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Season 3

5 Oct. 1964
Return of Verge Likens
After his father is murdered by a politician who gets away with it, a young man becomes determined to get revenge.
12 Oct. 1964
Change of Address
An older husband becomes very disenchanted with his wife at their new beach house, and has a devious plan for her.
19 Oct. 1964
Water's Edge
Rusty Connors is a prison cellmate with Mike Krause, who tells Rusty all about his girlfriend Helen. Mike becomes ill with pneumonia, and reveals to Rusty on his deathbed that a stash of $56,000 is with his dead accomplice, Pete Taylor. When he is released, Rusty goes to Hanesville and courts Helen, while attempting with her help to find the loot. They finally go to a boat house on a lake, populated by rats. Rusty finds Pete's skeleton, and the money, in a crawl space above the ceiling. Rusty tries to grab a rock to do Helen in, but Helen beats him to the punch, ...
26 Oct. 1964
The Life Work of Juan Diaz
A dishonest graveyard owner exhumes body of a poor Mexican woman's husband, but she makes it work to her children's benefit.
9 Nov. 1964
See the Monkey Dance
During a brief train stop, George takes the opportunity to telephone another man's wife and arrange a two-day rendezvous. When he returns to his compartment, there's now a stranger there who provokes him into conversation. George reveals the location of his caravan in the country, but the stranger claims to reside at the same location. After George arrives, the stranger shows up and begins to dig a grave. The stranger leads George to believe that the grave is for him, because he claims it's his wife George has been cheating with. The stranger shows George a letter ...
16 Nov. 1964
Lonely Place
A poor, loving, farmer's wife discovers just how evil a hired drifter is, and how much of a coward her husband is too.
23 Nov. 1964
The McGregor Affair
Edinburgh, Scotland, 1827: John McGregor works all day to support his wife, Aggie, a fat drunk who sleeps incessantly, snores loudly, and has not left their cottage in two years. McGregor does a lot of hauling of coffin-shaped boxes to the medical museum for Mr. Hare, whom he suspects of being a resurrectionist (a man who digs up bodies to supply to medical schools). Hare tells McGregor that the boxes contain tanbark, but McGregor notes that some people who enter Hare's hotel never walk out again. McGregor is an unhappy man and he fantasizes killing his wife via ...
7 Dec. 1964
A wife awaiting the arrival of her lover is visited by a bizarre meter reader who jams on the gas in her basement and then cons her into letting him shower by faking a malaria attack. What's behind his strange behavior: blackmail, insanity, lust or something else?
14 Dec. 1964
Two new missionaries, the Spragues, arrive at the Fitzgibbons' medical mission in the Indian jungle. John Sprague is a physician and Lucy a nurse. Mary Fitzgibbons suspects that they were sent to check up on them, and that they want the mission for themselves. Thomas Fitzgibbons is not medically competent, and Mary must perform difficult procedures for him. When John leaves to attend to a cholera outbreak, Thomas takes Lucy for an evening canoe ride on the river. They discuss philosophy and her beauty. Mary sees them together, and becomes jealous. Early in the morning...
21 Dec. 1964
Memo from Purgatory
Wannabee writer, Jay Shaw arrives in NYC, going to become published. He decides if he's going to write fiction about juvenile delinquent gangs, he'd best learn what they're really like. Using the alias, he transforms himself into Phil Beldone. and moves into a flat I'm a rough section of Brooklyn and seeks to join the Barons, a violenll gang led by Tiger. During his gang initiation, he gains Tiger's trust and respect and begins a relationship with one of the gang's "debs". He also makes an enemy of the gang's second-in-command, and risks exposure of his true identity.
28 Dec. 1964
Consider Her Ways
Amnesiac woman awakens in a dystopian society formed after the extinction of all men where women are sorted at birth into one of four casts - Workers, Mothers (human incubators), Servitors and Doctors. She rebels against being a Mother.
4 Jan. 1965
Crimson Witness
When an embezzling engineer is demoted and his brother takes over his former position, he makes plans to kill him.
11 Jan. 1965
Where the Woodbine Twineth
After Eva Snyder becomes an orphan, she comes to live with the elderly Mississippi riverboat Captain King Snyder and his old maid daughter Nell. While the Captain is piloting his boat, Nell finds it difficult to govern Eva, who constantly talks to imaginary friends whom Eva believes are real, including Mingo and her father Mr. Peppercorn. When the Captain returns, he presents Eva with a gift--a black doll named Numa. Nell hears Eva chatting and playing with Numa, but suspects that it is a child from the neighborhood. Eva warns that if Nell takes Numa away, Eva will ...
18 Jan. 1965
Final Performance
Cliff's driving when a young woman flags him down and asks for a ride. He soon has trouble - both legal and automotive, when they're stopped by the police and she lies, and says he forced her. What's more, his car won't start, and it's towed to a repair shop. While he waits for the car, Cliff gets a room at the hotel, run by Rudolph Bitzner - a former vaudevillian, with a specialty act with his only employee, Rosie. She pleads with Cliff to help her escape from Rudolph, who plans to marry her as soon as she becomes 18. There's a lot about Rudolph, and the relationship...
1 Feb. 1965
Thanatos Palace Hotel
Norman Manners is suicidal, and is saved by a fire company when he jumps from a building. While recuperating, he is visited by Mr. J. Smith, who invites him to a recreational resort for those who wish to die, the Thanatos Palace Hotel. Borchter, the proprietor, tells Mr. Manners that he can stay for as long as it takes to become comfortably ready for death. He meets a beautiful guest, Ariane Shaw, who has resided at the hotel for six months, providing services for her room and board. Her service is the romancing of male guests in preparation for their deaths. With ...
8 Feb. 1965
One of the Family
A man and his wife hire his childhood nanny to care for their baby son. After they hear of the arsenic murder of another baby, the mother becomes suspicious, but the father thinks she's overreacting.
15 Feb. 1965
An Unlocked Window
A serial killer is in the area where some private nurses have locked themselves in a large house, except for one basement window.
22 Feb. 1965
The Trap
A toy manufacturer's assistant has an affair with the child-like toy-man's enchanting young wife. After enduring a rather humiliating interview, the bright college grad proves valuable to the middle-aged manufacturer through his hard work. But the young man is impatient for advancement.
1 Mar. 1965
Wally the Beard
When a man purchases a wig and a beard, he winds up getting a whole new personality, which also leads to a new girlfriend along with a lot of serious problems that have the very real potential to drive him to madness unless he does something soon.
8 Mar. 1965
Death Scene
Auto mechanic Leo Manfred fixes a limousine owned by Gavin Revere, a famed, retired and wheelchair-bound Hollywood director. Gavin's beautiful daughter Nicky catches Leo's eye, so he offers to drive her home where he meets Gavin. Gavin, distrusting, warns Leo to stay away from Nicky. Leo is persistent and eventually Nicky falls in love with him. But when Gavin learns about their marriage plans, he fears Leo only wants her for their money. To convince the director of his true intentions, Leo takes out a life insurance policy for fifty thousand dollars with the payoff ...
15 Mar. 1965
The Photographer and the Undertaker
Two professional killers with the same employer find out that each has the other as his next target.
22 Mar. 1965
Thou Still Unravished Bride
A man is greatly concerned for his fiancée's safety after she has taken a walk alone in the London fog while an elusive strangler is on the loose, potentially putting her life at risk if she encounters the relentless killer who targets lone women on the street.
29 Mar. 1965
Completely Foolproof
Joe Brisson tries to make a political payoff to Baines in a parking lot, but spots an observer, private detective Foyle. Foyle says he was hired by Joe's wife Lisa. Joe visits his girlfriend Anna, and discovers a bug in her telephone, and that their love letters were seized. Lisa wants a divorce, but also wants a disproportionate settlement, including 75% of the Brisson Land Development Company. Lisa's young boyfriend, racetrack gambler Bobby Davenport, will lose his inherited property if Joe calls in Bobby's debt. Joe couldn't hire Foyle to murder his wife, but he ...
5 Apr. 1965
Power of Attorney
A clever con man makes a living by preying on women by having them invest their life savings into non-existent stocks.
12 Apr. 1965
The World's Oldest Motive
A philandering husband decides to improve his situation by having his overweight and frumpy wife killed. When he tells his girlfriend about the plan, she is outraged, and he desperately tries to stop the murder.
19 Apr. 1965
The Monkey's Paw--A Retelling
A businessman desperate for a change in his fortunes tests the power of a gypsy woman's monkey paw charm which is said to grant its holder 3 wishes. His son suffers the consequences.
26 Apr. 1965
The Second Wife
A mail-order bride begins to believe her husband killed his first wife and wants to kill her as well.
3 May 1965
Night Fever
A handsome, young defendant severely wounded by police in a robbery which left a rookie cop dead, is hospitalized under tight guard. When older, plain Nurse Hatch takes charge of his care, he sincerely maintains his innocence and paints the police as victimizing him, pleading he won't make it to trial alive. Her no-nonsense patient care demeanor backs off the police, and the young man builds a personal relationship with her. As she melts, the strengthening prisoner works to gain her help in escaping.
10 May 1965
Off Season
A trigger happy ex-cop gets a job as an unarmed deputy, but still has some very violent tendencies.

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