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Sex & Nudity

  • A man is seen lying in bed naked but seen waist up under the covers.
  • Some kissing.
  • There is a scene with a strip tease. A woman's back is shown and she does unclip her bra, but no breasts are shown.
  • Implied throughout is the fact that both main characters use their sexuality as a source of income. In Holly's case, she is a glamorous escort, though there is never a mention of her actually having sex with any of her customers (whom she calls "rats" and "super rats"). Paul is the "kept" sexual companion to a wealthy woman. There is some kissing; some scenes in which characters are shown in bed. A nightclub striptease is seen in its initial stages, revealing the stripper's bare back. She undresses down to her waist but has on a bra. She then turns toward the audience, begins to unfasten the bra front, and the camera moves away at the last minute.

Violence & Gore

  • Holly Golightly has an uncontrollable, hysterical reaction to very bad news. She destroys her apartment and throws her cat against the wall. In a second emotional scene, she sends the cat off in the rain alone.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man is drinking and smoking in his bed along with a woman doing that too.
  • Characters drink and smoke in scene after scene. Consumption of alcohol is a primary activity of the players. There is one lengthy party in which everyone is shown to be drinking heavily and many people are very drunk. Holly Golightly plays one lengthy scene completely inebriated. Her long cigarette holder is played as part of her "wild" girl character.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Mickey Rooney portrays a Japanese Man with many rude stereotypes about Japanese people being showed. This may be offensive to some people
  • The scene listed under violence may be upsetting to kids.

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