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The Innocents (2018) TV Show Trailer: A New Supernatural TV Series Featuring Shape-shifters [Netflix]

The Innocents Trailer and Poster

Netflix‘s The Innocents (2018) TV show trailer and TV show poster star Sorcha Groundsell, Percelle Ascott, Guy Pearce, Augusta Woods, and Johannes Haukur Johannesson. The Innocents‘ plot synopsis: “What you see… is not what you see…

June’s adventure starting a new life in London becomes a Lot more complicated than she could [...]

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Poster and trailer for Netflix series The Innocents

Netflix has released a new poster and trailer for its upcoming British sci-fi fantasy series The Innocents which stars Sorcha Groundsell, Percelle Ascott, and Guy Pearce; take a look below…

When teenagers Harry and June run away from their repressive families to be together, they’re derailed by an extraordinary discovery – June’s ability to shape-shift. As the star-crossed lovers struggle to control this strange new power, a mysterious professor reveals that June is not alone: there are more shifters out there like her, and he promises to cure June and reunite her with the mother who deserted her three years ago. But as their journey becomes increasingly fraught with danger, Harry and June’s love for each other is tested to breaking point and they’re faced with a choice: keep their innocent dream alive, or embrace that their lives have changed and risk everything.

The Innocents is set
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Netflix's New Show Is Basically a Sci-Fi Romeo and Juliet, and It Looks Incredible

Netflix is going all in on their packed slate of new original content, which not only includes fresh true crime documentaries and big-budget films but also some exceptional sci-fi TV series. Not long after the announcement of the Ian Somerhalder-led V-Wars, Netflix dropped the first trailer for The Innocents, a sprawling futuristic romance that is giving us major Romeo and Juliet vibes.

The British series follows a young Harry (Wizards vs. Aliens's Percelle Ascott) and June (Clique's Sorcha Groundsell) as they run away from their restrictive lives and families so they can be together in London, but their new adventure quickly goes awry when it's revealed June is no ordinary teenager - she has the unique ability to shape-shift. Her skills soon attracts the attention of the mysterious Professor Halvorson (Alien Covenant's Guy Pearce), who wants to capture June so he can help study her abilities. Although
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The Innocents: Netflix Announces Premiere For UK Supernatural Teen Drama (Video)

"This gift is great than any of us." Netflix has just released the premiere date and a new trailer for their upcoming TV show The Innocents, Deadline reports.The supernatural drama "centers on teenagers Harry and June who run away from their repressive families to be together and are derailed by an extraordinary discovery — June’s ability to shape-shift." The cast includes Sorcha Groundsell, Percelle Ascott, and Guy Pearce.Read More…
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TV News Roundup: ‘Glow’ Gets Season 2 Premiere Date at Netflix

TV News Roundup: ‘Glow’ Gets Season 2 Premiere Date at Netflix
In today’s roundup, “Glow” Season 2 gets a premiere date and truTV renewed “At Home with Amy Sedaris” for a second season.


Anne Archer, Fionnula Flanagan, Hal Linden and Joe Piscopo will guest star in “Mama,” a new episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” airing May 16 at 9 p.m. Et/Pt on NBC. Flanagan plays Madeleine, an assisted living home patient suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease who claims to have been raped, while other characters question her mental fitness to remember. Linden plays an enigmatic man from Madeleine’s past, while Piscopo appears as a Frank Sinatra impersonator working at the facility.
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TVLine Items: Idris Elba's Manny Show, Grey's Anatomy's Family Feud and More

TVLine Items: Idris Elba's Manny Show, Grey's Anatomy's Family Feud and More
Idris Elba is taking on a surprising new role: manny.

Netflix has given an eight-episode order to the comedy Turn Up Charlie, starring the Wire and Luther vet as a struggling DJ and eternal bachelor.

Elba’s Charlie is given one last chance at success when he reluctantly becomes a nanny to his famous best friend’s problem-child daughter. (Maybe Kevin Pearson has some tips?)

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well…

* ABC’s “Sunday Fun & Games” lineup returns on June 10, with new episodes of Celebrity Family Feud (whose face-offs will include Team Kardashian vs. Team West and Team Grey’s Anatomy vs.
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‘The Innocents’ Trailer: Guy Pearce Stars In New Netflix Series That Follows A Teen Shapeshifter

As evident in the first trailer for the upcoming series “The Innocents” from Netflix, the British sci-fi drama looks like yet another must-binge for the streaming service.

The Innocents” is an eight-episode series that follows two teens who runaway from their homes. Everything is going about as good as can be expected until one of the teens realizes she has the power to shape-shift.
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"The Innocents" On Netflix

Sneak Peek more new footage, plus images from the supernatural TV series "The Innocents", starring Simon Duric and Guy Pearce, streaming on Netflix August 24, 2018:

"... teenagers 'Harry' (Percelle Ascott) and 'June' (Sorcha Groundsell) run away from their repressive family lives to be together. 

"But this journey of self-discovery might end up derailing their innocent dream, especially when they learn about the supernatural secrets their parents kept from them..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Innocents"...
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‘The Innocents’ Trailer: Netflix’s Next Big Ya Series Follows a Shape-Shifting, Star-Crossed Teen Romance

Netflix knows what its subscribers want out of its slightly younger-skewing original programming: more stories about powerful teen girls with big secrets, and the boys who love them. Call it the “Stranger Things” effect, and for the streaming giant’s latest new series, it’s taking on a surprising new shape. Literally.

The Innocents” ostensibly follows the star-crossed romance of optimistic teenagers June (Sorcha Groundsell) and Harry (Percelle Ascott), who run away from their seemingly uncool families in hopes of starting a new life together. Admittedly, it’s already a bad plan (when do these types of things ever work out?), but it takes on an added twist when June is revealed to be a shape-shifter. And she’s not alone. Oh, and a ton of people want to find her.

Per the series’ official synopsis, that includes “a mysterious professor [who] reveals that June is not alone: there are more shifters out there like her,
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‘The Innocents’ Gets Premiere Date On Netflix; First-Look Trailer For British Teen Supernatural Drama

Netflix has set August 24 for the premiere of The Innocents and released a first-look trailer for the British teen supernatural drama series. Created and written by Hania Elkington and Simon Duric, The Innocents centers on teenagers Harry and June who run away from their repressive families to be together and are derailed by an extraordinary discovery — June's ability to shape-shift. As the star-crossed lovers struggle to control this strange new power, a mysterious…
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Nightmare (1964)

While us horror lovers revelled in the ripped bodices and cobwebbed corridors of another vampire plagued castle, Hammer was busy trying to clear the halls and make their way into the modern world. Take Nightmare (1964), an effective black and white thriller that shows you don’t need fangs to be fearsome.

Released in its native U.K. in April and stateside in June, Nightmare (Aka the amazing Here’s the Knife, Dear: Now Use It) still has a lot of wandering down darkened hallways, but instead of coming up against the undead, our heroine has to do battle with her own brittle mind. Or has the dead come back for her?

Pity poor Janet (Jennie LindenOld Dracula). Our film opens with her hearing a distant voice calling her name. She leaves the comfort of her bed and follows the whispered voice which leads her to a shadowed room where
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How Much Shock Can You Stand?

Ghosts are famous for their flexibility, spiraling through keyholes and up from the floorboards in search of their next mark. But movies about ghosts can be flexible too. Three classics of the genre, The Uninvited, House on Haunted Hill and The Innocents, demonstrate that there’s more than one way haunt a house.

These films never appeared on any triple bill that I know of, but I’d like to think they did, somewhere in some small town with a theater manager that knew a good scare when he saw it. How could the programmer resist it? Each film is united by a beautiful black and white sheen, eerie locales and their ability to scare the bejeezus out of you. But they’re also alike in their differences, coming at their specters from distinctly different vantage points.

1944’s The Uninvited, a three-hankie haunted house tale with a dysfunctional family subplot,
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Edgar Wright’s 100 Favorite Horror Movies, From ‘Nosferatu’ to ‘The Witch’

Edgar Wright’s 100 Favorite Horror Movies, From ‘Nosferatu’ to ‘The Witch’
Your ultimate Halloween horror movie binge is here. Edgar Wright has joined forces with Mubi to list his 100 favorite horror movies, and the collection is full of classics and surprising choices that range from 1922 to 2016. The director, who himself has given the genre a classic title thanks to “Shaun of the Dead,” names recent horror hits like “Raw,” “The Witch,” and “Train to Busan,” as well as classics from horror masters James Whale and Mario Bava.

Read More:Edgar Wright’s 40 Favorite Movies Ever Made (Right Now): ‘Boogie Nights,’ ‘Suspiria’ and More

Wright wrote an introduction to his list, in which he makes it clear this is simply a list of 100 favorite titles and not his definitive list of the best horror films ever. You can read Wright’s statement below:

Here, for Halloween, is a chronological list of my favorite horror movies. It’s not in any way
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Episode 187 – Jack Clayton’s The Innocents

This time on the podcast, Trevor Berrett, David Blakeslee, and Scott Nye discuss Jack Clayton’s The Innocents.

This genuinely frightening, exquisitely made supernatural gothic stars Deborah Kerr as an emotionally fragile governess who comes to suspect that there is something very, very wrong with her precocious new charges. A psychosexually intensified adaptation of Henry James’s classic The Turn of the Screw, cowritten by Truman Capote and directed by Jack Clayton, The Innocents is a triumph of narrative economy and technical expressiveness, from its chilling sound design to the stygian depths of its widescreen cinematography by Freddie Francis.

Episode Links The Innocents (1961) – The Criterion Collection The Innocents (1961) – IMDb The Innocents (1961) – Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia Trevor’s review of The Innocents – The Mookse and the Gripes Bosley Crowther’s review of The Innocents – The New York Times 1961 Tasha Robinson’s review of The Innocents – The Dissolve 2014 Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw (1898) – Wikipedia,
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The Sound of Fear: 17 Creepy Choral Horror Soundtracks

Benjamin Wallfisch’s brilliantly sinister It score turns the human voice inside out – and it’s not the only one…

The world’s most terrifying clown Pennywise is back to stalk our nightmares in the new adaptation of It, on release now. Bill Skarsgard takes over from Tim Curry as the dreaded Stephen King creation and director Andy Muschietti’s movie has been praised for mixing genuine terror with Stand By Me levels of pathos.

It also marks the latest in a series of increasingly impressive chiller scores by British composer Benjamin Wallfisch. Having charged the likes of Lights Out, A Cure for Wellness and the recent Annabelle: Creation with a potent sense of musical fear, Wallfisch now scares the pants off us with his impressively creepy It soundtrack.

Sitting alongside some truly beautiful and tender material for our pre-teen heroes the Losers’ Club is an ear-shattering array of discordant horror techniques.
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The Skull

Peter Cushing! Christopher Lee! Each is at the top of his game, playing competing collectors of occult incunabula — the kind that comes with a satanic curse, when the purloined item in question is the Skull Of The infamous, despicable and sharp-toothed Marquis De Sade! Freddie Francis directs up a storm in this amicable Amicus chiller: the mysterious skull-duggery is beautifully shot and edited, giving the horror scenes real Bite.

The Skull


Kl Studio Classics

1965 / Color / 2:35 widescreen / 83 min. / Street Date March 14, 2017 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95

Starring: Peter Cushing, Patrick Wymark, Nigel Green, Jill Bennett, Michael Gough, Ceorge Couloris, Christopher Lee.

Cinematography: John Wilcox

Art Direction: Bill Constable

Film Editor: Oswald Hafenrichter

Original Music: Elisabeth Lutyens

Written by Milton Subotsky from a story by Robert Bloch

Produced by Milton Subotsky, Max J. Rosenberg

Directed by Freddie Francis

Nine years ago Legend Films brought us a DVD of this 1965 horror item,
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Say Hello to Our Funny, Sexy, and Magically Alluring Pick of the Week

This Week in Home VideoGet Ready to Fall in Love With the Funny, Sexy, and Beautifully Independent ‘The Love Witch’Plus 13 more new releases to watch at home this week on Blu-ray/DVD.

Welcome to this week in home video! Click the title to buy a Blu-ray/DVD from Amazon and help support Fsr in the process!

Pick of the WeekThe Love Witch

What is it? A witch visits a small coastal community in search of love with a side of unintended consequences.

Why buy it? Writer/director/producer/composer/editor/production designer/art director/set decorator/costume designer Anna Biller delivers a singular experience with this incredibly stylish, sexy, and scathing tale of a witch in search of love. The film is a colorful, stylized nod to the days of Technicolor romance that manages to be both a take down of a patriarchal society and a loose, fun romp.

[Blu-ray/DVD extras: Commentary, featurette, interview, deleted scenes, dance audition]

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March 14th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Firestarter, The Love Witch, Z Nation Season 3

Well, I hope you guys have been saving your pennies, because there are a lot of great horror and sci-fi titles coming home on March 14th. Scream Factory is giving Firestarter the Collector’s Edition treatment this week, and both Drive-In Massacre and The Skull are being resurrected in HD as well.

If you missed them during their theatrical runs late last year, both The Love Witch and Paul Verhoeven’s award-winning thriller Elle are getting Blu-ray / DVD releases this Tuesday, and Demon Seed is making its way to Blu-ray as well (which I highly recommend watching if you haven't).

Other notable home entertainment titles for March 14th include Passengers, Z Nation Season 3, Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word, Stray Bullets, and The Man Who Could Cheat Death.

Drive-In Massacre (Severin Films, Blu-ray & DVD)

It was one of the few true slasher movies to pre-date Halloween and Friday The 13th,
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Exploring Disney's fascinating dark phase of the 70s and 80s

Ryan Lambie Dec 7, 2016

Space horror in The Black Hole. Animated death in The Black Cauldron. Ryan looks back at a unique period in Disney's filmmaking history...

When George Lucas started writing Star Wars in the early 70s, the space saga was intended to fill a void left behind by westerns, pirate movies and the sci-fi fantasy of old matinee serials. "Disney had abdicated its rein over the children's market," Lucas once said, according to Peter Biskind's book, Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, "and nothing had replaced it."

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Indeed, Disney was one of many Hollywood studios that Lucas had approached with Star Wars and they, just like Universal, United Artists and everyone other than 20th Century Fox boss Alan Ladd Jr, had turned it down flat.
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The Greatest Ghost Stories Ever Written

In time for Halloween, Sean Wilson takes a look at some of the most delightfully ghoulish and flesh-creeping stories ever put to paper.

The Turn of the Screw

Author Henry James described his own sensational chiller as a ‘pot-boiler’ but it’s clearly so much more than that. A deeply unnerving tale of a young governess who suspects her wards are under the influence of malign spirits, it’s a creepy classic that muddies the waters between spine-tingling spook story and frightening psychological drama, exerting a massive influence over every subsequent entry in the genre. In 1961 it received a timeless adaptation The Innocents, directed by Jack Clayton, scripted by Truman Capote and starring Deborah Kerr.

The Woman in Black

Not just a mainstay of English literature courses but one of the most genuinely frightening stories ever written, Susan Hill’s hair-raising tale of supernatural menace is infinitely superior to its long-running stage spin-off,
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