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A man and a woman have secretly married. He belongs to a rich family and she is a poor, struggling actress and singer. One day, he decides to tell his family that he's married and flies to their home in Italy, but the plane crashes and he dies. When his brother goes to Spain to identify the body, he meets his now-widowed sister-in-law for the first time and discovers that she's pregnant. She asks only that the family finance the child's education. Years later the child, a girl named Marisol, is about to turn 10 years old. Her mother and uncle visit her at her boarding school once a year. Her mother has told her that she is a rich, famous actress so Marisol would not be shy with her friends about her origins, but that means the mother can never take Marisol with her in the summer or she'll know the truth. But Marisol's grandfather, who hates the mother for "stealing his son," wants to meet his granddaughter, so he asks her uncle to bring her to Italy for the summer. so, she can't never ...

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