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Early Film from Spielberg
Michael_Elliott25 May 2015
Escape to Nowhere (1961)

It's impossible to judge this movie since I don't believe it's complete but it's interesting to watch since future legend Steven Spielberg was only 13-years-old at the time he made it. Borrowing his father's 8mm camera, Spielberg shot this movie and I must admit that it's quite dazzling to watch. I've seen quite a few kid's movies over the years and this here is certainly one of the most impressive but I'm going to guess that the young Spielberg had the benefit of parents supporting him and having the wallets to pay for such a film. It's interesting to note that the majority of the cast members all have costumes, which adds to the film. It's set in Africa during the war and we see several battle scenes played out. The film actually contains some great editing and it really does make you feel as if you're watching a real battle take place.
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Interesting that this film is featured on the IMDb
gasgano19 July 2001
This isn't really a feature film, and it's hardly a short. What it actually is is a home movie with a plot. 15-year-old Steve Speilberg thought his dad's 8mm camera was pretty cool, so he made a movie about brave soldiers fighting nazis during WWII. A lot like the other Speilberg film Battle Squad, filmed the same year, with a bunch of kid soldiers. Lot's of fun, even though all we see are a few seconds of the film.
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