Swiss Family Robinson (1960) Poster

Tommy Kirk: Ernst Robinson



  • Ernst : Fritz! Listen! Do you think when we get to New Guinea, *if* we ever do, there'll be any girls our age?

    Fritz : By the time we get to New Guinea, we won't care *what* age they are!

  • [trying to think of a way to get off the shipwrecked boat] 

    Ernst : Why don't we put up a distress flag?

    Father : Don't you think we look distressed enough? Ernst, anyone who sees a ship stuck on the rocks might possibly guess it's in trouble.

  • Roberta : Do you read a lot, Fritz?

    Ernst : Who, him? He practically doesn't ever read at all!

    Fritz : Never really needed to. Sooner or later, Ernst tells me everything he knows.

  • Ernst : It's better to use your head than break your back, I always say.

  • Fritz : What's that?

    Father : That? Oh, that's a quarantine flag. Warning that there's Black Death aboard.

    Ernst : How did you know that?

    Father : Well *I* do a bit of reading, too, you know.

  • Ernst : What are you doing?

    Fritz : I'll just take charge of the pistol for a while. I seem to remember it being appropriated before, when someone wanted to go back to the beach.

    Ernst : You give me back my pistol!

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