stand.

    Jane Hathaway : He opened a pawn shop!

  • Jane Hathaway : Now, Chief, in all fairness to the employees, you do not display much holiday spirit.

    Milburn Drysdale : What do they want from me? I gave them half a day off on Christmas!

  • Jane Hathaway : If you would only display a little generosity: a Christmas bonus, a few gifts!

    Milburn Drysdale : I refuse to commercialize Christmas just to kowtow to my pampered employees.

  • Milburn Drysdale : Miss Hathaway, are you responsible for the employees of this bank referring to me as Ebeneezer Scrooge?

    Jane Hathaway : No, why do you ask?

    Milburn Drysdale : When I came through the lobby just now they all chanted in unison 'Here come da Scrooge! Here come da Scrooge!

  • Jane Hathaway : Most places do something for their employees at this time of year.

    Milburn Drysdale : Well, I've given them Christmas Day off.

    Jane Hathaway : Chief, most banks even give a holiday bonus.

    Milburn Drysdale : I've already thought of that.

    Jane Hathaway : You have?

    Milburn Drysdale : Just this morning I said to myself, 'Milburn, you've got to give those loyal employees of yours a Christmas bonus.'

    Jane Hathaway : But, Chief, that's extraordinary!

    Milburn Drysdale : I thought so, too. Fortunately, a cold shower brought me to my senses.

  • Milburn Drysdale : [dictating a letter to Miss Jane]  ... and furthermore, if you are late on your mortgage payment one more time you will be thrown out into the street...

    Jane Hathaway : Chief, she's eighty-five years old and in a wheelchair!

    Milburn Drysdale : Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know... change that to read, you will be wheeled out into the street.

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