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17 Sep. 1961
A Rage for Justice
Upon learning that her daughter died in an automobile accident, a famous opera singer recently released from a mental institution, flies to Hawaii. She plans to kill her son-in-law whom she holds responsible for her daughter's death. Paul Templin intercedes before the crime can be carried out and agrees to investigate the circumstances behind the young woman's death.
24 Sep. 1961
Cry Fraud
After sending Ben Gregory to investigate on a non-existent shipwreck, an lookalike impostor breaks into his apartment and, posing as the writer, agrees to help a wealthy oilman buy a valuable oriental scroll. When the scroll turns out to be phony, Ben is accused of complicity in the crime and when the oilman is found dead is accused of Ben is arrested for murder.
1 Oct. 1961
The Highest Wall
Templin tries to get the story of a beautiful teenager, the heir to a fortune, who is imprisoned in a walled villa.
8 Oct. 1961
Journey Into Darkness
A beautiful widow who is being blackmailed is shot, but refuses to tell the police who her assailant was. Ben Gregory is determined to get the woman's story.
15 Oct. 1961
The Woman Who Never Was
Templin is accused of killing a foreign currency dealer.
22 Oct. 1961
Busman's Holiday
Eric Jason recognizes a mob hitman on the beach cavorting with a blonde bombshell.
29 Oct. 1961
Another Part of the Jungle
Templin follows the widow of a famous writer who was said to have been lost at sea in order to investigate a rumor that the man might be alive and still writing under a nom de plume.
5 Nov. 1961
The Longest Crap Game in History
A former marine returns to Hawaii to retrieve the pot of a craps game that was interrupted by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor twenty years before.
12 Nov. 1961
The Hunters
Gregory joins a safari and finds himself targeted for death.
19 Nov. 1961
Little Girl Lost
Jason investigates a young woman's claim that she suffers from amnesia after rescuing her from drowning.
26 Nov. 1961
Night Song
Templin investigates the story of a beautiful singer who will no longer perform out of fear of her former manager.
3 Dec. 1961
The Primitive Clay
Several illustrations for one of Gregory's articles earn the artist some unexpected notoriety - two pretty girls show up on his doorstep claiming to be his long-lost daughter.
10 Dec. 1961
Conspiracy of Silence
Templin is asked to collaborate on a former movie star's autobiography, but the woman refuses to explain why hasn't appeared in front of the camera in recent years.
17 Dec. 1961
The Far End of Nowhere
Jason, hired to write the story of the Randolph family, an iron-fisted clan who have ruled a small Hawaiian island as a personal fiefdom, winds up investigating a murder on their idyllic cay.
24 Dec. 1961
Mele Kalikimaka to You
Ben Gregory and Eric Jason throw a Christmas party for the meanest man on Oahu.
31 Dec. 1961
The Girl from the Brandenburg Gate
A German girl tries to retrieve counterfeit money planted on Eric Jason without the reporter knowing.
7 Jan. 1962
Chicago Style
Eric Jason discovers Pinky Hamilton, a famous jazz pianist, is living in Hawaii under an assumed name and plans to write a story about his career. Pinky isn't happy about being discovered since the gangster who tried to kill him 30 years earlier still wants to settle accounts.
14 Jan. 1962
The Last of the Big Spenders
A beachcomber reveals to Templin his past as the former mayor of a major American city and tells the reporter he fears for his life.
21 Jan. 1962
Ghost Story
Ben Gregory discovers his tape recorder running in his penthouse. When he replays the tape, he hears the voice of a man thought dead for many years and who is willing to tell his story, but only for a hefty fee.
28 Jan. 1962
Sergeant Kolchak Fades Away
Templin tries to develop a story based on an ex-Marine's storied career, but the former leatherneck won't cooperate.
4 Feb. 1962
The Dumbest Blonde
Ben Gregory is working on a story of a oil tycoon who is trying to cook up a big deal with a crooked financier. The story and the deal may fall apart because of the ditsy mistress' innocent interference.
11 Feb. 1962
Annie Beeler's Place
A ex-crook now tending bar in his girlfriend's saloon is forced by his former underworld associates to join them in a bank heist.
18 Feb. 1962
The Irresistible Miss Bullfinch
The reporters help a woman find her former boyfriend who had long ago been run off by her father as an unsuitable match for his daughter.
25 Feb. 1962
A Choice of Weapons
An up-and-coming professional boxer chucks his career in the ring in order to become a college student, much to his manager's annoyance.
4 Mar. 1962
Marine of the Month
Eric Jason is assigned to cover a U.S. Marine Corps sergeant, who also turns out to be a gorgeous redhead with a wonderful figure.
11 Mar. 1962
The Inhuman Equation
Ben considers his current assignment - writing about a new computer - extremely boring, until a nerdy accountant discovers that the machine made a mistake in its calculations.
18 Mar. 1962
A Ghost in Her Gazebo
A widow, now the head of a huge business, is urged to sell the company by her children. She decides to consult a medium in order to seek business advice from her late husband.
25 Mar. 1962
Not Aunt Charlotte!
Eighteen-year-old Penny Baxter is excited about visiting Hawaii until she discovers her maiden aunt will travel with her as a chaperone. It's the older woman, however, who finds romance in the islands when she meets a handsome beachcomber.
1 Apr. 1962
Run, Clown, Run
Gregory and Jason investigate when they learn a beloved circus clown has a profitable sideline playing the stock market and may also have a criminal past.
8 Apr. 1962
Chalk One Up for Johnny
Gentleman Johnny Pace, once a famous mayor of a major American city, decides to move to Kauai and open a hotel with his wife.

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