The Absent Minded Professor (1961) Poster

James Westerfield: Police Officer Hanson


  • [Prof. Brainard has repeatedly slammed his Flubberized Model T down on Prof. Ashton's car roof while in motion, causing to go out of control and crash into a police car] 

    Prof. Shelby Ashton : [as he and the two officers get out of their crashed cars]  Officer! Help me! It's after me! Help me!

    Officer Hanson : [his face and suit covered in hot coffee thanks to the crash]  I do hope that you will excuse my appearance, but I was just having a cup of *boiling hot coffee*.

    Prof. Shelby Ashton : But it's after me!

    Officer Hanson : What's after you?

    Prof. Shelby Ashton : I don't know, some kind of a... thing!

    Officer Hanson : A thing? Can you describe it?

    Prof. Shelby Ashton : I don't know. I didn't see it. But it flies. And it made a noise, like, uh, "Aaa-OOO-gah! Aaa-OOO-gah!" And then it banged down on the top of my car! BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! And when I looked, there wasn't anything there!

    Officer Hanson : Oh, that kind of a thing.

    [holds up a balloon] 

    Officer Hanson : Well, now, suppose you blow into this little thing, and we'll see if we can't find where it came from, okay?

    Prof. Shelby Ashton : Well, do something! It's probably lurking out there in the dark right now, ready to spring! Go on!

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