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Jeanne Moreau: Catherine



  • Catherine : Are you hurt? Then I'll stop being hurt. We mustn't ever both suffer at once.

  • Jules : Either it's raining or I'm dreaming.

    Jim , Catherine : Or both.

  • Jim : What is it?

    Catherine : Sulfuric acid, for the eyes of men who tell lies.

  • Catherine : Watch us well, Jules!

  • Catherine : [First lines]  You said, "I love you." I said, "Wait." I was about to say, "Take me." You said, "Go away."

  • Catherine : At 15, I was in love with Napoleon. I dreamt I met him in an elevator. He got me pregnant and I never saw him again. Poor Napoleon.

  • Catherine : We're off in search of the last signs of civilization.

  • Catherine : You haven't known many women, but I've known plenty of men. It averages out. We might make an honest couple.

  • Catherine : As a little girl I learned: "Our Father who art in heaven." I thought it said "who arts in heaven." I imagined my father with an easel painting outside the pearly gates.

  • Catherine : Oh-la-la la-la la la.

  • Catherine : Will anyone present scratch my back?

    Jules : Heaven scratches those who scratch themselves.

  • Jules : The most important factor in any relationship is the woman's fidelity. The husband's is secondary. Who was it who wrote, "Woman is natural, therefore abominable?"

    Jim : Baudelaire, but he was describing a certain world.

    Jules : Not at all. He spoke of women in general. What he says about a young girl is magnificent: "Horror, monster, assassin of the arts, little fool, little slut. The greatest idiocy combined with the greatest depravity." Wait. I'm not finished. This is marvelous: "I'm always astonished they allow women inside churches. What could they possibly have to say to God?"

    Catherine : You're both fools.

  • Jim : I understand.

    Catherine : I don't want to be understood. It's almost dawn.

  • Catherine : [singing]  On every finger she wore rings, Round her wrists, bracelets and things, She sang in a voice all the while, That left my heart beguiled. Her eyes were like two opals bright, That gave me a thrill, gave me chill, Her face was like an opal white, As she moved in for the kill. As she moved in for the kill. We met, said adieu and then met anew, We lost touch and then we lost touch again, Once we did meet, For moments so sweet, Only to retreat. We went our own ways, In life's whirlpool of days, I saw her again in one evening's glow, It all seemed so long ago. It all seemed so long ago.

  • Catherine : [singing]  I recognized her as the banjos danced, That mysterious smile left my heart entranced, That voice so bright, That face so white, I fell into a trance. I drank and hear her song so gay, Alcohol takes time's sting away, I woke in her embrace, Felt her kisses on my face. Felt her kisses on my face. We met, said adieu and then met anew, We lost touch and then we lost touch again, Said hello from the heart, Then strayed apart, But then again it starts. We went our own ways, In life's whirlpool of days, We met again one night, and well, Into my arms again she fell, Into my arms again she fell.

  • Catherine : [singing]  When the first time you knew and the second time too, It was just right for you, Why say adieu, When you feel in your heart it's right from the start, Then you mustn't part. So we set off together anew, Spinning through life, just you and me, We whirl on through life this way, Embracing till this day. Embracing till this day. Embracing till this day.

  • Catherine : Don't cause suffering, Jim.

  • Jules : [Speaks a phrase in German]  Translation, Catherine?

    Catherine : "Hearts yearning for each other. O God, O God, the pain they cause."

    Jules : Not bad. Though "O God, O God" was your addition. Good night. Give my regards to the others if you see them.

    Catherine : Would you lend me Goethe's "Elective Affinities" tonight?

    Jules : You just lent it to Jim.

    Catherine : To bad.

  • Catherine : One always feels guilty in a hotel room. I may not be very moral, but I have no taste for secrecy.

  • Catherine : I'll think no more of you so that you'll stop thinking of me.

  • Catherine : You disgust me now, which is wrong, for one should never be disgusted by anything.

  • Catherine : I'm 32 and you're 29. When you're 40 and I'm 43, you'll want a girl of 25 and I'll be left all alone like a fool.

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