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Perfectly does, what it sets out to do
Werner22 October 2011
I rated this one quite high and above current average. And this is because all that was intended here, was light heart escapist entertainment, no depth, no message beyond and above. Heinz Erhard was the German Comedian of a perfect kind, H.J. Kulenkampff the (later) lead Saturday Night Show Lead and Walter Giller, still very young, the light hearted bachelor. The story is easy, 3 guys of different kind get together on the Rhine, travel from South East Germany via Switzerland to Netherlands along beautiful landscape and with light intervention from the ladies, be they wives, possessive Girlfriend or surprised hands on freighter girl. Light Story, easy touch, well played --> going to 8.
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Pretty forgettable Warning: Spoilers
"Drei Mann in einem Boot" or "Three Men in a Boat" is a West German movie from 1961, so this one here has its 55th anniversary already this year. The director is Helmut Weiss and the writer is Wolf Neumeister who actually adapted a novel for the screen here. lead actor is Heinz Erhardt, the German comedy legend, but sadly he also cannot keep this from being a pretty forgettable film. of course, his charisma is here, but he is given not enough to work with and some of the jokes are really embarrassing to be honest. Yes there are also a handful decent moments, but overall, it is just as bad as almost everything else Germany has made in terms of film around the late 1950s and early 1960s. The cast includes (besides Erhardt) also Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff and Walter Giller in main roles and it's not the only time these have worked with Erhardt. These names are still known today, but yet the performances were not really that convincing at all. Watch something else instead.
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