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  • He dismisses them with a bark that they are "for bandleaders." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Chicago Tribune, July 26, 1963:


    by Hedda Hopper

    . . . . Lilo Pulver arrived today. In Billy Wilder's "One, Two, Three," she played a German girl who fooled the Russians. With Bob Hope she plays a Russian girl who fools him. A smart cookie, she owns several apartment houses in Munich. Lives in Switzerland.


    Lilo (Liselotte) Pulver is a Swiss actress (born 1929 in Bern); she was very successful during the 50s and 60s in German movies, mainly comedies ("Die Zürcher Verlobung" ; "Das Wirtshaus im Spessart" ; "Ich denke oft an Piroschka" ), but also in some international productions like Billy Wilder's "One, Two, Three" or Douglas Sirk's "A Time to Live and a Time to Die" or Jaques Rivettes "La religieuse" : She wrote her autobiograohy in 1977 and recorded several songs from her films for an album. Edit (Coming Soon)


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