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Season 1

29 Sep. 1961
The Corruptors
An Investigation into racketeering in the garbage collection industry.
10 Nov. 1961
Touch of Evil
A gambling syndicate is preying on small-time school basketball players, getting them to shave points on key games. This breach of honor wears on one boy enough to drive him to suicide, but the gamblers continue. With the help of a trainer, local star Cornelius Linsky is a great player, but poor and needs money, so he too reluctantly goes on the take.
16 Mar. 1962
My Native Land
In a fictional parallel to Lucky Luciano, once-powerful gangland figure Dimitris Hagias has been deported to the country of his birth by U.S. authorities, though the country here is Greece, not Italy. Though still running an international crime network, he craves a return to America so much he's trying to buy off congressmen so they'll pass a law allowing him to come back. Marino and Flood investigate with tacit help from local police and piece Hagias' story together with informants, including his mistress.

 Season 1 

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