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  • A hired killer from Cleveland has a job to do on a second-string mob boss in New York. But a special girl from his past, and a fat gun dealer with pet rats, each gets in his way.

  • Having been 'away' for some time, professional killer Frankie Bono returns to New York to do another job: assassinate some mid-level mobster. Although intending to avoid unnecessary 'contact' while carefully stalking his victim, Bono is recognized by an old fellow from the orphanage, whose calm and unambitious citizen's life and happy marriage contrast heavily with Bono's solitary and haunted existence. Exhausted and distracted, Bono makes another mistake, but his contract is not one to back out of.

  • After a hard life in a Cleveland orphanage, baby boy Frankie Bono grows up to be a hired killer, someone who prefers to be alone. And for good reason. His latest target is a second-string crime boss in New York. It won't pay Frankie to get seen. But he does get seen. The fat gun dealer, with pet rats, who haggles with Frankie on the price of a gun and a silencer, sees Frankie at a nightclub and figures out too much. An old friend from the orphanage sees him at a bar and convinces him - against his better judgment - to come to a Christmas party. The friend has a beautiful sister, someone Frankie remembers, someone special. She makes him vulnerable, emotional. And that's exactly what Frankie can't afford to be.


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  • Professional killer Frankie Bono (Allen Baron) returns after an apparent absence to New York during the Christmas season to assassinate some gangster Troiano (Peter Clume). Bono is a loner and intends to avoid any unnecessary human contact while planning the murder of his victim. Bono is recognized by an acquaintance Peter (Danny Mechan) from the orphanage he was raised in, and invites him to a Christmas party where he meets up with an old semi-girlfriend Lorrie (Molly McCarthy). His friend's happy marriage contrast's with Bono's solitary and haunted existence and Bono's hard exterior softens. Bono is emotionally conflicted with both his personal contacts and his professional duties and, but his choices have a heavy payback.

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