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  • When unscrupulous entrepeneur Clark Nelson (Jerry Itô) abducts two 12-inch-tall women (Yumi Itô and Emi Itô) found on supposedly deserted Biru Island, the scene of atomic bomb testing by the Rolisican government, their captivity unleashes a gigantic caterpillar (Mothra in the English version; Mosura in Japanese) worshiped as a deity by the island people. Mothra makes her way to Tokyo, and nothing can stop her. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Based on the novel The Luminous Fairies and Mothra, originally serialized in Weekly Asahi and later collected in paperback form, by Takehiko Fukunana, Shinichiro Nakamura, and Yoshie Hotta, the screenplay for the movie was written by Japanese screenwriter Shinichi Sekizawa. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Mothra, now in imago form, flies to New Kirk City in Rolisica, where Nelson has taken the two little girls, and begins destroying the city while looking for them. Dr Shin'ichi Chj (Hiroshi Koizumi), along with Nitto Shimbun newspaper reporter Zenichiro Fukuda (Furankî Sakai) and photographer Michi Hanamura (Kyôko Kagawa) follow. Nelson is killed in a shoot-out, and custody of the girls is given to Chj. Wondering what they can do to stop Mothra, Chj sees sunlight illuminting the cross atop a nearby steeple and is reminded of the Mothra symbol they found in the cave on the island. Chj requests that the symbol be painted on the airport runway and that the bells in all the churches in New Kirk City be made to ring at precisely 3:00. Mothra hears the bells and is attracted to the symbol where she lands. Fukuda sets the girls free and, after many bows, thank yous, and sayonaras, they run to Mothra. In the final scene, the girls are back on their island, and the natives dance with joy. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The US version, compared to other Japanese monster movies, is quite moderately cut. Some might even welcome the fact that one appearance of the Shobijin was shortened. Apart from that appearance, some effects from the team around Eiji Tsuburaya and minor plot elements are missing. Additionally, there are minimal changes regarding the dubbing. Infant Island became Beiru, Fukuda's nickname was changed from Snapping Turtle to Bulldog and people's names generally differ in both versions a bit (e.g. Dr. Roff/Dr. Rakh). Both Versions are featured on the region-1 DVD released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment in the USA. Edit (Coming Soon)


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