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11 Jan. 1962
Maxie's Silent Partner
Maxine is considering selling the boarding house to a developer to pay off all her bills. It will put all the students out, and Mrs. G. will not have a place to go. So, Mrs. G. invests her savings in half ownership of the campus boarding house.
25 Jan. 1962
Sunday Dinner
Due to shortage of funds to run the boarding house, Mrs. G. Decides to raise money by serving Sunday Dinner. Many students do not want to attend because of a certain boarder. How will Mrs. G. Get over this hurdle?
1 Feb. 1962
The Mother Affair
Mrs. G. Tries to find a male interest for an overbearing mother of a student.
8 Feb. 1962
Peace Corps
Paul (Fabian) wants to join the Peace Corp against his father's wishes. Mrs. G, Maxie, and Professor Crayton all try to convince Mr. Volk to allow him to join.
15 Feb. 1962
Good-bye Mr. Howell
After being with an old college chum doing well, George decides to quit teaching and working with his friend at the oil company.
22 Feb. 1962
How Now, Brown Cow
A snobbish Freshman feels superior to all of his peers and lets everyone know it. Mrs. G. puts him in his place during a debate.
1 Mar. 1962
High Finance
Mrs. G telephones Carrie and tells her how the students raise extra funds to stay in school.
8 Mar. 1962
One of Our Books Is Missing
Mrs. G convinces the head librarian, Mr. Ames, that she returned the library book he shows is still due.
15 Mar. 1962
Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight
Mrs. G gets the student body and the faculty to work together to set the campus curfew while preparing to go to the opera.
22 Mar. 1962
Gentleman Caller
Mrs. G's sister, Dora, gets bachelor, Mr. Harris to visit her at college.
29 Mar. 1962
Dad's Day
Mrs.G and Maxie make room for everybody's fathers in the house for Dad's Day since all the local places are full.
5 Apr. 1962
The Bird
Mrs. G finds a nesting bird in the campus cyclotron and protects it from being disturbed and removed.

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